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Thread: Elan 100 Build
13/03/2019 06:30:38

Thanks for the kind words Martyn. It's a sad indictment of our chosen sport that money is driving a lot of the competition classes, making them out of reach to the average modeller. It's one of the reasons I gravitated towards scale as there is still a builder of the model rule and the flying is also down to the skill of the modeller. However, there has been a rule change request at international level to reduce the static score for F4H which will make it an RTF competition for aerobatic models, which will mean that even that class will go the same way.

Notwithstanding, the Elan was built for sport flying rather than competition.....that was until a good friend spotted the thread and has persuaded me to go to a weekend (competition) meeting in April! wink

Thread: Phoenix Models Snowy-E
12/03/2019 17:14:33

A colleague's invite to a slope session on the second Sunday in March prompted the finishing of this one. Accordingly, I got on with the build rather than the taking of photos! In the end, the weather beat us to it and the said day proved to be too windy for test flying.

The model was sanded and servos fitted. With the wings on to check squareness, the tailplane was fitted and when dry, the fin set at 90 degrees to the latter:


After a concentrated sanding session, a test assembly produced:


I spotted some Easycoat covering at only £10 for a 5m roll of seconds, so rolls of red and yellow were procured. The yellow went on like a dream, but the red turned out to be a nightmare ... perhaps that's why it was assessed as a 'second'. I managed to easily cover both sides of the flying surfaces with one sheet of covering with the yellow - the following pic shows a half covered elevator and a half covered wing root panel.


The covered model with servos fitted now looked like this - note the wrinkles in the red covering, especially round the nose!


I fitted the motor for nose weight, although the esc has not yet been wired in. As the first flights were going to be on the slope, the motor wasn't required.


So, all I need to do now is wire in the esc and it'll be ready to test on the flat. It also looks like the nose cowl could do with a lick of paint ... probably red ... but that'll probably be after the first test flights.

Thread: Elan 100 Build
12/03/2019 17:01:56

Having committed myself to joining a few friends on Ivinghoe Beacon on the second Sunday of March, I've been concentrating on getting this one finished rather than taking photographs. In the end, the wind beat us, but at least the model is now ready to test.....

Here's a pic of the front end. I ended the fuselage spine piece at the point recommended on the plan, which left the canopy about 3/8" short. The canopy also needed a lot of finishing to fair it in to the fuselage. The latter job was carried out successfully on a belt and disc sander and the result follows:


Since the last post, the wings have been assembled, the sheeting finished and capping strips added. Then, following an afternoon of sanding in the garden, a trial fit of the parts produced:


I've covered the model in yellow and red Easycote seconds - they are about £10 for a 5m roll so I felt they were too good to miss. The yellow went on like a dream, but the red turned out to be a nightmare ... maybe that was why the rolls were classed as seconds. Anyway, after a couple of afternoons the model looked like this:


Control surfaces were then hinged, the model assembled, radio gear fitted, including a releasable tow hook, and the model assembled for a pre-test photo:


The weight has come out at just over 2lb, which I'm really pleased with. It needs a few bits of coloured trim on the wings plus, maybe, a different colour on the canopy, but otherwise, she's finished.

Thread: Hawker Fury Mk1 Replica, K1930 (OO-HFU)
12/03/2019 16:39:17

Update time again!

I've done a bit to the fuselage in that the engine mount has been cut and that and the engine dry fitted to check the throttle cable position:

img_9612 2.jpeg


For the rest of the time, I've concentrated on the wing. I've glued the lift wire brackets to the lower wing roots:


..bound them in place and covered them with ply plates - the latter are not shown on the plan but I've added them to give a 'land' for the covering. I've bent the brackets up to allow binding and fitting of the ply plates. I'll bend 'em back into the correct angle after covering.


For the rest of the time, I've been cutting and fitting the capping strips. On a quick quantity check I reckoned that I'd need some 35 times 36" lengths of 1/16" x 1/8" to complete the job. So rather than give the credit card some grief, I headed for the scrap box and my trusty balsa stripper. Most of the cap strips have thus been cut from scrap wood:


20/02/2019 09:35:20

No probs Jim and you're welcome.

Next job for me was to fix the rigging points to the wing. I started by epoxying the bent bracket to the spar, then, when dry, I bound it in place and fitted the ply plate over the top.

Epoxied rigging brackets:


I used simple whipping to bind the bracket to the spar. It's a knotting technique that I learned in the Cubs back in nineteen fifty something (sounds a lot better in words than figures...). If you haven't used it before, it's worth a look. It gives a neat result, it keeps the binding taught and it ties it off without slackening. There's a good diagram here:

..and here's how I applied it to the Fury.

Equipment used was some strong thread that I acquired at an aero-jumble some years ago, a 'heavy' needle, masking tape, and a runny adhesive to spread over the binding to ensure its stability.


