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Thread: Has the world moved to Brazil for 2 weeks?
08/08/2016 10:14:33

Oh dear. Typical RC modellers' approach to anything other than err... RC Models.face 11

At least Geoff and John get ityes

Moderators - please close this thread. I don't think I can stand the grumpiness that will be posted.

Thread: Honey Hill - do any of you remeber flying on this gentle Northants slope?
31/07/2016 13:17:38

ezg hh.jpg

Perfect way to de-stress from a 70 hour working week. An early session from 0830 to 1000. 3mph NW, but electric assist and some gentle thermal lift gave a flight of over 75 mins. Awesome!

Thread: My First Drone/Quad/UAV/Camera Platform - whatever!
19/07/2016 09:33:37

wind hdr.jpg


01/07/2016 10:39:55
Posted by GrahamC on 28/06/2016 23:06:37:

Very nice photos... However (surely someone will ask?) "within 50 metres of people, vehicles, buildings or structures"? Maybe... My memory of Bath is not that good!

Edited By GrahamC on 28/06/2016 23:09:30

Hi Graham -

I was very careful to make sure I was at least 50m away from the things you describe.

28/06/2016 21:10:00

A few more...

spa hdr.jpg

meadows 4.jpg


meadows 2.jpg

Edited By FilmBuff on 28/06/2016 21:10:39

Edited By FilmBuff on 28/06/2016 21:12:09

03/06/2016 11:34:15


02/06/2016 09:23:05
Posted by simon barr on 02/06/2016 09:21:06:

Your house and garden...? wink

I wish...cheeky

02/06/2016 09:01:10

Bath Spa Hotel

Bath Spa HDR

Faringdon Folly

Well, last week I took the plunge and blew some bonus money on a DJI Phantom 3 Professional and joined the ranks of the derided drone community.

I can honestly say that in over 40 years of model flying I have seldom got such a buzz; the sort that you used to get early in your flying career when each non-crash end to a flight was greeted with an equal mix of relief and euphoria.

The technology is sensational and just a little bit scary at the same time. The Return To Home and auto-landing function is just amazing to see and hear. Despite all the auto-everything, I feel that my general flying skills and awareness still serve me very well. Some of my photo locations have demanded manual landings to a precise spot.

Combining my love of photography and flying is just great - it really has given the flying mojo a big boost.

By the way - answers on a postcard to name the two locations in my sample pics!

Thread: I'm the real thing, you're just playing at it, he's a danger to us.
26/04/2016 12:38:48

@Doug Campbell you sort of shoot yourself in the foot in the last paragraph.

The "Ban 'em" brigade should really calm down. I mean, some clown on here has banned a certain type of pushrod connector at his club... sad

Edited By FilmBuff on 26/04/2016 12:39:10

24/04/2016 14:21:44

I have been flying planes since 1974 as a 13 year old. If it flies, I'm interested in it. I put my first camera on a slope soarer in 1984.

I have just ordered my first Phantom Pro an hour ago. This is heaven, allowing me to indulge my passion for flying and photography. As a lapsed engineer, it also ticks all the geek boxes.

Many model flyers have closed mindsets and believe everything they read in The Daily Mail.

Thread: Statistics
31/03/2016 11:34:25

89/10/1 rule of social media.

1% of a community will actively start a conversation and create a thread, post etc

10% may comment on it or add to the conversation

89% will just read it and do nothing with it.

Thread: Model Flying Themed Symposium
30/03/2016 16:40:46
Posted by Jon Laughton on 30/03/2016 16:38:05:

Potentially interested but it would depend on who and where?

What would you be interested in Jon?

30/03/2016 16:03:56

Having attended, spoken at and organised these types of event - I was wondering what sort of demand there might be if one was organised around model flying.

  • Would you be prepared to pay and travel to an event that had noted expert speakers talking about a variety of topics?
  • Maybe combined with low profile trade stands, related to the topics?
  • What would interest you?
Thread: If I strapped a duvet to myself and jumped off of the cliffs at folkstone.......
26/02/2016 14:51:22


Thread: Internet and the Phone.
26/02/2016 12:08:47

Due to a mixture of reticence and laziness, I have been with BT since the birth of the internet via dial up and eventually super fast Broadband.

I find the service fast enough, and very reliable. My wireless router in is a back bedroom/study and this gives good wifi connectivity throughout the house, garden and front drive.

When I have had problems, I find the mixture of guided self help and call centre contact to be first class. For example, my email account was compromised a while ago. When the self service recovery failed, I called the contact centre and was answered in India. The call was efficient, clearly understood and young Raj had my password reset in less than five minutes.

I guess that for the believer we don't need any evidence, and for the sceptic there is never sufficient evidence!

Thread: World's SMALLEST video drone/quad
07/02/2016 21:35:32


Is that an Atos or BBC office?

Thread: New DS world record - 513mph
23/12/2015 13:07:49

Mind you, if we think of the wind energy on his flight path, assuming a 100m x 100m box (conservative) and the 60mph (27m/s) wind and an air density of 1.125 kg/cubic metre then around 110 Mega Joules of wind energy is hitting the slope.

23/12/2015 12:51:29
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 23/12/2015 09:56:34:

I started thinking about the energy contained in a model travelling at 500+ mph and stopped - it was getting scary! A fantastic achievement all the same. How on earth do they visually track a model travelling at that speed at low altitude?

The old Kinetic Energy equation of "Half Mass x Velocity Squared" give around 262K Joules, assuming V=229m/s and M=10Kg

Not sure how to calibrate that...

My BMW Mini travelling at 30mph packs around 98K Joules

Edited By FilmBuff on 23/12/2015 12:57:51

Thread: GIANT 68% SCALE RC Prometheus Biplane
29/11/2015 12:14:14

I just don't get it!

Thread: UK's oldest model flying club?
26/11/2015 13:11:19

Northampton Model Aero Club has been in constant operation since 1932. See here. Used to be member many years ago

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