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Thread: What composite E Glider 2018
20/11/2018 14:43:31

Thanks Steve for your response, and suggested browsing.

I did do some other scratching around as well, and now have a clearer idea of the options.

Currently considering the 2.5 meter Geronimo £460. plus bits and pieces.

Need to discuss budget with "senior management"

It seems a nice size, and light weight for the slope side and thermal hunting, which is my primary objective.

Lots to explore and read the reviews.

Go With the Flow


Thread: Gliders
16/11/2018 16:18:52

Hi Glider Guys, First of all appologies, if I'm in the wrong thread. If so I'm happy to be redirected. I enjoy casual slope and thermal gliding with my volantex P2000 V2 and ASW28 V2 foamies. I love the noiseless flying with the local Red Kites. In summer I can get over an hour with four minutes of motor, and have a Taranis Plus for programming various "subtlties wing settings"!!! I've only been flying for four years, and am retired in my seventies. I fly mainly on the slopes of the Chilterns, but I have flown successfully off the Cornish cliffs, also.

I'm currently "wondering" about possible options for more thermally performing gliders between 2 to 3meters, to better catch the higher thermals, and for the related eyesite reasons. My flying area has a few prickly bramble runners hiding in the grass, so, that puts me off thinking about covered skeleton type wings. (I don't mean any disrespect to anyone, I'm just looking at practicalities for me).

I'm definitely not looking to break the bank, but for example the Geronima is a nice looking and lighter weight glider and might well be the next sort of step to take. HOWEVER I would like to hear some suggestions about possible models and comments on how thorn proof their various stock types of wings might be. On my foamies, I do apply 3M clear tape to the leading edges which seems to work very well, this does of course add extra weight, but preserves the wings. My foamies have the typical Volantex plastic fuselages, but I land on grass, so fibreglass fuses would probably be OK???? My budget would prefer to be under £400.oo fully equipped with electric motor and all servos. Yes, probably a few chuckles out there, but I'm having a try, and maybe there's a few others out there with a similar quest???? I'm not into finding highly technical build solutions, having limited experience, other than buying foamie kits and then fitting servos and motors. (very basic stuff)

I look forward to your various comments, observations, and experiences, with whichever suggested models you might come forward with. Tell me the budget is crazy, and make further suggestions, if you think that can help me and other like minded aspiring thermally folks.

Go With the Flow Bruce

Thread: What composite E Glider 2018
15/11/2018 21:14:34

Hi electric thermalling guys.

I enjoy casual gliding and thermalling with my foamies (P2000 V2 and ASW 28 V2) I mainly launch off a slope or sometimes off a cliff, and use the motor more as a "rescue" or to gain some height, for more thermalling.

My flying location has quite a few thorny brambles in the landing area

I am "just wondering" at this stage about the possibility of aspiring/ upgrading to a less heavy and more slipstreamed higher performace model type. Yes, I hear your comments, "haven't we all"!!! I don't want to break the bank, BUT what are the current options??? I am looking at minimum 2.000m and less than 3.000m because the eyes are not quite what they used to be. I'm not looking to be hot linering, but rather to be taking it easy hunting the thermals.

Covered balsa frames are lighter for sure, but the film won't last long in the thorns, so what next? Carbon fibre is probably a cost step too far. Glassed wings? Obichie covered foam? I don't want to Build, but rather buy off the shelf almost ready to fly, if possible. What advice can you offer please. I'm in S East England on the Chilterns.

Go With the Flow


Thread: Phoenix 2000 thermaling
15/11/2018 17:42:33

Hi Tony, I realise this response is for last years query, but maybe you are still monitoring???

I fly the P2000 first version as well as the V2. My experience is that by moving the CoG rearwards, you might well have more chance of getting the lift.

I fly off a slope mainly, but there are some days with just a whisper of a breeze, and then the thermals are more stable. I can ease the CoG rearwards and the Phoenix can thermal reasonably well, during the summer.

