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Thread: Electric motor not running with prop attached
22/05/2018 09:23:39
Timing was my initial thought, but my Castle Creation ESC does not give TX programmable options.
22/05/2018 08:51:32
Setting up a drive train last night and came across an issue that is new to me.
ESC starts and runs the motor fine without the prop on. When the prop is fitted it runs for a few seconds on low throttle and then chatters and stops.
My guess is a dodgy connection between ESC and motor. But why would it run well without the prop?

Edited By FilmBuff on 22/05/2018 08:52:02

Thread: My First Drone/Quad/UAV/Camera Platform - whatever!
01/03/2018 11:01:47

d61 v2.jpg


Finally edited a few images taken before the Beast from the East arrived!

Thread: The WORST plane you ever had?
19/02/2018 15:00:27

MFA Hi Sierra, a 2M class glider.  Looked pretty enough but a beast to fly.

Tip stall city and terrible wing joiner arrangement.

Edited By FilmBuff on 19/02/2018 15:20:29

Thread: Updating a Protech Topic 400
19/02/2018 13:42:04


Workshop heated a a relatively warm 16 degrees and kept company by The Cranberries.

Tailplane in Solarfilm So-Lite came in at only 12 grams, fin and rudder looking at around 6 grams.

07/02/2018 15:05:17

In light of the demise of Solarfilm - I hastily ordered a few rolls of Solite! Only 20g/sq M...

04/02/2018 14:00:05


Simple, light but strong AMT that will fit on the Blaster V mount. Great wood selection from SLEC. In it's naked form (needs more shaping) it's just under 10g, and with covering and the mount will be smack on my 15g target. That's less than half the weight of the original.

Thread: Six Nations 2018
02/02/2018 17:26:49

Yep, even wings and centres are enormous these days. Watching some highlights of Jeremy Guscott twenty years ago shows the difference in styles and game play. He was silky, gliding through the opposition.

Now they prefer to batter into the opposition to gain turnover ball.

Still a great spectacle as that first hit goes in - whether League or Union.

Edited By FilmBuff on 02/02/2018 17:29:34

02/02/2018 14:36:55
Posted by J D 8 on 02/02/2018 13:59:14:

I do think that things have got tough on all players these days with more body check type tackles rather than the traditional around the legs tackle that was taught when I was a lot younger.

It's the Rugby League influence, I think. It's no longer a contact sport - but a collision sport!

02/02/2018 13:06:56

Always a great tournament and a nice transition from Winter to Spring by the time it concludes.

Scotland may be the dark horse this year - but it will still be an England victory.

Let's hope this thread does not attract the "I hate all sport" type comments!frown

Thread: Updating a Protech Topic 400
30/01/2018 16:31:15
Posted by MattyB on 30/01/2018 16:10:39:

Nice model, as I remember they float very nicely. The only issue you are likely to have is achieving the CG - with a modern brushless and lipo powertrain you are likely to need a fair bit of noseweight. That new fuse looks a smidge longer in the nose though, so perhaps you will be ok.

Yes, you're right re CG. But a few factors work in my favour. The Pod and Carbon boom is very light - so the trick will be to build the stab and fin as light as possible and then adjust the boom length! The new fuselage will be nearly two ounces (54g) lighter - and much of that weight saved behind the CG. There is a trade off that with longer tail moment I can use a smaller tail. The SailplaneCalc design spreadsheet really helps here.


Edited By FilmBuff on 30/01/2018 16:57:39

30/01/2018 15:09:19

Found this lurking in the loft...

topic 400.jpg

1.5 M span with a Speed 400 - very under powered by today's standards. Got me thinking though. The wing is very good and quite light. All it needs is a new fuselage, motor and prop and ESC, radio gear, and lighter tail feathers.


Here's my target design spreadsheet. Looking to save over 200 grammes in the process.


Made a start, thanks to Hyperflight.


And even dusted off some old drawing skills!

Thread: Glue for veneered wing?
29/01/2018 18:37:04

Doh! Should have read the OP properly...

But anyway...

Back in the day - we used to use Copydex for veneering as it was a contact glue that did not have lots of moisture to get rid of.

Edited By FilmBuff on 29/01/2018 18:50:37

Thread: Fantasia 2.5m RE glider
29/01/2018 18:14:46
Posted by Cuban8 on 28/01/2018 10:06:57:

Jonathan, if you have an athletic friend or member of your family available, you can always launch just using a simple tow-line. That's all we used in thermal comps back in the 70s/80s.

Dead cheap, just 50M or so of light nylon fishing line to start with and a parachute or pennant at the tow ring end. Increase the tow line length as you gain experience.

Edited By Cuban8 on 28/01/2018 10:18:43

Nice video - but that's an F1A Free Flight glider on the 50M lines. He's also circle towing, meaning he can keep the model on the tow line more or less indefinitely until he finds lift, or collapses from exhaustion! The special hook also allowed for a zoom launch - all without radio.

RC thermal soarers used 150M line - and in windless conditions you needed a very fit towman.

Thread: Stiff tailplane hinge Wot 4 Foam e mk2+
12/01/2018 18:33:08
Posted by trebor on 12/01/2018 17:55:11:

When you say plastic ! What type, flat, fury, or hinge pin type ?

Nothing I've really seen before - but some kind of pin type

12/01/2018 16:36:57

Just starting the "build" of this and noticed that the new tailplane (with additional plastic hinges and inset elevators) hinge line seems very stiff.

The rudder, which simply has the living foam hinge is very free by comparison.

I've tried endlessly working the elevators and this has had a small effect. It looks like the plastic hinges are causing the problem.

Anyone else have this issue?

Thread: DLG Tailplane and Fin construction methods
12/01/2018 14:03:32

crying No response - so I thought I'd try and bump it up the list again!

08/01/2018 21:58:49

Looking at designing a home brew DLG or Electric version.

Most kits seem to use a composite construction method. Is this a foam core and glass cloth with resin?

What foam? Rohacell? XPS (floor underlay)?

What resin? Thin epoxy? Back in the day I used Tufcote fuel proofer on 0.6 ounce glass cloth on balsa sheet cores.

Thread: Need recommendation / tips on Spektrum Gear
22/12/2017 11:09:05

Thanks guys - the Orange stuff does look like excellent value - I'll make a sample purchase!

22/12/2017 09:45:33

So, I bought a second hand but never used DX6i tranny for £70. It does not have a receiver - so my next "ask" is to get some opinions on what's a good Rx.

I have read some reviews on "Orange" products, and many mention that they keep loosing the bind. Do Spektrum do a small, light Rx?

First port of call for this gear is an Elf DLG, so the Rx has to be small.

All help appreciated.

Edited By FilmBuff on 22/12/2017 09:45:51

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