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Thread: 2015 Autumn Special
09/10/2015 20:02:07

As a long term subscriber, I am underwhelmed by both content and print quality.

Did not have the feel of a Special somehow.😣

Thread: BMFA on the BBC, Martin Dilly.
23/09/2015 11:25:11
Posted by Ernie on 23/09/2015 08:53:58:

I did feel sorry for Martin, trying to justify our hobby being considered as a sport. He was struggling a bit to compare control line combat to sword fencing. Generally, sport is described as requiring physical exertion, so three fat guys waltzing around in a circle with strings in their hands hardly qualifies.

Pastimes like cricket are games, not sports, as are horse riding, car racing, darts, etc.


Cricket not a sport? What a ridiculous thing to say! Effort of bowling, batting and modern fielding demand huge levels of physical and mental effort.

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
29/05/2015 15:32:15
Posted by Andrew Price 2 on 29/05/2015 15:23:09:

FilmBuff. In 2013 the pop of UK was 64.1m. It has surged somewhat over recent years, partly due to immigration. Any idea what membership of BMFA is anyone?

Yes - but I was thinking of England only, as the 100km radius from the proposed NFC is in err... England. I also assumed 30,000 of the 36,000 BMFA members are in err... England.

29/05/2015 14:35:01
Posted by Steve T on 29/05/2015 13:44:26:

Yep, agree totally with Dave H, as I have with others that feel a shared enterprise is the only sensible way to go. Saying there are 12 million people within a 62 mile radius is nonsense, what percentage of those are modellers then? How many of that 12 million have even the slightest interest in visiting a centre for radio models, let alone aviation of any form? I really would love to see even a suggestion of expected revenue, and from what!

Edited By Steve T on 29/05/2015 13:45:33

Steve - of course the 12 Million within a radius is a useful indicator! And of course you're right that only a tiny fraction will be interested in model flying.

But there's will be more chance of people being interested from a higher population density. If we say there are 30,000 model flyers in England which has a population of say 55 Million, then the 12 Million population in that radius MAY contain 6,500 model flyers.

Thread: National flying site
29/05/2015 11:06:56

I support the intent and vision of a National Centre.

The concrete plans must, of course, be well scrutinised, feasible and acceptable.

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
27/05/2015 20:37:56
Posted by Erfolg on 27/05/2015 20:25:30:

It seems that a better bet would have been Manchester @ 14.2 million or Sheffield @ 14.9 million

Seems to be in the wrong position to me.

But that would mean putting the National Centre close to poor people. laugh

27/05/2015 18:21:43
Posted by Andrew Price 2 on 27/05/2015 13:46:26:

Please forgive me. This question may have been asked before but I have not been following this thread that closely. What is the thinking behind chosing this location? Is it that it was considered to be cheap land? The site is nowhere near any large centers of population and therefore travel to it will be expensive and time consuming for most BMFA members almost regardless of thier home addresses!

According to this tool there is a population on 12 Million within a 62 mile radius of the site (approx)

Nottingham is about 57 miles away, Birmingham is 70 miles and Manchester about 124.

Thread: Small can be beautiful
11/05/2015 17:16:22

Does the flight controller include a GPS sensor?

Thread: Germanwings crash
27/03/2015 10:10:33
Posted by ted hughes on 27/03/2015 08:24:07:

So now we will have the situation where a member of the cabin crew will be sitting next to a pilot who is strapped in, with a fire axe within reach and all those complex instruments and controls in reach, not as well security vetted as the pilots and maybe suffering PMT or angry with her husband! I'd rather take my chance with one pilot!

Anyway, what would the crew member be supposed to do If the pilot decided to dive the plane? Hit him with the axe and wrestle with the controls? What if he was carrying out a normal maneuver and she misunderstood?

Edited By ted hughes on 27/03/2015 08:26:07

Sexism is alive and well on the Forum!

