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Thread: Differences between models ?
26/03/2018 14:36:04

Dry means without a battery.

The best option is to join your local club as it will be one of their members who will be teaching you and it’s highly likely that they will use something called a buddy lead which connects two transmitters together and allows the instructor two give you control via a deadmans switch, thus he can take control more easily. However, you can only use the same make transmitter so they’ll talk to one another. Therefore the make you get will usually be determined by your instructor, unless you want to buy two transmitters and a lead that is.

If you visit you’ll be able to find your nearest club.

Thread: Dangers of methanol
20/03/2018 22:42:30

Next time I go flying I’ll be sure not to drink the fuel and instead I’ll use it in the engine.wink

Thread: Newbie Builder
15/03/2018 21:56:27

DB Sport and Scale kits

Thread: Defibrillators
15/03/2018 12:59:48

Thanks. We are looking at getting some training but I wondered if Defibs were becoming more common at flying sites?

Edited By ChrisB on 15/03/2018 13:00:18

Thread: Low wing recommendation
14/03/2018 13:06:47

Acrowot, either kit or ARTF

14/03/2018 13:04:38

Any news on when the online site will be open? It’s been several weeks now.

Thread: Tyre wear
14/03/2018 12:55:21

Also be aware of your cars jack points and style of jack points. Many modern cars use seam/sill points and not pads. This can result in crushing as the weight of the car is taken on a narrow surface area. The grease monkeys often don’t care and just merrily jack away then deny all knowledge afterwards. Some hockey pucks with cut outs or blocks of wood will help.

Thread: Defibrillators
14/03/2018 12:43:50

At a recent club meeting we discussed the topic of first aid including first aid kits etc.

One member asked if we should/could/would look at getting a defibrillator. It’s something we have been asked about before but with the cost of around £1000 it’s a massive outlay for a small club.

My question is, do other clubs have them or access to them and if so were they grant funded, if so how, or were they purchased?



Thread: 35 mhz - any value
06/03/2018 13:50:47

I still use 35 along with 2.4. Never have any issues at all. No reason not to use it.

Thread: Pedantic
28/02/2018 23:10:58

Like OMG lol

Thread: Support Your Local Club
28/02/2018 20:15:57

My club hold two or three sessions each year when the local ATC about four individuals and a local school, again, about four individuals come along and have trial flights. The ATC visit twice and the school once.

Most of the youngsters, aged between 12 and 17 enjoy it but tend to get bored after a couple of hours and a couple of flights each. Its generally a different group each year, although some do revisit. There are usually one or two shining lights amongst them, who could easily be capable of progressing to solo flight very quickly and they show enthusiasm and ask lots of questions.

The main problem is access, cost and the willingness of their relatives to engage. If they are under 17, then they won't have a car, there is a cost to flying, even if its a basic set-up, or second hand and with the best will in the world, if they don't have any support at home from a relative who can assist them, be it getting to the field or storage of models, its a challenge for them. Its difficult for club members to get too involved for a variety of reasons, be it cost, time, fear of interfering or if under 18, child protection etc etc.

Although our hobby is superb its not as accessible as, say, football or other activities that can be played in a back garden or local open/green space within a 10/15 minute walk from home. Flying requires a lot more than that, even if its indoor.

All we can do is encourage, particularly youngsters and their relatives!

Thread: Pedantic
28/02/2018 17:02:30

I think the golden thread of this discussion is that of basic English language being eroded, often by American Television and self important ‘executives’ trying to reinvent the wheel.

Thread: Support Your Local Club
28/02/2018 12:16:18


Particularly in schools it often comes down to politics. A clubmate of mine works as the head of design tech at a secondary school. He was going to enter the school in the schools BMFA Lift challenge but was overruled by his boss as a well known ‘premium’ car and 4x4 manufacturer is running a programme for schools and that was the preference, especially as the company is local and would rather that than rubber powered toy planes.

