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Thread: Wot, 4 Training?
06/04/2014 17:23:27

Steveo, ouch... Hopefully I won't need and kind of digging instruments soon!! Advice stored in the grey matter thanks Steve

06/04/2014 17:02:57

John S, I hope your right, thanks mate smile p

06/04/2014 17:00:33

John M, Peter is a great club member and as you can imagine an "oracle of knowledge" his models are light and strong! The model in question is only fitted with a 32 two stroke!

06/04/2014 16:54:20

See that's it, if I could find out exactly what the problem is, it would be an easy fixsmile p First flight yesterday was, good take off and a few circuits, I didn't realise how down wind I was going and the model became very small and lost orientation, a club member had to take over and managed yo bring her in with no problems, although a bit of a hairy landing! The next flight was a wing over on take off, just wasn't quick enough to correct the movement, what I should of done was correct left hand torque thrust with rudder but tried to correct with aileron sad Which caused a heavy wing over.

Going to stay away from low wing just now, need to build the confidence level back up. wink 2

06/04/2014 16:27:27

iqon, you make good point about the buddy lead...doh

TBH I have placed an order for the Wot trainer and I'm having second thoughts, Justin that's what I thought and I might just call them in the morning a change the order for the Wot 4

I brought a Peter Miller design from Peter Miller, he is a member of our club, it's a low wing sport model, it flys great but just a little too quick for me at the moment no fault of the model at all. Plus yesterday at the field it was a little windy, that didn't help!

06/04/2014 15:54:46

Graham, that's kind of what I mean, turn it down and it's friendly, get used to it and turn it up!.

Dave I agree that the Wot is not sold as a trainer, but low rates on a buddy lead?

What do you know about the Wot trainer?

06/04/2014 15:07:06

Hi all,

I think I have gone to low wing aircraft too quickly. blush Basically I have tried to run before I can walk and I have to accept the fact that I need to get a lot more hours under my belt with something more forgiving. I have, in the past flown, with lots of success, 3 and four channel IC, 3 and 4 channel electric, ok some mishaps of course but generally good results. I am a member of a club and gets loads of good advice, so after a disappointing afternoon yesterday, and the week before sad, I had a chat with a couple of our members and they suggested, to get my confidence back flying a model with a little more "forgiveness". My problem is I don't think I need a true beginners set up, just something that can be tamed down to begin with, but have the capability to open her up when I get more experience.

So what do you think, suggestions for an airframe? I trust and value your opinions wink 2 The guys in the club did mention a few, but I'm interested in what you think.

It must be ARTF, I have a spare OS46fx which will go in.

Thank you in advance.


27/03/2014 21:35:57

Can I ask a question chaps, how should we dispose of spent batteries if they can be that unstable at end of life?

Sounds to me, that no ones going to want to take them, unless you cross their palms with silver?

Just a thought

Thread: The member formerly known as Captain Slog
25/03/2014 16:46:33

Off to Corfu to fly , now that's a proper retirement.....ahhhhh, ho hum.

Good luck to you, enjoy your week away.

Thread: Members Map
24/03/2014 18:55:59

That's funny Pete, I open it from your link and get "file not found" could be the iPad I suppose blush

24/03/2014 17:58:07

Is it down again?

Thread: Transmitter Purchase and Wind Flying
24/03/2014 17:36:56

Been following this, and although at times it's a bit of a painfull read, I think, correct me if wrong here chaps that, those on here with oodles of experience have learnt the hard way. The first radio I had, had no programming, only 4 channels and a set of nicads. Now this basic set gave me a real good grounding, first was the 4 channels that was enough of a handfull the next was looking after the batteries, basic knowledge but a proper grounding in both orientation and charging safety. Been flying for a while, off and on over the last few years, I still consider myself a beginner. But those basic skills are " in the locker" wink 2 Slow down a bit and enjoy the ride.

All the best, Steve

Thread: Airport requirements
14/03/2014 12:59:15

Our club is on route to a military excersise area for the Apache, as far as I'm aware they are aware of our existance, they do on occasions get quite close, which can be very intimidating to say the least! surprise

Thread: Every Little Helps
13/03/2014 12:21:26

I can remember my Dad moaning that petrol had gone up to £1 a gallon!!

Thread: Irvine .40
10/03/2014 12:15:18

Sounds like you need a Perry Pump, sorts out flooding issues on an inverted installation, you can find them here

Thread: Vinyl Cutting
04/03/2014 12:53:06

Interesting, so I will ask the question

I have been trying to get hold of some OS Engine stickers/Decals whatever the correct terminolgy is. Yes I know you get them free with a new engine, but I bought second hand.


All the best, Steve

Thread: Axion rc laser arrow
03/03/2014 20:14:38

Glow man right? Stick an OS 46 up front, that will give you the speeed you need!!!! wink 2

Thread: Hello
25/02/2014 19:38:27

Hello Mike and welcome

As you can see BEB gives great advice. I am in exactly the same position as yourself, played before, kids, life, etc but now it's time for us to have fun, MAKE SURE YOU DO that's what it's all about, but as BEB recommends keep safe.

All the best Mike, Steve

Thread: Swan Morton Blades
25/02/2014 12:11:50

I got some from Modelfixings, very convenient

Edited By Steve Goodwin on 25/02/2014 12:12:45

Thread: Canadian Lancaster to come to the UK
24/02/2014 19:41:02

That's going to be shivers up my spin when I see and hear them both.

Good news indeed

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