I used a loop of the thread to stop it slipping off the needle and to half the number of loops I had to make around the spar. First off, a further loop was made in the thread which was temporarily fixed to the spar with the masking tape.


Then holding the loop in place, I started to wind the thread around the spar. The binding is pulled tight on each loop and held with the fingers. Note how the first go around the spar fixes the position of the initial loop.



The last loop then goes through the initial loop and is pulled taught:


The initial loop is then pulled closed to hold the binding in place. I pull it so that the free end of the binding goes under the binding to ensure that it's held securely


The free ends are then cut.


Finally, some aliphatic resin was smoothed over the thread to seal it in place.


The job is finished by adding the ply plate over the top. The rigging bracket will be bent down to suit after the wing is covered.


I can now get back to adding the capping strips, which is where this little job started!

Edited By Andy Sephton 1 on 20/02/2019 09:38:49

Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
19/02/2019 07:20:17

I've not got that far yet Danny wink

I used blocks in the wings as a land for the hinge points and drilled them and the aileron spars to suite. I've glued the hinges to the tubes and that is how they remain. I'm going to cover the fuselage and aileron before fitting, so the hinges won't be glued in place until then. Notwithstanding, I'll probably plagiarise your method to get the right position.

Thread: Elan 100 Build
17/02/2019 18:21:17

Now that the fuselage has been opined and the wing root panels constructed, I can use them to set up the brass tubes for wing joining. Here's a view form below


Once the cyano on the brass tubes had gone off, all the joints were smeared with epoxy. The wings were removed and the rear fuselage sheeting added:


Unfortunately the front fuselage sheeting was too narrow for the fuselage and so had to be replaced - in fact, the three fuselage formers supplied were wider than they should have been, making the fuselage too wide for the provided sheeting.


Leading edge sheet was added to the underside of all the wing panels - the four inner panels are shown here. The sheeting is held in place with scrap 1/4" and 5/16" strip


...and while that was drying, the wing retaining band hooks were fixed to 1.4" round balsa and glued to the wing root:


Thread: Hawker Fury Mk1 Replica, K1930 (OO-HFU)
17/02/2019 18:09:39

Making the aileron shroud has allowed me to start adding the capping strips....but it's also flagged up some omissions on the plan.

First off, the fairing at the aileron root is relatively unsupported. Nevertheless, it remains pretty stiff, so I'll probably leave it as is.


The next omission is the lack of balsa between the aileron cut out and the wing tip. Part S1 between the aileron shroud and the TE and part S2 are not thick enough and need to be built up with 1/16" balsa both top and bottom.


Here's a view from the TE showing the added balsa on top of S2. Balsa below S2 is yet to be added.


..and this time from above on the other wing


Meanwhile, I've been adding capping strips to the ailerons and using UHU Hart in an attempt to keep the adhesive weight down.


I temporarily lost the 1/4" Paxolin plate for the engine mount, so having found it yesterday, I marked it out ready for cutting for the Laser 70.


...and finally, I nearly forgot to add the strut supports and rigging wire lands to the wings before finishing the capping strips. I started to saw the parts off the brass sheet, but in the end, used a pair of clippers to get the release started, then pulled the parts away by bending backwards and forwards until the tabs failed. The tabs were then filed off and the required bend put into the part using a pair of round tyne pliers. A test fit was then essayed onto the ply parts that will be attached to the wing. The brass parts will need to be bound to the spars first, but I wanted to make sure they fitted the holes in the ply fairings.


Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
17/02/2019 17:42:46

You did nothing wrong Jim, but you did demonstrate a characteristic of meths - it evaporates quickly. I use paraffin or any available oil. Cooking oil works and so does WD-40. Just make sure you protect your building board with cling film or similar and also protect the model from the oil on the plan. Whatever you use, it'll dry out eventually and go opaque ... but it'll retain the smell for some time!

Thread: Elan 100 Build
13/02/2019 13:56:40

I'm finding this one to be a very enjoyable build. As a consequence, it's progressing well. The next photo shows one of the tip panels under construction:


..Which has left me with 6 wing panels


The fuselage ends were then joined:





and while that lot was drying the empennage was laid down:




Edited By Andy Sephton 1 on 13/02/2019 13:57:46

Thread: Hawker Fury Mk1 Replica, K1930 (OO-HFU)
13/02/2019 13:40:27

I've been working on the aileron cut-out in the wing over the past few days. Once that's done I can start adding the rib capping strips.

The following photos show my perception of how the cut-out should be dressed. Essentially, there's a strip of 1/4" triangle balsa at the top. This is capped by a strip of 1/16" x 15mm cross grained balsa to create a shroud. The aileron root cutout is also strengthened by a strip of 1/16" x 15mm, but this time the grain is along the long edge. Underneath, the cutout is outlined by a strip of 1/16" x 1/8" to bring the sub-spar into line with the rib capping strips. The photos should tell the story:











Looking ahead to the rib capping strips, I did a rough quantity check and discovered that it'll take some thirty five 36" lengths of 1/8" x 1/16" to cap all the ribs. So, to save a bit of balsa, I've started stripping the remains from the laser-cut wood into 1/16" x 1/8" strips. The stripper is available from SAMS Models.


