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28/11/2018 13:39:05
Posted by Cuban8 on 28/11/2018 08:09:10:

Kevin, presumably you still had to pay your club's membership fee directly to them via cash, cheque, bank transfer etc. What did your club say about paying BMFA? No axe to grind, just curious.

Cuban I still have to pay the club fees as you suggest. I always paid the BMFA as I was a Country member- I have now affiliated to my club.

The Club Membership Secretary is actively encouraging all members to pay the BMFA direct as it reduces his work. .

28/11/2018 07:47:41
Posted by john stones 1 on 27/11/2018 22:31:31:

Looks like the number of Country members might drop a fair bit, they can request going on club lists now with the new online doodah. yes

Quite agree even though I a am club member I always preferred Country membership as it was easier to pay the BNFA direct. No faffing about with SAEs, trying to catch the Membership Secretary if you miss the Clubs AGM, etc.I have now, thanks to the 'Go; thingy affiliated my membership to my club and paid my 2019 fees direct to the BMFA as usual.

Suspect more Country members will come in from the cold.

One other bonus of using :Go' immediately on making payment the insurance certificate for the year is loaded onto you profile.

Thread: What is going on with Royal Mail ??????????
13/11/2018 07:27:15

Parcels! They don't have time to deliver them, Posties are too busy pushing junk mail through your letterbox!

Thread: BMFA membership Platform training for Club Administrators
06/11/2018 07:33:15
Posted by kc on 05/11/2018 18:36:08:

Andy you said " Clubs will have all the information to be able to reach their decision based on all the facts " what sort of an answer is that to the specific questions about what the cost is and what the commitment is ?

Local clubs are democratic clubs and the members vote at the AGM's which normally all occur in late November or December. We need the info to be able to decide if it's wise for our club to pay a monthly fee to a large software company forever. We need to know the facts before we vote! Why so cagey about these facts?

The answer is simple - If you don't have the information you need before the Clubs AGM don't sign up to pay monthly. Leave the decision for the following year.

Thread: BMFA Online Membership portal open for 2018 membership renewals
09/10/2018 16:54:49
Posted by MattyB on 09/10/2018 16:31:32:
Posted by Kevin 216 on 09/10/2018 09:11:41:

Just tried to enter my wife as my emergency contact. The form mandates/requires an email address she does not have one as she is not computer literate - so no emergency contact details from me.

Just include your own or create a dummy one - in an emergency they are going to be phoning not emailing I would hope!

Edited By MattyB on 09/10/2018 16:31:58

Hi Matty I had thought of using my email address, however I have contacted the BMFA and suggested the requirement for an email address should be an option. I would certainly hope they would phone but the advent of smart phones would enable the email option to be viable.

09/10/2018 09:11:41

Just tried to enter my wife as my emergency contact. The form mandates/requires an email address she does not have one as she is not computer literate - so no emergency contact details from me.

Thread: Locked out of DX9 with warning/vibe
04/10/2018 08:56:16


Try pressing and holding the scroll button down then switch 'ON', this should by-pass the error screen.

Thread: Battle of Britain: Model Squadron
10/09/2018 07:25:45

Won't be watching the next 2 parts, the human aspect was excellent and well done. The FPV interesting with the cameras mounted in the cockpits . The rest was terrible!.

Thread: Sur-Prize
06/09/2018 10:28:39

Surprised to win the RCME Competition for the metric screwdrivers which the postie delivered this morning. A great edition to my tool box. Many thanks RCME your stickers now on my flight box.smiley

Thread: Which part of building a new traditional balsa model plane do you enjoy the most?
30/08/2018 18:59:32

Difficult to chose one as I enjoy most of those activities listed - with the exception of covering!

Thread: bullet connectors
29/08/2018 06:54:45
Posted by Rene Wallage on 28/08/2018 13:18:21:

For all the above reasons, and some, I recently re-standardized my fleet (and bags of lipos) from Deans to XT60 connectors.

