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Thread: How many flyable aircraft do you have ?
07/11/2019 07:24:44

5 flyable; 1 needing repair; 1 being built.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
06/11/2019 18:37:41

The exemption from the CAA test expires on 30 Jun 20. Pilots are required to carry a copy of the exemption as well as proof they have the appropriate award.

I decided to do the CAA online 'tick' test took about 5 minutes (must say the BMFA Mandatory Questions were harder and much more comprehensive!). However now have a Flyer number that lasts 3 years.

Undecided which route to use to register as an operator. (direct CAA or via BMFA).

02/11/2019 06:51:51
Posted by Andy Symons - BMFA on 01/11/2019 21:13:52:
Posted by Cuban8 on 01/11/2019 13:41:09:

There is no need to complicate this. Take your club membership fees and BMFA together during November, December or January and pay the BMFA portion en bloc before the end of January via the portal. The club acts as an agent for the BMFA so you are covered whilst the club holds the money for a short period after Jan 1st .Think it's sixty days, can't remember but it's plenty of time to sort the administration and keep people insured. Been doing it this way for years, far easier than messing about with a piecemeal approach.

Edited By Cuban8 on 01/11/2019 13:42:42

Actually its much easier and better all round if the club goes on the portal and updates the memberships as soon as possible, the member gets an email immediately with his membership documents then, also any other clubs that member is in knows straightway that he has renewed.

Andy - I pay my BMFA sub using the Go portal and not through the club, I hold an A certificate. Will the BMFA still collect the CAA fee from me and register me s a operator?

Thread: NEW POLL - do you use a throttle kill switch?
27/10/2019 09:04:26

I answered 'No', but reading through the posts it looks like I'm in the minority and will adopt this practice. I don't recall anyone else at the club suggesting using a 'throttle kill' switch.

Thread: What are your three favourite war movies?
20/10/2019 11:01:15


1. The Cruel Sea

2. A Bridge Too Far

3. Colditz Story


1. Mosquito Squadron

2.Almost all John Wayne war films.

Thread: Kings Lynn Model Shop
15/10/2019 16:09:08

As a customer there is nothing worse than having an email ignored. If you are not going to answer them, don't bother having them in the first place!!

Agreed KLM have lost my custom ignored my email about missing kit parts. Fortunately the distributer could help.

Thread: Selling scam?
06/10/2019 10:01:12
Posted by Julian Murch on 06/10/2019 08:22:53:

Not sure I understand how 'months later' a bank can say the original cheque was bad. Surely if all banks could do that the whole banking system would collapse with demands for repayments. I always understood that once a cheque had cleared that was that.

There is a difference between 'cleared for funds' and 'cleared the system'. The former will show as a credit in your bank account within a few days, the latter can take some time. I assume with a non-uk cheque the 'cleared the system' process could take a month or two. In which case your bank can take the money back.

Thread: Binding DX6i to AR6200
03/10/2019 08:32:02
Posted by kc on 02/10/2019 19:12:02:

The chart above shows settings you should use. It does not allow for the late type UK/EU spec DX6i etc which are DSMX only if imported after Jan 1 2015

This also applies to earlier versions of Dx6i's sent back for repair after Jan 2015.

Thread: New Poll - sticky situations.....
27/08/2019 06:45:02

Using the thin cyno = attached to Bench/model/tools/etc.

Reminds me of the old Stealers Wheel song "Stuck in the middle with you glue"

Thread: Cyclists Amongst Us
12/07/2019 07:54:04
Posted by Don Fry on 11/07/2019 19:45:07:
Posted by Percy Verance on 11/07/2019 15:12:43:

I'm seriously considering a e bike for inter-village commuting. It's just that 2k+ I need to get my head around.......

Depends how much you want to spend. You can spend less. But that is that is the price of a mid range E bike. A car is? Yesterday, I rode home in perfect comfort, 4 miles, 30° plus temperature. And they eat hills, like there is no slope in front of you.

My wife's does not drive and has a Giant e-bike (cost £1800), she uses it almost every day and gets about 30 miles from a single charge. I think its worth ever penny as I don't have to taxi her about! smiley,

Thread: Car indicators
06/07/2019 10:11:47
Posted by cymaz on 06/07/2019 06:05:21:

Not been to Ankara but we have been to and through Cairo in the rush hour. In one word , bizarre.

