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Thread: Has the world gone Mad !!
25/12/2014 09:40:08

Great day for flying here in Warwickshire. Calm and sunny.....I wonder...could I?....Should I?. Off work for the next 10 days and no doubt today will be the only decent day.

Thread: servos
17/12/2014 20:02:23

I've got the Seagull 90/120 Yak. I use Hitec 5485digis.

In reallity i'd go for Hitec standard 400 size servos, or JR 591, or Futaba 3001. A lot of people over do servos, as unless you are doing a lot of hi 'G' 3D flying or blow back flying, i.e. lots of tail slides etc, then you don't really need hi Volt, hi torque.

I've done a bench test on Hitec 645 MG servos. 4.8V and 6v. At 4.8v the servo move across the bench, at 6v it jumps across the bench. Transfer that torque to an airframe, especially a light ARTF with balsa mounting and under load, in theory the servo could rip itself loose. Its only as good as its mounting.

Id go for hitec!


Thread: Are new restrictions on the RC horizon for Uk model fliers??
15/12/2014 19:42:57

I agree Stu, I think us aeromodellers will stay for years, but I think the quad copter type toy flyers will soon fizzle out and a new craze will sweep the nation.

15/12/2014 19:30:04

Hi, see this link **LINK**






Edited By ChrisB on 15/12/2014 19:31:44

Thread: Should models be available from certain types of sellers?
13/12/2014 19:43:51

Hi chaps, been out today and visited two national toy retailers both who base themselves on retail warehouse parks. I had a look at the RC section. Lots of cars for sale, and lots of gaps on the shelves. Not many gaps in the aero-section. I say aero, there was one palm sized foam quad thing and a few plastic helicopters, no bigger than 12" rota diameter.

Both stores were packed with people and very few were interested in the helis.

Thread: Daily Mail on Drones
13/12/2014 19:32:49
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 13/12/2014 19:18:28:

Gents, I'm trying to stay on the fence here, believe me.

I have removed a paragraph from a number of posts as I feel being too specific about devices and functions of equipment, whilst being of no value whatsoever to a terrorist, may just appeal to the curious and set someone off on the path of experimentation.

Unlikely, I know, but we have a broad readership and have to consider that.


Pete, on balance I think that is probably not a bad idea.


13/12/2014 19:29:44
Posted by Phillip Powell on 13/12/2014 11:54:06:

Hi I see from the posts about this subject that some wish to as usual bury their heads in the sand while others seem to patronise those who enjoy fuddy duddy aeromodelling whatever that is.

Insulting or what!!

The fact is there are those who will use any excuse to stop the enjoyment of those of us who engage in the activity of model flying.

To pursue the argument of drones staying drones is an interesting one as they are not models at all as a drone is of any size and shape a quick look at Youtube will confirm this, these are not models we are talking about but full size devices!

I have read with interest the report published by the BBC about a near miss and I have doubts about the facts in the case 700 feet yes possible of course in FPV or using computer control.

But this must have been a large drone to have the control authority to be able to stay stable in this most hostile airspace which is the landing approach to a busy airport like Heathrow.

I have lived under the approach to the north runway for some years and I can tell you the disturbance that the aircraft produce is damaging I have seen it snap the tops off large trees and pull the tiles off of houses a 2 foot hole in mine.

A Jumbo jet creates so much air disturbance the gap between it and the following plane is 3 miles

So this drone if it flew within 20 feet of the wing is toast the vortex would see to that.

That having been said to even contemplate the possible tragedy that would have ensued had a passenger plane been brought down is horrifying.

But on a lighter note we can be assured that the powers that be will come up with something that is unsuitable and unusable to control drones such is the intelligence of our elected leaders.


I used the words fuddy duddy not in a patronising way, as i've been flying for the last 23 since i was 11 and certainly don't think aeromodellers are fuddy duddy. What I was refering to is the general perception of those who are not involved in the hobby. Most people who have never seen a model aircraft before think of a bunch of old men with pipes and straw hats throwing balsawood sticks into the air. There are those who would perhaps be best remaining of that view.

On a related point I went to two national toys shop chains both of warehouse parks today and whilst I was there I had a look at their RC section. Other than a couple of small (palm size) foam things and some plastic 27mhz helis, there were no 'drones' and both shops were packed with people and the airbourne models were not flying off the shelf.


Edited By ChrisB on 13/12/2014 19:30:25

12/12/2014 21:58:05

As far as we, the aeromodelling community is concerned I don't think we have anything to worry about. The media have jumped on this latest band wagon, which will burn itself out within 12months.

Anyone with an ounce of thought or intelligence will see that a muli-rota couldn't be used for a 'terrorist attack' due to the amount of payload capacity.

Society and the media see 'drones' as exactly that. Should we keep it that like that?..Yes I think we should. If you're flying your multi-rota at your club field in accordance with club and CAA rules, then not a problem. But as far as society is concerned 'drones' should stay as 'drones' and leave the old fuddy duddy balsa wood bashers to their funny ways. The minute the two become blurred is the time to worry.

Thread: Should models be available from certain types of sellers?
12/12/2014 21:35:04

I think it would be wise for UK suppliers/retailers to supply a leaflet inside kits, perhaps produced by the BMFA. Maybe that is a project that the BMFA could commence?

By providing a leaflet, at least people will have had the opportunity to read it and investigate their local club and BMFA etc.