11/02/2019 20:20:22

As Danny rightly said, Jim, I'm mounting the engine on a 1/4" paxolin plate. The bearers are in the position shown on the plan, which, with a 1/4" mounting plate, will put the engine thrust line in the correct place. The perspective of the photo in the above post makes it look as iff the bearers are level with the engine mounting lugs, which they are not.

Thread: How can I reverse a plan to build two wing halves
08/02/2019 18:07:02

If you use oil, don't forget to protect your building board and the model with some cling film or similar. I've used cooking oil in the past, when there was nothing else to hand, but on my latest model I'm using WD-40 - it's easy to spray on!

see pic number 5 in post number 6 in the following thread:

Thread: Elan 100 Build
08/02/2019 17:48:41

I really ought to be doing Danny Wynne Fenton's Fury rather than this one....but it's such a good kit that it's too good to miss!

The build progresses with a check of the drilled holes in the ribs and fuselage to make sure all lines up as it should....img_8846.jpeg

.....then each of six separate wing panels. Thanks for the above comments, but i've used the oiling method to see though plans since the 60s, so that's what I used here. In this case it was WD-40, but I've successfully used cooking oil in the past when there was nothing else to hand. The only essential thing I'd recommend is to cover both the building board and the plan with clingfilm to prevent contamination of the board and model with the oil.

Right inner panel first - I use engineer's squares to support the ribs to ensure they remain square while they are drying



As recommended in the instructions, the LE sheeting is glued in place with the wing still on the board. I use scrap 6mm balsa to help hold the sheeting in place while the glue dries. Not shown in the pic, but the front of the spars have been webbed with 1.5mm balsa


Left inner panel next - note reverse of plan 'oiled' with WD-40.


Right middle panel next:


While the wing sheeting was drying, I used the engineers squares to set up three of the fuselage formers:


and when those were dry, the two fuselage sides were joined. (I really must dig out my SLEC building would have been ideal for this job!)


Thread: Hawker Fury Mk1 Replica, K1930 (OO-HFU)
08/02/2019 17:36:02

Work on the LE sheeting has continued over the week, I use a length of (what is now scrap) 6mm balsa to hold the sheeting in position while the adhesive dries.:







Edited By Andy Sephton 1 on 08/02/2019 17:37:11

06/02/2019 20:46:30

Building has been a bit sporadic over the past week or so, but nevertheless, the upper wings have been joined, the ribs added, the trailing edge doublers added, the false leading edge shaped, the LE sheeting cut and the latter added to the upper surface of the outer panels:


More LE sheeting next (underside and centre-section), then rib capping strips!

Thread: Elan 100 Build
06/02/2019 20:41:04

I've always had a soft spot for gliders so when I saw the review in RCM&E of the Cambrian Models Elan 100, and especially when the kit costs just under £70, the model seemed too good to miss. Accordingly, the kit was ordered as my Christmas present for 2018.

I was not disappointed. The kit appears to be quite complete with all the wood and hardware provided. As a further plus, the balsa was some of the lightest I've seen in a kit. The only complaint I can table is that the plan only shows one wing half. The instructions state that the plan should be traced onto the other side of the sheet to produce the other wing, but, I was still disappointed at the omission.

Up to now, other projects have taken priority, but nevertheless, it was started this afternoon with the laying down of the fuselage sides and laminating of the root ribs. The latter are a balsa ply sandwich for the first four ribs on the wings.


Thread: Hawker Fury Mk1 Replica, K1930 (OO-HFU)
22/01/2019 06:58:37

Ikura - Thanks for the kind words, Any photos will need to be taken outside, so as soon as the weather is suitable and I have the time to get the model outside, I'll do as you request.

Richard - You're welcome.

Martyn - Thanks also for the kind words. I'll be leaving the lower part of the engine cowl from the disc behind the propeller to the firewall open. The engine sticks out a bit anyway, so it shouldn't make too much difference to the side view. I'm hoping that it will be not too noticeable in the air.

21/01/2019 18:02:06

Having finished setting up the ailerons, the next job was to join the upper wings:


And to confirm the above post to Richard Mallam, here's a pic of the Laser 70 in it's rough mounting position with the carb control lining up with the hole mark on the firewall.


20/01/2019 13:19:59

I've been working on the ailerons and have added 1/2" triangular stock to the LE rather than carve 1/2" stock to the shape on the plan. It's not exactly correct, but it'll do for a flying only model.


The aileron was then dry fitted to the port wing and the servo screwed in position. The picture shows the underside of the wing:


As far as the flying surfaces go, it's upper wing joining next.

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