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Thread: Top Gun Hawk Missing Canopy
15/04/2018 14:20:24
I've just acquired a brand new un-started kit of the BAE Hawk by Top-Gun RC.
It's beautifully moulded and uses a 70mm fan and 2842MB-1 3200kv brushless outrunner powering a 5-blade fan.
Should I try and improve things a bit with a bigger fan or go with the supplied unit?
Annoyingly the cockpit canopy is missing if anyone has oneI could buy?, whilst spares are available from CML the canopy isn't listed.

Thread: Microaces Fokker D.VII
07/04/2018 00:15:30
Posted by Dwain Dibley. on 06/04/2018 00:20:00:

I've been looking at these, and I think they are "ACE"..........

What was the build like Cliff ? It flies like a dream. Have you flown it inside, have I missed a thread ?


Hi Dwain,

I didn't do a build thread but they go together very well, different to balsa, easier in many respects, I also have the SE5a and Fokker Triplane, this one is the easiest to put together due to only a small amount of rigging, although having said that the rigging wasn't a big deal really.

I usually fly inside but that's finished locally now till the Autumn so on calmish days out they'll come.

Have a look at Ron's thread, they all build very similarly, you don't need to procrastinate any longer, get one ordered up pronto (you can tell I'm a big fan!). The best part is they're British designed and manufactured.

05/04/2018 17:06:07
My Microaces Fokker D.VII outside for the first time.
Thread: Flyaway model, what would you do?
05/04/2018 13:16:51

Thanks everyone for your input I think my fellow pilots can all learn a thing or two from all these experiences.

Just to explain, the area the plane was flying over was pretty much open countryside with some high rolling hills so it was worth the battle. The model was visible against the sky but 'disappeared' when against the countryside as it performed unsuccessful manoeuvres to fly back.

The plane was set up for fail-safe but in the heat of the moment this was forgotten! Lesson learnt there.

BEB's comments regarding the CAA are very relevant and again, lesson learnt there.

Nobody expects to have a flyaway but knowing what to do when it happens is important for the safety of everyone concerned, getting your model back is a bonus of course.

This forum is brilliant!

05/04/2018 00:01:34

We had an experienced member recently who got a bit too far down wind and tried in vain to bring it back, his control inputs just made the matter worse.

In the end he had to just give the model up and try and get a bearing on its last known position/direction.

What would you have done? I know in the heat of the moment he kept battling to bring it back but would it have been more prudent to land (albeit crash land) whilst it was still in sight?

After a fruitless search we called in a member with a drone and camera next day and he was able to locate the model 1.2km away within five minutes (aren't they wonderful). An hour later it was back with the owner having landed inverted in a soft bush with a small ding in the leading edge, very lucky indeed.

Thread: Bomb Dropping from my Super 60
26/03/2018 17:50:19
Hi Piers, to answer your question, as the model was originally ic it's quite weighty what with the half inch square bearers etc. I have two battery options either one 5000mah 4 cell, which gives me over 12 minutes in the air, or two 2200mah 3 cells in parallel, as you can imagine I don't need any nose weight, the prop is a 12x6, the esc is 60amp and the motor is an AGM 2820/07. It cruises around on half throttle.
If you're building from scratch your's should be considerably lighter and probably fly for much longer.

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 26/03/2018 17:51:50

26/03/2018 16:54:29
I didn't expect any comments to my thread but there's loads of good points.
As can be seen from my video, the bomb is small, approximately 8cm long and weighs 4g, including the attached ribbon, I don't think it reached much in the way of velocity.
I only posted the video because it actually landed between my feet!
25/03/2018 20:38:41

A fun morning was had by all as I placed the model for a bomb drop.

Thread: Turnigy Trust 70a something weird
09/03/2018 15:52:37

I've reprogrammed it and tried in three different planes, same symptoms, it's now binned, thanks for all your ideas.

Incidentally I thought it was new but when I removed the insulation to desolder the connectors it was obviously not new, there being as much solder on the outside of the connectors as inside lol.

08/03/2018 20:54:10

Yes, wiggled all the cables and wires as well, as soon as the Trust esc went in the servos slowed and the low voltage reappears! Would there be any internal settings I could try and change in the esc?

08/03/2018 20:32:35
Posted by Denis Watkins on 08/03/2018 20:24:18:

Check for a stalled servo Cliff

Denis I pulled all the servos one at a time eventually leaving just one plugged in, didn't seem to make any difference.

But with all the servos reconnected and a different esc I could wiggle all the servos and no problems?

08/03/2018 20:08:20

I picked up a new Turnigy Trust 70a SBEC in a job lot and discovered something weird.


With it all connected up as soon as I move the controls my MZ24 tranny detects a low receiver voltage, it's showing 3v, as soon as I stop moving the sticks the voltage goes back up to 15.something.

The servos move slowly.

I tried a different esc and everything is normal, so I reckon the problem is in the esc?

Any ideas before I junk it?

Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
07/03/2018 20:41:37

Two flights first thing today, all on my own but worth the trip, wind was 8 mph gusting to 13 mph so the windchill was starting to bite, just had to get out in the fresh air though. (Quite the contrast to yesterday's warm indoor session) Note the artistic picture smiley

cub in snow.jpg

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 07/03/2018 20:42:45

Thread: Kavalier Kits Alpha 2
07/03/2018 20:11:24

My first model after my trainer, probably build another one day, any way here's a link to Kamco's Facebook page:


Sorry, got carried away with nostalgia, probably not the model you're looking for!!


Edited By Cliff 1959 on 07/03/2018 20:13:15

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
22/02/2018 20:21:38

The joys of flying indoors, here's a screenshot of my Microaces' Fokker DVII on its maiden last Tuesday, by the time Spring comes our skills will be well honed


Thread: DX6i not binding
17/02/2018 20:23:19

This is weird, I've just borrowed a DX6i with the same DSM-X logo on the front as mine, and it works!!!

When I went into the menus to see what the setting was for the modulation the option doesn't exist, so the software has changed?

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 17/02/2018 20:23:39

17/02/2018 20:23:19

This is weird, I've just borrowed a DX6i with the same DSM-X logo on the front as mine, and it works!!!

When I went into the menus to see what the setting was for the modulation the option doesn't exist, so the software has changed?

16/02/2018 21:48:06

Just got a DSM2 from fleabay, job done, thanks for the education though.

16/02/2018 21:02:10
Posted by Denis Watkins on 16/02/2018 20:57:13:

If you go further through that menu Cliff, there is a setting

DSM2 Only

That's right Denis but I've tried both options and neither work, perhaps the menu says DSM2 but the hardware won't actually do it.

I wonder if anyone else has a DX6i with DSM-X that can successfully change it to DSM-2 only?

16/02/2018 20:48:29

Just a point but on the modulation type one of the two choices is 'AUTO DSM-X AND DSM-2 STANDARD RECEIVER' this is the setting I fly with my other indoor models, why does it say DSM-2 if it's not capable of transmitting in the modulation type?

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