Go with the Flow


Thread: Bigaole 3g-A V2 giro
03/07/2018 11:02:41

Thanks Denis for your input.

Long story short, I've got my money back.

So, Denis, I was, and still am, looking for something that has stabilising options with "return to home". Preferably already able to just plug in. Soldering is not out of the question, but prefer not to, if possible.

Have you any recommendations, please?

Go With the Flow


26/06/2018 14:21:04

I have tried to order a Bigaole from Reds Radio Contol. They claim to have stock. My order went in at the end of May.

Half way through June I followed up and was told they are expecting a delivery any day. Still nothing on the 26th June. has anyone else had a similar experience with Reds RC?

Go With the Flow


Thread: Help choosing hotliner/warmliner
04/06/2018 20:15:03

Hi there Dick, just an update for you. I haven't gone the warmliner route yet. I was tempted, and succumbed to a Lanyu HK ASW 28 glider (2.6 meters). definitely not a warm liner of course, but flies nicely on the slope.

I also created a hybrid e glider using a FMS Fox 850 fuselage combined with a Staufenbiel DLG 1000 wing. This flies quite nicely from the slope also. It has a large wing in relation to the fuse and is great in a breeze.

I haven't lost sight of the warmliner urge, it's just on hold for now.

Go With the Flow


05/05/2018 11:54:31

Oh, I forgot to comment on your suggested Saphire.

That does indeed look very nice.

Go With the Flow


05/05/2018 11:51:31

High Dick, thank you for responding. Yes I suspected an all in one model would not be possible. My priorities are probably as follows.

Budget aproximately £300-400 fully equipped, if that seems feasible.

1 Thermal with motor to get to altitude. Not interested in spot landing competitions. I prefer casual for fun , relaxed flying.

2 Slope with motor to save a long walk

Speed is not really a requirement.

That's a good point about speed and hatch being a weak point, thank you for pointing that out.

Go With the Flow


04/05/2018 21:56:54

Very interesting, I just found this thread today, and I am just reaching exactly the same situation as Glenn was when he started this thread. Only, I'm not looking to break the sound barrier.

First question is how far have you progressed, Glenn since your last post?

I am looking for suggestions for possibly a warmliner, but leaning more toward slope and thermalling. Probably in the wingspan of around 2 meters, to keep it in view. Need to be able to swap out lipos without removing the wing during the day. One or two piece plug in wings, would be nice. They could be be removed for my return to home, but not essential. I can fit a fully assembled Phoenix 2000 into my car.

I have been flying an HK Phoenix 2000 for two or three years, and like the full house ailerons and flaps, but, again not essential. So you experienced guys, what suggestions for 2018< please?

Thread: hobbyking tundra
02/04/2018 14:15:41

Hi there Tundra Guys,

About 18 months ago I bought my Tundra, as my first, and only undercarriage plane.

I fly a few different Foamie gliders including a Phoenix 2000, and am generally doing belly landings.

I stopped flying the Tundra after three months when I got tired of "straightening" the wire undercarriage.

The other day I decided to bring it out and have another go at learning how to fly and LAND the plane.

My question is. Has anybody come up with a mod for the wheely undercarriage???

I did observe that the FLOAT U/C uses a heavier guage wire than is used for the wheels, but not sure why?

I'm only looking for a more robust solution to the wheely undercarriage, please.

Go With the Flow


Thread: HK U-Glider
22/12/2017 09:08:24

Well, I did press the button four months ago, and I have to say that after some playing around and exchange of ideas and experiments on RCGroups, this is a truly fantastic foamie glider.

Get the CoG in right area and it really sniffs out the thermals. It'll fly in 4mph airs on a 350 2S.

Seems a great shame that HobbyKing don't stock it any more.

Have a great festive season, everybody

Go With the Flow


01/07/2017 20:56:00

Thanks guys for responding.

Yes I have actually been looking at the RCGroups and A Newtons information on this glider for quite a few weeks now.