Thread: Maths and English
15/02/2015 10:19:38

I remember raising the standard of grammar used on this forum and received a barrage of criticism that at times bordered on personal insults. 😎

Thread: RCM&E March 2015
13/02/2015 19:18:52

David is asking for some specifics - here's my thoughts:

The Not So Good

  • Cliffwhacker consumed something like 8-10 pages over 2 issues. Massive overkill for a modest retro slope soarer, especially this month's test flight ramblings
  • Peter Lowe's articles are becoming very stale. There's only so much musing about Janet's trials and tribulations with Peter's wood - or their escapades with tea and biccies I can digest. Peter is a talented chap - but it's gone off the rails a bit
  • Nigel Hawes seems determined to tell us about every Pound Shop purchase he has made. They cost a pound - end of! But - I did like his piece on 3D printing
  • Something has to be done about ARTF kit reviews. Most people will get far more longitudinal insight from web forums and YouTube videos. RCME is not alone in this respect - it's a problem with print v online media
  • Bowden Trophy - five pages and not one mention of the rules and what flyers are trying to achieve
  • Stop giving lengthy URL addresses for YouTube or other links. Print a QR code and we can all point our smart phones at the page and get the page instantly
  • I have bought the mag since 1975 and subscribed for around 10 years. Why no free gift to reward loyalty every time I subscribe? I actually had a break for a month this year - but still no permagrit

The better bits:

  • Andy Ellison is always a good read - but what has happened to Simon Cocker? - he is also good value
  • The photography is still best in class
  • Free Plans - I always put them in a drawer in the workshop - but have never built one!

Just a few thoughts.

Edited By FilmBuff on 13/02/2015 19:44:27

11/02/2015 22:23:05

I too am finding it a bit bland and uninspiring. Can't quite put my finger on why.

A bit dismayed to see that what was a post in the Forum becomes a letter of the month and wins a prize.

Thread: Daily Mail on Drones
12/12/2014 15:18:20
Posted by Cuban8 on 12/12/2014 14:24:55:

With apologies to the site's Guardian readerswink........the Mail's article seems well researched and at least mentions in some detail the legal responsibilities attached to model flying.

Edited By Cuban8 on 12/12/2014 14:26:24

That will be the two of us...frown

12/12/2014 14:16:13

Article Here from the forum's favourite news paper

Thread: Phantom Drone over Etihad Stadium
20/10/2014 16:38:46

Story here on BBC Website

Thread: Euro 2016 match abandoned due to flag carrying drone
14/10/2014 22:21:47
Match between Serbia and Albania abandoned when a quadcopter carrying a flag was flown over the pitch.
Players started brawling when one side grabbed the flag and tried bring the drone down.
Thread: Google Chromecast
27/08/2014 19:13:46
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 27/08/2014 17:08:19:
Posted by FilmBuff on 27/08/2014 15:38:45:

Colin: Re Power, didn't realise that a HDMI socket also provides power. Thanks for the tip!

I don't think an HDMI does provide power FB, hence the Chromecast needing it's power via a USB power adapter, OR a powered USB socket in the TV

That's what I thought - but earlier post claimed the it was powered by the TV. I checked - and HDMI does not provide power.

27/08/2014 15:38:45

Colin: Re Power, didn't realise that a HDMI socket also provides power. Thanks for the tip!

27/08/2014 15:24:32

Hi folks, I picked one up at the weekend.

It does need a separate power supply and one is provided to plug into a 240v socket and has around 2m of lead terminating in a micro-usb plug that plugs into the device.

Do a bit of reading up first!

I bought it to see if I can get Sky Go onto a bedroom TV. You can't. Sky has not (and will not) update it's app to allow casting.

You can cast your entire desktop (or tablet top!) to the TV, but that is certain Android versions and Windows 7.

However, it's great for YouTube, BBC iPlayer and movie streaming from your phone or tablet. With the laptop, I can also cast the whole desktop and get the full Sky Go package.

Well worth £18!

Thread: portacabin metal roof
13/08/2014 20:56:14
I bet your neighbours loved you when that went in...
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