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Thread: Repotage of Westland Lysander
29/08/2017 22:00:21

Lots of Google images here:


Thread: Low Flying Aircraft Signage?
29/08/2017 21:18:22

Whilst reviewing a recent airborne video taken over our strip at the weekend I was slightly alarmed to see three horse riders coming along the lane, I had no idea they were there.

They were probably local riders and knew to expect low flying aircraft but what of drivers who didn't know we flew in the area?

A large aircraft (or an any size) on final approach appearing over the hedge could be enough to cause an accident!

Does any club have the warning triangle sign (in the UK) with an aircraft silhouette on it?

Is it something that we should be thinking about do you think?

Thread: Receiver losing bind with servo use
29/08/2017 09:18:42

I think it must be the servo, disconnected the servo arm this morning and no different, I can wobble the stick and it's fine for a few seconds then it starts blinking and the servo freezes, then a second or two later the led is solid again.

Tried a different battery just in case though.

28/08/2017 22:32:45

Thanks, I'll try removing the horn, it's closed loop actually so it could be tightening up a little.

28/08/2017 22:10:01

I have a pair of Corona servos (DS339HV)  in a small plane which was running 35meg. I've decided to drop in a Spektrum 2.4 receiver for the finer adjustments possible.

Strange thing happens when I move the rudder servo the receiver momentarily loses bind, then it's ok for a couple of seconds then it loses bind again. If the servo is motionless the elevator servo works flawlessly.

I've tried switching outputs and a different (larger) servo plugged in, it only throws a wobbly with this particular servo, I've even tried another Spektrum receiver with a different spec, same result.

So is it possible for a servo to make the receiver lose bind and if so, what can be done?

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 28/08/2017 22:13:45

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
22/08/2017 22:20:44
Posted by Mark Kettle 1 on 22/08/2017 21:47:03:
From the Edinburgh fringe-

"Just lately I haven't been close to my Father, good job really because last week he stood on a landmine"

Don't wish to be a party pooper Mark but that's not very good taste, I'm not laughing now and I wouldn't have laughed at the fringe.

Thread: Hi there. Se5a question
22/08/2017 22:17:22

Hi Howard,

Can't answer your question but to post a pic go to the top of the page and click on 'Albums', this is where you have to upload pics to before you can import them into your post, this is done by clicking on the camera symbol contained within this reply box, easier to do than say.

Thread: Vintage plan or kit for .2cc diesel
22/08/2017 20:43:08


How about a little Zipper kit, I could post to you tomorrow morning.

Thread: Spektrum AR600 Aerial Lengths
21/08/2017 21:13:13

Thanks Denis, didn't think to google it!

21/08/2017 20:59:01

I have acquired an (old) Spektrum AR600 2.4 6-channel receiver but the aerial lengths seem a bit odd to me, one is 21cm with 3cm bared at the end the other is 6cm with 3cm bared at the end.

Is this correct? (Ignore the bolt it's only there is keep the aerial in the picture!)

spektrum receiver.jpg

Thread: Flight Time Cut in Half!
20/08/2017 21:09:50
Posted by PatMc on 20/08/2017 20:45:41:

Cliff, you mentioned in the OP running at mid throttle for around 22 minutes. Does this mean that you normaly fly until the LVC cuts the power or the power drops & you then land ?

Hi PatMc, I can land after 22 minutes to leave about 30% in the battery., the motor at this throttle setting is drawing about 2.5amps if memory serves, it seems as spritely at this end of the flight as at the start.

This morning I flew for nine minutes with 70% left on the new battery.

20/08/2017 19:57:01

The batteries are 1300 Zippy's with less than 10 balanced charges each, I do leave them fully charged though and they were both puffed a bit.

I just tried a new battery and all is well again, nice long flight times, I deduce the batteries are knackered, perhaps leaving them fully charged is the reason?

Thread: Sheep Eating Cars
20/08/2017 19:48:09

All very interesting replies but no real answer to the problem, I've borrowed one of those car/dog/squirrel/badger sonic repellers to see if that has any effect, you never know.

The sheep are eating the cars hence 'sheep eating cars'!

Thread: Awful landings - advice requested
17/08/2017 21:19:51

For what it's worth we tend to land in the lift due to locations, this is done by crabbing in low, may be a couple of feet of the ground, and when you turn into the wind for a second or two you'll be hovering and losing height and, bingo, you're on the ground! Perhaps easier to say than do but if you're too high you just go round again and come in a little lower.

Thread: Sheep Eating Cars
17/08/2017 20:27:21
Posted by john stones 1 on 17/08/2017 20:15:45:

You want one of these on committee.

Edited By john stones 1 on 17/08/2017 20:16:17

Very good John but I don't think the farmer would be too impressed, perhaps a card-board cut out laugh

17/08/2017 19:45:43

We rent a patch from the sheep farmer which we surround by an electric fence, this keeps them off very nicely.

We have to park however in the main field which has curious sheep wandering around.

Question: Do you have sheep in your parking area and, if so, do they bother parked vehicles and, if yes, have you found a way to keep them at bay?

By 'bother' I mean they tend to chew on any piece they can get their teeth around, usually around the edges of vehicles, this, understandably can be costly.

Thread: Flight Time Cut in Half!
14/08/2017 20:26:15

My little KK Pixie uses the running gear from an old Ultrafly Outrage, the motor is a brushless B/06/10, the ESC is the one that came with the model.

I fly it on a 3S 1300 battery, on a mid-throttle setting this gives me around 22 minutes in the air.

Flying yesterday in perfect conditions and cruising around on half throttle I lost motor power and glided safely down, the BEC seemed to cut in, I'd only been in the air seven minutes.

I tried my second battery, which was also fully charged and got a similar result.

Today, having charged the batteries I plugged in my watt meter and got these readings, at half throttle it ran for approx. seven minutes, whilst drawing 2.5A at 26watts, watching the voltage it dropped to 9.0v when the BEC cut in, this is probably correct.

So my question is what could have changed since the last time I flew, why all of a sudden the truncated flight time?

Any ideas?

Thread: Lidl XL glider conversions - Having fun with a 7.99 Lidl Glider converted to Radio Control
11/08/2017 22:22:56

Eventually got mine into the air last Sunday, great FUN for eight quid.

Thread: What's flying over your house
09/08/2017 22:17:05

Red Arrows flying over Dartmoor after a display in Falmouth, Cornwall, sloping at the time, roughly 19:00.

Thread: whats safest and why
20/07/2017 22:23:05
Posted by Martin Harris on 20/07/2017 21:56:51:

What was the supposed logic of changing to B - it certainly escapes me!

I'd be very interested to know this as well, I agree with Frank 90 deg clockwise, I would feel most uncomfortable with 'A' and Tom, I'd see you in the next club as well, there's no way I would be in 'B' unless I was the only one there.

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