How would any test be enforced? The ANO is the legal requirement, its worked perfectly well for many years. All the national bodies, plus government etc are aware of us as a hobby and what whould and should'nt be done. That is the main thing.

The reality is that most people fly responsibly and most people fly in an organised club environment. Education in the appropriate way is the least worst solution.

12/12/2014 08:10:34

As I see it, restricting sales of modelling items to specific outlets happens anyway. The UK importers and distributers will only sell to people who have a model business. In any event, anyone could visit the website of any of our modelling retailers and order any type of aircraft without moving from their front room, so is there any difference any way?

I would say the price will result in very few, if any sales, as most people won't even be able to assemble the aircraft correctly. Our club has recently had several raw novice members who really struggle and are miffed when we use the term ARTF, as they think that aircraft such as Irvine Tutors, WOT 4 etc are literally ready to fly, clearly not the case. They need help just understanding the instructions, so getting a plane near to flight ready is an achievement.

Ultimately individuals need to take responsibility for what they get themselves into and if someone was injured in their back garden trying to start an engine for example, then is that something we should concern ourselves with? Yes people will say model aircraft are dangerous "look at what the propeller did", but then so is mowing the lawn, climbing ladders etc.

The relevant national bodies, BMFA, LMA, CAA, national government 'agencies' and insurers are all aware of our hobby and know that its safe and responsible, hence insurance in cheap and there are few regulations and apart from a few randoms, who take on more than they can cope with, thats no different to an 18 year old changing from a Fiesta to a Porsche.

As for the recent hooha about 'drones', then I would say let society remain of the partially correct view that 'drones' are exactly that. Do we, as the wider aeromodelling community want to associate ourselves with 'drones'. I would say we stay (in the publics eyes) as this random bunch of misfits who stick bits of balsa wood together and make woosh woosh noises in a field on a Sunday afternoon.

Of course we need to promote the hobby and encourage newcommers, especially younger people, but we need to be careful that it doesn't backfire, or create too much interest that then becomes detrimental to the hobby. People I work with don't understand and think its a bunch of old men (and im only 33) flying toys. I've often tried to tell and show them different and they don't want to understand, thats fine I'll leave them to their lives of nothing but work. One good way of promoting the hobby is advertising airshows more than we currently do. Putting signs up, well in advance, articles in the local newspaper or radio. People stumble upon the the show, visit and then join the hobby.

Strictly Come Dancing resulted in a huge increase in attendance at dancing clubs, the Olympics resulted in more cycling clubs. They are seen a 'lovely' and acceptable. I used to of the view we need to promote promote promote, BUT we have to be careful.

There is a balance to be struck between keeping the hobby alive and creating so much interest that clubs and flying become an annoyance to society, be it by more clubs or more flying resulting in more noise, traffic and complaints, or by more ignorant idiots flying in parks.

I would be against an advert of any kind. It would perhaps be nice to see a magazine type programme a bit like Supermodels, Model Mania etc on the mainstream channels maybe with someone like James May (with his sensible head on) but not necessarily a promotional advert.

Just my thoughts



Edited By ChrisB on 12/12/2014 08:36:08

Edited By ChrisB on 12/12/2014 08:39:08

Thread: Wot 4 xl maiden
07/12/2014 14:34:35

Im on to it Mark, we'll soon be doing formation towing....maybe



Edited By ChrisB on 07/12/2014 14:35:47

Thread: Blenheim takes to the air - again!
05/12/2014 17:39:04

Bootiful smiley

Thread: Black horse Fieseler Storch
29/11/2014 21:34:10

Sorry to hear of the mishap. Unfortunately the chap in our club doesnt have a computer and its not that easy get hold of him on the phone.

The Fuz failed vertically behind the wing, but didn't go all the way down to the bottom of the fuz. I think it was built similar to most, where the front and rear are built in halves and put together. In fairness, a slow heavy landing with all the drag is likely to cause some damage. My BH P51 has had a pounding, an so far has fair reasonably ok.


27/11/2014 20:43:53

One of our members first flew his a few months ago. CofG was too far back, although he'd balanced on the recommended point. OS petrol, I forget the size, think it is the 33.

Heavy landing, bent UC like toffee and broke its back, just behind the TE. It wasn't a heavy landing and the FUZ cracked very easily.

Went deadstick, it doesn't float!

Since repaired, sorted the CG. With the drag, it needs throttle all the way down, rather than cut and glide. Appeared to me to be too weak in the points it should be strong.

Thread: What an airshow!!
26/11/2014 20:03:01

Hi Pete, 18, 19 its near enough. Never seen one at RR?! laugh


25/11/2014 19:08:19

I suspect you are right Ian, most of those folks won't get that old, but what a way to go! I never seen a Beech 19 flying like that before.

24/11/2014 19:55:18

What an airshow!!


Edited By Chris Berry 1 on 24/11/2014 19:55:55

Thread: March 2015
24/11/2014 19:47:17

Just seen this on the LMA website.

Worth a look and vote!


Thread: Flair PT-17 Stearman
23/11/2014 21:34:05

I've got one, weighs 26lbs, Laser 300v, loops from level. Wings stored in two halves with active wires. The one and only roll I did scared me, so I've never tried it since!

Edited By Chris Berry 1 on 23/11/2014 21:35:51

Thread: Nuneaton Aeromodellers Launches New Website
21/07/2013 09:39:46

Over the last few weeks we've been working hard on a new website. It has a new look, with new information, hints, tips and usefull links, plus an ever expanding gallery.

Our new address is

We hope you like it.

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