My reason for opening this thread was to find out if there were any local U-Glider fliers here in the UK, but nobody has indicated that they have this model.

Go With the Flow


29/06/2017 21:21:33

Unique U-Glider by HobbyKing.

I haven't seen any thread addressing this, and am just wondering if anyone here in UK has experience of it yet???

Seems like this 1500mm Glider might, just about be, a motorised DLG with motorised rescue apparatus???

Might have potential off our clifftops???

Go With the Flow


Thread: Phoenix 2000
20/06/2017 17:52:09

Hi trebor, I reckon that, if you think you're going to find staying aloft with a glider boring, then maybe you should look at another branch of the hobby?????. I'm not being disrespectful, it just sounds like you're not quite sure what you want to fly.

I suggest that you go along to the local flying club, or flying site and check out what the others are flying. If you see a flying model or flying style that takes your fancy, then chat to the pilot to find out more about it. Check out the costs and then buy it.

Go With the Flow


20/06/2017 16:01:23

Yes trebor, I have the Phoenix 1600 as well as the 2000.

Did you have a question???


19/06/2017 09:17:05

Hi there Harry Twist, I have been flying the Phoenix 2000 and 1600 as well, for the past two years., They are absolutely great gliders, once a few minor tweaks have been sorted out. Now that you have had a few flights and got familiar with the basic pros and cons of this great glider, may I suggest that you consider sifting through this ginormous thread????

Many owners have contributed their suggested mods and photos to help the rest of us further enhance the Phoenix 2000 performance, and set up. Also bear in mind that, what suits one pilot, may not be the next ones flying style.

Personally, (but that's just me) I prefer the stock 10X6 prop and stock motor. I use Zippy 3S 35C 1500. I velcro this lipo to a six inch ruler, and slide that under the servos mounted in the fuse. I have settled for a CofG at 85mm on calmer days, but 80mm on windier days. I motor to 150 feet, and hunt around for a thermal or two, and keep the Red Kites company, or sometimes they join me. I can get flights up to two hours with just 3minutes motor time on one lipo.

I am not boasting, but merely reasuring you to experiment, with the stock gear first and get familiar with the capabilities of the plane, and of course develop your own skills and styles.

Recently I bought a FrSky variometer to go with my Taranis. Yes just another bit of fun, but it does help me guage what the glider is doing when it's five ir six hundred feet up there.

Check out what SpeedsterDen is able to do with his P 2000 sloping on some small sand dunes. He also does a bit of Dynamic soaring there. There's lots to do with your plane just utilising the natural airs around you

Enjoy your Phoenix.

Go With the Flow


10/05/2017 19:15:37

Yes David the P 2000 and 1600 still going strong. They are just so great as beginner gliders, and then nice and cheap when the occasional incident occurs!!!!

I never bothered with the decals, in fact I don't even know how to get them off the backing.

I have learnt so much about the airs, the slopes and thermals with these gliders, and looking at Paul Naton's DVDs.

Definitely my "go to plane"

Go with the Flow


Thread: ASW 28
11/04/2017 17:26:18

Hi there Bill, it is often recommended by the various Foamie suppliers that we work the moving hinge surfaces a dozen times by hand just to "run them in" so to speak to loosen up that moulded hinge line.

It is also general practice to insert a strip of blenderm tape or similar into both the top and bottom length of these moulded hinges, in case they split during normal wear and tear.

These actions have served me well with my Phoenix 2000 and 1600 from the same factory.

Hope this helps

Go With the Flow


Thread: Phoenix 2000
29/03/2017 17:25:35

Hi noba, you're making me nervous!!!

You are going to fit some kind of spars as replacements???..............Aren't you???

The whole point of me removing the metal spars was to replace them with the Square carbon tubes plus a solid 8mm wing joiner carbon rod to make the wings more stiff. Don't fly without a spar.

I had a good afternoon yesterday with my P 1600, caught a few thermals with the local Red Kites.

Go With the Flow


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