A 3-4 lane road ( when the road was constructed the builders couldn’t make their minds up) filled with random piles of rubble. Cars with no lights at all but a serviceable horn. People on the road queuing, either for food from a street stall or a lift. Several camels that have road sense. And just for good measure 6 lanes of cars !

Here will give you a glimpse

Reminds me of Riyadh Saudii Arabia. My introduction to driving there from a colleague was

The rules of the road:

1. There are no rules.

2. It's only a game.

Thread: Another thread closed
22/05/2019 09:11:04

Never felt the urge to do Facebook, Twitter, etc, so I have not experience on how they are moderated. With regards to this forum and its moderators I think they do a good job keeping it friendly whilst allowing healthy debate. Unfortunately the debate can become heated and needs to be calmed down.

Thread: In The Newsagents ...
22/05/2019 09:01:59

For some insane reason (after a shelf reorganisation) our local supermarket puts the RCME as fa away as possible from the aviation and other modelling mags. It now resides with the Farming and Countryside mags. At least I don't have to stoop down to get my copy.smiley As for price the mag is reasonable compared to the craft mags the boss buys.

Thread: Another thread closed
21/05/2019 07:58:18

Time to lock this thread before it becomes a 'bun fight!' smiley

Thread: CAA registration consulation
17/05/2019 07:29:06
Posted by Percy Verance on 17/05/2019 06:37:17:

We're being hounded/targeted because it's coming from the D of T rather than the CAA. Some deskbound bright spark - whom seems to think there are 170'000 of us - has spotted a nice little earner.........

Of course we'll have to await the outcome of the meetings between the powers that be and the BMFA, LMA etc. I'd like to be optimistic but I'm not hopeful of many positives coming out of it. No, I think this one is down to us, plain and simple.

Don't pay. Lie down and you'll be walked all over, it's that simple. £16.50 now, £100+ in 3 or 4 years time......... Start paying now and you're giving them the green light to switch on the gravy train.


Percy quite agree with your comments I have no intention of paying up in October, and will therefore not fly in the winter months. Perhaps if enough of us fail to stump up the £16.50 on the launch date the idea will implode.

P.S. My boat kit is being delivered today.

Thread: Successfully changing the AA batteries for the Lithium Ion pack in the spectrum DX6G2!!
16/05/2019 07:06:07
Posted by Martin Dance 1 on 15/05/2019 18:43:47:!

Now the bad news. I charged my DX6 with my DX8 charger, it's multi chemistry so quite safe. For various reasons the Tx didn't get used for a few weeks. Went to use it Tx battery was flat. Recharged, Tx left for a week or two Battery flat. It seems the little regulator inside the battery box causes the battery to self discharge! See if yours does the same.

The Spektrum Li-on pack in my DX6 also self discharged, it appears to be a common problem. I eventually got tired of spending more time charging the pack than flying and bought the 4 max Li-po pack - problem solved!. As for fitting the pack I found a U-tube video demonstration and had no issues.

Thread: Suitable caption?
12/05/2019 09:41:54

Hip-Hop practice delights onlookers..

Thread: CAA registration consulation
02/05/2019 08:19:30

If the proposed CAA scheme is implemented I for one am 'pulling the yellow & black handle'

The cost of an initial UK driving license is £34 and it is valid for 10 years, that's £3.40 a year and no need to take an annual driving test, Many of the 'old & bold' club flyers are unlikely to register and will walk away, I estimate that in my club we will lose 40%.of our members.

Thread: DX9 Owners thread
21/02/2019 09:05:25

I am replacing my duff Li-on battery with a Li-po (2s 4000mAh) from 4 max.

The Tx Li-on battery alarm is at factory default (6.4V) the manual suggests that Li-Po/Li-on settings are similar. I missed the instruction on how to set the alarm voltage higher (I have found it now!). Although I always recharged at a Tx reading of 7 Volts I never really gave it too much thought. Scary to think the setting is too low.

What battery alarm setting should I use for the Li-po? Recommendations please..

Thread: Christmas wishes
25/12/2018 10:09:45

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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