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Thread: Hi all
10/05/2014 13:31:32

Hi Regards Roger !

Greetings from a fellow newbie, great bunch here...well most them wink 2

All the best,


Thread: Canopy Tints
09/05/2014 13:11:53

Ditto the above, deffo spray from the inside, take care though it takes longer to dry than traditional spray paints, I found out the hard way, dirty great finger print on my lovely tinted canopy......doh. crying 2

Thread: RC World On Line Model Shop
07/05/2014 17:59:07

Completely agree but my LMS has gone and the nearest LMS is the place I buy fuel and that's about all, it's the sign of the times my friend. The trick is to order enough to justify the £6 delivery it's a game we will all have to play very soon........we're dooooomed...!!!!

07/05/2014 17:15:19

Hi Steve, have you tried SLEC a great online site that is just like popping into your LMS and cheep to! wink 2

Just my opinion, all the best, Steve

Thread: Transmitter case @ Maplin
03/05/2014 10:33:03

Kevin, did you manage to get one in the end?

I would hate to think they run out because us lot got there first. smile p

02/05/2014 15:08:55

Just ordered mine £14.99 as you say and I got free delivery too, smashing. Thank Kevin, nice one!! wink 2

Thread: What's flying over your house
30/04/2014 16:11:12

Apache are the norm, but the occasional Air Sea Rescue, in the spring and summer we may see the BBMF ahhhh.... Now that's what I call music ! ! And occasionally the Red Arrows

Thread: Russian Bombers busted
25/04/2014 13:52:36

Some really good pictures here .

Thread: Wendell Hosteler RV-4
23/04/2014 19:02:07

That's lovely go for it wink 2

Thread: RC 'vintage' Keil Kraft Phantom
20/04/2014 12:05:22

One of my earliest modelling memories is of my dads Veron ( I think) Nipper, small CL model with a Frog up front. it looks very similar to the Phantom wink 2 Does anybody else remember the Nipper?

Thread: ASP 52f/s throttle lever
19/04/2014 20:42:09

Chances are that after 10 + years of storage the engine may well need another running in period. I would suggest soaking it to "free" things up a little and run it in again. I'm sure Just Engines can provide you with the information you need to sort things out.

Good luck

Thread: Flaps on rotary switch?
09/04/2014 19:47:31

TWS, I have the same tx and a model with flaps on the rotary switch, for me, the switch is off at 12 o'clock therefore flaps are not used. I also use the analogy, turn the switch to 1 o'clock the flaps are partially open or down, the more the time the more flap. It works for me. Hope that helps

Thread: Wot, 4 Training?
07/04/2014 08:42:43

Ohhhh...David, you have a very good point there, I think I need a lay down crook I would like a Wot 4 and I suppose on low rates with a buddy........Mmm

I used to be indecisive.......I'm not sure now.

07/04/2014 08:27:20

Mmmm......I'm not convinced that the Wot trainer is in anyway a bad model, no one here has said negative things about it, just differences of opinion. I suppose you pays your money and make your choice?

07/04/2014 07:55:07

So, I read a review last night which didn't make the Wot shine, the guy was testing it along side the Seagull Boomerang and, OK it is his opinion, the Seagull won hands down for, construction, build quality and flight.

I think I'm going to cancel the whole order and have a think and maybe get some more suggestions. I want this next decision to be the right one. I'm fed up with leaving the flying field with a broken model. angry 2

07/04/2014 06:27:48
Posted by Stevo on 06/04/2014 19:56:30:

"There is not a bottomless pit according to SWMBO"

Is this guy for real? SWMBO? Wheres the challenge of getting that new shiny model delivered out of sight and explaining it away as "a bargain from one of last year's shows" ? Are you man or mouse Steve? (Me? I prefer cheese any day...)

"Alrite you lot, calm down"

Ooops... we did get carried away didn't we. OK so we recommend a low wing trainer for your OS46FX. (Delivered when SWMBO is at work or the Derbey and Joan club...!)

Steveo, this did make me chuckle, nice one, but you see this is the clever bit, SWMBO has broken them daft things ladies use to get straight hair thingy's and they are £100 a pop, so bingo no need to sneak it in, although I have done that on many occasions.

06/04/2014 19:06:17

Alrite you lot, calm down smile p There is not a bottomless pit according to SWMBO !! Remember I have an OS 46 fx too!

06/04/2014 18:31:53

Wow the Pulse is nice but a bit dear!!

06/04/2014 18:26:33

BEB, yes I have read about the flutter. I just don't have the confidence in what I read about the Wot Trainer. The pulse, Mmmm, I didn't think about that crook need to make a decision quick, order is placed need to change it early next week.

06/04/2014 17:53:24
Posted by John Muir on 06/04/2014 17:38:47:

Not having a go at Mr Miller! I'd get drummed off the forum and rightly so. Just saying horses for courses and I certainly wouldn't recommend my Cap 21 (SC36 powered incidentally) to an inexperienced pilot. Either of the two mentioned will work well. You just need a bit more practice with something not too hectic. The more you fly the easier it gets, the more relaxed you become and it gets to be even more fun.


P.S. if Peter Miller reads this, the Cap 21 is really nice, honestly, it's the fences that give me trouble!

There was no suggestion of anything in your post! But I agree John, they do go along a bit!!

Thanks for your advice, stored in the old grey matter. wink 2

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