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Thread: Silverlit Charge Circuit Not Working
18/11/2016 22:46:40


I've decided to fit a small external battery that I can charge from my big charger, problem circumvented!


Edited By Cliff 1959 on 18/11/2016 22:56:01

17/11/2016 22:32:32

Also I've just noticed that when I switch the circuit on the green charge LED very briefly flashes as the slide switch moves across.

17/11/2016 22:27:53

Hi Denis,

Thanks for your interest, I set the multimeter to Diode and the display shows '1' I then checked the LEDs, the one that I know is working starts with a reading of around 1.8 and quickly drops to 1, the one that doesn't light up shows a reading of 1.642 and remains constant ... is this indicative of a problem?

As for the output lead it's a socket on the end so no pins to bend, but there is no voltage showing from the charge lead soldered connections on the circuit board whether the plane is plugged in or not.

17/11/2016 21:20:32

I have an old Silverlit Sopwith Biplane new still in its box but there seems to be a problem with the charging ... the green light is supposed to illuminate to indicate a charge is taking place when the charge lead from the transmitter is plugged in but nothing happens.

The batteries in the transmitter are new and the voltage output indicates this to be so, I've taken the back off and put my meter on the outputs from the board to the charging plug and I get no reading so presumably the problem is somewhere in the board?

Any ideas anyone.

Thread: Battery checker for 1 cell battery
16/11/2016 22:33:00

Hi Denis, yes it does help.

John does it work as it should? ie will show low percentages? I only ask because a fellow flyer found his didn't read below 60%!

16/11/2016 21:14:21

I'm doing a bit of indoor flying using the Turnigy Nano-Tech 160mah battery, the battery checker I use for bigger batteries only covers 2-6 cells, what, if anything, do other flyers use?

Thread: Getting Bored
12/11/2016 10:10:41
Posted by Peter Miller on 12/11/2016 09:05:31:

As a side comment it is sad that a club seems to be so big that one "Doesn't know another member well enough to talk to him. In a small club we all know each other well

I'll talk to anyone especially about planes it's just that I've only been back with the club for a year and only seen the gentleman probably three times at most and it was just a passing comment he made, it wasn't till I was driving home that I started to think about it, hence my post.

As another posert said most clubs have a hardcore who have always been there and others come and go (and return like me after many years), I'm not sure how many years he has been a member to get bored but I still build and get great satisfaction in seeing my creation in the air just flying circuits (boring!! not), so I think I'll point him to this thread as there are some great replies, thanks to you all, and we'll see what happens

11/11/2016 22:29:17

At the field today I was surprised to here one of our older members say he was getting board with flying! He flies both ic and electric sports planes.

Another member present suggested getting a 3D model but he wasn't too keen so what's to be done?

So this set me thinking: Perhaps introducing a few 'obstacles' such as a simple limbo setup or a simple spot for spot landing etc but what do you do?

Like most of us he doesn't build models (although he is retired and would probably have the time), I was thinking this might give him an added direction and momentum to enjoy this brilliant hobby of ours.

I don't know him well enough and I'm not sure if flying scale, or multi's, or aerobatics would be a route to follow?

What would other forum members suggest/do?

Thread: Stashed In The Attic
26/10/2016 17:48:42

One of our Club's elder statesmen mentioned to me in conversation recently that he had over 70 models in his loft and he's still building 'em!

Thread: Dopey question from a leccy beginner
26/10/2016 17:45:10

I thought this was going to be a question on Doping tissue, now I'm showing my age lol.

Thread: Wayfarer Biplane with camera in cockpit
26/10/2016 17:41:19

Nobody's noticed at 9.19 my wheels clipped the top of the electric fence, an inch lower and it would have ended in many tears lol (You need to click on the Youtube logo and you'll see the timer).


Edited By Cliff 1959 on 26/10/2016 17:42:21

26/10/2016 17:30:31

Philflyer: Not sure I would risk a GoPro, I used a fairly cheap copy, an SJ4000 bought from Ebay, it's had a couple of minor issues but easy to fix watching YouTube vids for help. Thanks for your kind words, we do have a beautiful site and it's only ten minutes from home

Andrew: I didn't have to worry about the C of G due to it being slightly nose heavy anyway and the servo and camera don't carry a lot of mass, also it wasn't that far behind the C of G to make a lot of difference.

26/10/2016 12:49:48

Thanks for the compliments, it did turn out better than I had hoped.

The servo control is on a three-way switch, left rotation, right rotation and stop. As to gauge where to stop it I can't, it's just luck, I did remove well-over half of the video during editing. Of course if the camera's got a clear view all around it wouldn't matter.

In this case I think a better way would be to leave the servo intact (ie don't remove the servo stops) and couple the servo to the rudder or aileron on the transmitter, this way when you bank the camera looks into the turn.

25/10/2016 22:07:18

Thanks Jos, it wasn't my idea, I saw it on YouTube, I thought it might look cool viewing from the cockpit though.

25/10/2016 19:48:05

Instead of mounting a camera (SJ4000 ... GoPro copy) to the top of the wing or between the undercarriage legs I thought it would be fun to remove the pilot and put it in the cockpit mounted on a servo so I could 'look around'. Today we had great weather so I'm excited to share the video with you guys ... it's a bit long (10 minutes!) but there were just so many good shots.

If you've ever wondered what it looks like to be in the pilot's seat of a biplane then wonder no more...

Thread: Balsa USA Taube 40 Build
27/09/2016 20:45:10

I loved the Taube ever since I saw an original with the wings removed and laying beside it at the Science Museum in London back in the 90's.

Following that visit I drew one up and built it for electric power on three channels with closed loops, I still dust it off for an occasional outing

Rob once you have her sorted she'll look fabulous in the air.

I have a video of one of our club fun flies back in '98, you can see my Taube at 20mins and 24mins. Note: You'll need to click on the 'YouTube' logo to see the timer.

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 27/09/2016 20:46:10

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 27/09/2016 20:51:55

Thread: Using a Projector with a Sim
25/09/2016 23:39:23

It was a dark, windy and wet evening and I was flying my Addiction in lovely sunshine!

Ok, I've bought a cheap digital projector, only 1000 Lumens which kept the price under £50 and a white roller blind to project onto.

The flight sim is RealFlight 7.5, which has dozens of planes and sceneries, I downloaded a green Addiction which, I must say, handles pretty much like the real thing.

The screen is 5ft wide by 3.5ft deep.

I'm really pleased with the end result, I can push the flight envelope as hard as I like and don't go home with a bag of bits.

I've put up a short video on YT for anyone that's interested in doing the same. (Excuse my artistic licence at the start and end lol).

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 25/09/2016 23:40:32

05/09/2016 20:58:48

With winter approaching I was wondering if anyone has used a projector with a flight sim. Instead of sitting in front of a little computer screen something 5ft square is much more appealing?

There are loads of cheap projectors (under £100) these days the choice is bewildering.

Thread: Will Great Planes 7.5 Sim work with MZ24
31/08/2016 07:11:03
For the record ... It works very well.
Thread: Enjoy the Trip?
22/08/2016 16:35:52
Posted by FilmBuff on 22/08/2016 15:36:06:

Ha! Cliff, you should have "styled it out" as the kids say!

I never thought of that, a parachute landing fall followed by a forward roll ... but crushing the plane in the process ... it may have gone viral !

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