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Thread: Latest CAA Update
16/10/2019 20:03:20

Oh dear, someone certainly has had a bad day and should perhaps read up on the proposals.

Thread: LMA Elvington show 2019
07/08/2019 21:49:16

Thanks Pete. Yep I realised I’d been beaten to it after I’d posted it smiley

07/08/2019 19:56:19

LMA Elvington has been postponed due to the weather forecast this weekend and will be rescheduled for later in the year.

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 07/08/2019 21:37:57

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
10/07/2019 08:32:30

Vere won’t be in post long. She has a condescending, patronising and sarcastic attitude that will keep her moving departments on a regular basis. I’m surprised the committee weren’t kissing her feet to thank her for allowing them to speak with her.

I think registration will happen but it may be short lived.

I feel sorry for the poor people who have to work with Charlotte Vere, particularly those in the CAA. My sympathies go out to them!!

Thread: RC Transmitters - Retail Pricing
15/11/2018 20:37:16

All modelling equipment is price fixed.

I've spoken to several well known retailers over the last few years who've told me that if they sell a radio or engine, one brand in particular below or above X% of the RRP more than 3 times, the supplier will terminate their account for breaching the T&C.

If a retailer wants to buy an item for £500 and sell it for £100, that's up to them and should not be determined by the supplier, as they already have their money.

It's contrary to fair practice and is anti-competitive and i'm sure if there was the will by us lot and the retailers investigations could be made.

Thread: aileron servos,y lead or dual channel?
15/11/2018 20:26:36

Either or.

Y leads can attract RF interference on occasions but it's always pot luck.

Thread: No space left for new models?
15/11/2018 20:16:58

A bigger workshop.

Thread: IC Models-Should we be worried?
03/11/2018 21:56:19

I read a post saying that IC engines are unreliable and aggrovation. When I started flying back in the early 1990's you were guaranteed a deadstick every session from anything other than on OS or Webra. Now, glow engines are far more reliable.

I hardly ever have to touch the settings of any of my glow engines. Once they are set, thats it. I know people who are constantly fiddling with the needle and always try to get the last little bit of power out of an engine and usually end up going for a walk.

03/11/2018 21:14:09
Posted by Martin Harris on 03/11/2018 20:10:23:

There are two types of aeromodeller. Those who feel IC engines have "soul" - and those that who don't.

I feel a little sorrow for the latter.

I agree. When a scale model, in particular, fires up with a set of lipos its just not the same as the sound of a four stroke purring away.

03/11/2018 21:11:12

Model propulsion is changing but im not sure IC is going to end.

Of the 21 aircraft I have, 8 are electric, 5 are petrol and 8 are glow. Of the glow 4 are lasers, 1 saito, 2 ASPfs and 1 Irvine 2s.

The way i see it, electric models have their place but they arent any cheaper than IC when you get above the usual club models.

For small/medium sized models Acro Wots etc then there isn't much in it. However for larger models 1\4 scale etc then i'm not convinced that they are cheaper. Yes they are cleaner for scale models they don't sound right but they arent cheaper.

The cost of a Laser 300v is about £600. That engine will power a Flair Stearman with ease, or a 1/5 warbird or a decent sized aerobatic model. With a decent sized fuel tank and a gallon of fuel you can have loads of flights and in a single session you can easily have 4 or 5 flights and still have lots of fuel left.

To do the same with electric, you will spend similar money with a motor, controller and lipos. But to have 4x15 minute flights in a single session will need a lot of lipos.

When the Horizon display team were displaying there Hangar 9 50cc P51s a few years ago they would get 4 minute flights and used several lipos per flight. With an IC engine, you could fly all day on a single tank, have a nice sound and not spend much more.

There are dozens of petrol engines on the market which is growing all the time. Electric is good for certain applications but IC will remain in one form or another for years to come.

Thread: How old are yours?
14/10/2018 16:45:11

My dad has a Magnatilla which was built by a clubmate in 1988 and my dad acquired it about 2003. Since then its had 1100 flights, so the total number of flights so far will be over 2000 in 30 years and apart from the covering and various different engines its all original.

Thread: ASP anybody?
13/10/2018 10:45:28

3 flights on my Flair Stearman with a Laser 300v using a 24oz tank will clear over 1/3 of a gallon. Do I care about the cost of glow fuel? Nope, not in the slightest, it’s a hobby and I’m more than happy to pay for fuel to get a good quality, nice sounding and reliable engine.

Thread: Increased membership?
13/10/2018 10:40:36

We’ve had 2 enquiries. One who dabbled years ago and one raw novice. I’m not sure if they saw the program and have enquiries as a result, I’ll have to ask them.

We tend to get quite a few enquiries in the autumn which I always smile at, as the days are shorter, the temperature is cooler and the wind is....often like today.

That said, it gives people the winter to prepare, get a few training flights and then crack on in the spring.

Thread: A Cardboard RC plane.
09/10/2018 11:33:15

A good mate of mine, now sadly departed, Dave Orton used to fly a cardboard plane from Lawford Heath and then Rolls Royce Ansty.

I think that was a Craftsman. It must have been back in the 90's when he flew it. From memory it had a Laser 70 up front.

Thread: DB Sport and Scale Hurricane Engine
03/10/2018 21:48:20
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 03/10/2018 14:20:08:

a moki 210 should have monstered the spitfire. Mine flew on a saito 150 and was fine. What did it weigh?

The Spitfire was built from the bandsaw kit as plan but with a recessed lower firewall to accommodate the wrap around exhaust.

All up was 16lbs which I was happy with and then the lead started to be added. 6lbs later and eventually it balanced. To say I was disappointed is an understatement, especially as the tank bay was reduced due to the recess so flight time was about 6 minutes.

I've since sold it but don't want to make the same mistake with the Hurricane.

03/10/2018 14:00:29

Thanks folks.

I’d like a 4s petrol and from experience of building a DB Spitfire (all wood), a MOKI 210, was just enough to stagger around.

I had hoped for something like. Valach or Kolm. Equally I may opt for an OS 40gf or a roto. Really not sure.

What I will be doing is making the tropical version 2B as A. It has a volks filter which will give me a bit more space underneath and that marque also had a slightly longer cowl, which will help with engine length.

Edited By ChrisB on 03/10/2018 14:02:56

Thread: First Balsa Build - Glue Choices
03/10/2018 13:55:33

Gorilla Glue: white glue. It’s a type of PVA and is very good! I’d never use anything else. Dries in a good time as well.

Thread: DB Sport and Scale Hurricane Engine
30/09/2018 19:39:33

I've got a DB Hurricane Kit and before I start I just wanted to get some ideas of what engines people are using in theirs?

I want to try and keep it fully in cowl.

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
27/07/2018 11:11:47
Posted by Ikura on 27/07/2018 08:35:30:

From what I have read these anti-drone measures will be very few and far between and will be deployed to 'protect' sensitive areas such as prisons, airports and perhaps government buildings etc.

If anyone does fly in those areas then maybe it will be a jolly good idea to refrain from doing so. Anyone choosing to ignore the regulations is asking for problems.

Surely legitimate flyers should not have give up their sites? Is that reasonable?

I am responding to the consultation and will be emphasising the point, as should we all!

27/07/2018 08:49:41

I can think of at least 6 clubs that I know of around the country that currently, lawfully fly near airports and prisons and have done for over 30 years. So what you’re suggesting Ikura, is for those clubs to cease flying???

Collateral damage????? That’s ridiculous, there should be no impact from any electronic interference on innocent and law abiding parties! So far I’ve been quite relaxed about the regs, but this is an issue that must be fully addressed!

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