I say rubber powered toy planes, as the perception of model aircraft is men over 60 wearing straw hats and smoking a pipe, standing in a field throwing chuck gliders. Over the years I’ve tried to get work colleagues interested by showing them videos and pictures of mine and other people’s aircraft and I’m met with pretty much a brick wall. The only vague interest comes when I mention the D word and even then 1 in 10 look mildly interested.

There is so much choice these days, people can do lots of activities far more than they ever could. Equally many people don’t have hobbies of any kind at all. They wake up, see to the kids, go to work, go home see to the kids, do some work late at night and then go to bed and do it all again the next day. Weekends consist of looking after children going to see family playing in the park and doing work emails before Monday starts again. That is the ’life’ many people I work with. My boss says his hobby is running, not in a club, just by himself. It helps to clear his head and think about work matters. Unfortunately many people think that their job is their life and everything else should fit around it, these are the people who end up retiring and then die sad, and lonely as their job was their life.

There is no easy answer.

Edited By ChrisB on 28/02/2018 12:18:28

Thread: Pedantic
26/02/2018 19:10:18

So, as we move forward towards transformational change we need to look to new horizons as we get off of the day to day routine of silo working and ensure we are very clear that at this moment in time we touch base offline and reach out to get some quick wins by close of play to ensure that actions are met and we can each bring to the table some game changing low hanging fruit. Any new ideas ping them to me, as i'll be hot-desking in the break out zone with my helicopter view hat on.

Edited By ChrisB on 26/02/2018 19:12:17

26/02/2018 17:40:03

One thing that niggles me is when people say 'off of'. You don't say "i'm going to get off of the bus", you say "i'm going to get off the bus"


"That chap off of the telly"........NO!! what is it with people, particularly on prime time TV and radio?

And, people starting a sentence with So.

Thread: Hurricane Happenings in Boston
25/02/2018 07:37:39

Looks good. Unlike me you PSS guys don’t need to worry about squeezing an engine in. I’m planning on doing a topical scheme to include the filter which should give me a bit more space in the cowl. There are so many schemes to choose.

23/02/2018 19:48:48

It’s about time. My favourite warbird. Hope to start a DB Hurri kit soon.

23/02/2018 19:30:41

What kit/plan??

Thread: HS 2
22/02/2018 20:47:10

If construction begins it will start in both the big smoke and the second big smoke and will meet somewhere in the middle, presumably in Oxfordshire. The question is, how far out will it be when they come to join it up? Not that it matters, as no-one will use it, as it will be so expensive for Joe public or business.

Look at the prices today. Season tickets costing £2000 plus between Rugby and London, less than an hour on the fast train with no guarantee of a seat. I think most journey times by train in this country aren't that unreasonable, especially as home/remote working, mobile phones/tablets etc mean that you don't need to be in the office every day and can have video/conference calls quite easily.

I fear it will be a waste of everyone's time and effort and will result in little more than an abandoned preservation railway funded by the Chinese.

The key issue with the current system is the lack of rolling stock.

We seem to have a very short term approach to development in this country. I work in a medium city near Birmingham and we hosted some pre-olympic football matches. Money was bid for, money was received and was spent on a new 'public realm' scheme, with new paving, shared spaces and 'artistic' bollards. Six years on and the bollards are broken, the paving is cracked, the chewing gum is spread everywhere and the roads have been patched up several times. Now the project is over, the money has been spent....the 'Legacy' a c**p environment that continues to crumble and the next project is the focus. HS2, if it ever happens, will be the same.


Any road, glad to hear the SCRCS is still about.

Edited By ChrisB on 22/02/2018 20:49:57

Thread: The WORST plane you ever had?
19/02/2018 17:34:35

The Stinger

It was a big, heavy delta from an old plan back in the early 90's. It was a pusher with an MDS 48 and had a slot in the wing for the prop and twin fins.

Unlike most deltas it didn't all!!

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