Super simple to solder, and (as long as you keep the + wire on the + pole) you can't plug them together the wrong way.

I have done the same all lipo's and models are on XT60's - no more adaptor leads needed to connect Deans, EC3, etc.

Thread: Government Consultation on Drone Flying in the UK.
23/08/2018 07:16:18

Completed the survey yesterday, must admit it was like wading through treacle. I don't think it will make any difference what I think, I can only hope the BMFA and LMA have some influence.

Thread: Finding records of WWII service men.
18/08/2018 07:00:07

Jon - As part of a school heritage project I have visited the National Archives a number of times to obtain copies of WW1 Officers Service they are all hard copy and have not been digitized.

One of the officers who served in WW1 also served in WW2.Kew does not have a copy of his papers as they have not been released by the MoD. I have looked at the National Archives website recently and it states that all WW2 servicemens records are held by the MoD..

the NA do have some WW2 of a more general types of records,, for example 'War Diaries'/

There is an outside chance that the RAF Museum may be able to help as they hold some individuals log books and aircraft records..

Thread: Great Service - But!
17/08/2018 07:08:51

Hi Onetenor

The treaty is commonly know as the 'Treaty of Rome' the explanation (unfortunately in the usual gobblygook)of your sticker can be found at:


Thread: Finding records of WWII service men.
17/08/2018 06:51:43

WW2 Service records are held by the MoD it is possible to obtain information or copies of you Grandfather's personal file :

Thread: RAF Scampton to be sold
24/07/2018 10:54:02

The MOD have just announced RAF Scampton is to be sold, and the Red Arrows to be relocated by 2022.

Thread: Friday the 13th!
16/07/2018 10:59:33
Posted by The Wright Stuff on 16/07/2018 08:23:54:
Posted by Percy Verance on 14/07/2018 10:09:00:

I can't think of any reason not to have a seat row 13 Kevin. After all, whatever might happen to row 13, will happen to the rest surely?

It is a risky business, sitting in a metal cylinder being propelled along by exploding chemicals.........

I'm not superstitious, but I accept that the existence of triskaidekaphobia means you can't simply ignore the 13th. There are many ways for 'self-fulfilling' to manifest itself.

A very very good reason to not have a seat row 13 is the administrative hassle of people wanting to avoid it, change seats, or have meltdowns because of their fear.

When you consider that, I can't think of any good reasons to include a row 13...

You had me wondering for a while Percy so as I used to regularly fly Lufthansa or Qatar airlines A340-300 decided to check their seating plans Lufthansa have no row 13 they simply miss the number out. Qatar do have a row 13. Perhaps the German know something we don't!smiley

14/07/2018 09:41:29

Friday 13th never noticed. Not sure but I don't recall a seat Row 13 on airliners.

Thread: Fed Up!
08/07/2018 09:05:31
Posted by Cuban8 on 08/07/2018 07:39:09:
An ambulance badly damaged in London, bus shelters trashed, and goods damaged in a Swedish store. What a bunch of morons.

Far from surprised listening to the local radio earlier in the week on the subject of domestic violence they said that when England lose their match instances of domestic violence increased by 35%, surprisingly when England win the increase in domestic violence is about 20%.- the beautiful game!

08/07/2018 06:42:40
Posted by SR 71 on 08/07/2018 03:59:39:

Seeing as an avid England supporter for many years before we won the cup in 66 I am not allowed to pass a negative comment on the proper wold cup football thread I have to come on here, thanks BEB, I don't get how the little flappy chicken Sterling gets in the England team, yes he runs around a lot, with his little arms flapping but not with the ball, every time he gets it he loses it almost imedeately, and the number of chances he's missed, wow, we have far better on the bench but this guy gets a start every match, every one I've spoken to wants him out, come on Gareth you won't win the cup with 10 and a bit men,

Up the lads

Didn't understand a bit of this who is Sterling?

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