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Thread: Calidus RC Autgyro - Foamie Box Construction
08/09/2013 23:29:30

Fantastic.......thumbs up what video editing are you using?.....superb......and well done. i love the idea of making an autog

just need some spare time now

KR Ade.

Thread: The worst has happened for rc.
07/09/2013 08:12:23

Personally, i keep well away from pilots flying '3D' i fly heli's myself but sedately as i'm learning, i love to fly them but they do scare the heebeegeebee's outa me, i will never ever progress to 3D as it just doesnt seem right to me, It's just my oppinion and how i feel, i like models to 'fly' like they do full size, i like the way models replicate normal flight, there is something very special watching say a model lancaster amble around a circuit, slow and majesticaly, or say a spit doing a victory roll, just superb, personally i think thats what modeling should be about.

Flying something as dangerous as a large heli in all kinds of erattic close to yourself / others.....what's the fun in that? jusat as well get a razorbalde edged chainsaw and throw it all over the place, thats basically what it amounts too. controll can be lost at any time weather it be human error or mechanicle failure......jeez what what a waste of life, Sorry for the expression of my feelings, but this person has lost his life so needlessly, i do think we should have an unwritten law that if flying 3D or erraticaly then AT LEAST put a good DISTANCE between yourself and your model.


catcha getting married today.

FLY SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it could be you next.

06/09/2013 08:08:39

It was a 700 size nitro heli, i try to fly a 450 size (when weather allows) but to be honest it scares me when it spools up, its SO powerfull and thats only a 450! i have been to a site in hampshire to learn / watch the guys in action with their heli's same size as the accident one, and wow very impressive but that makes me look the other way sometimes when the guys do 'TIC-TOC's' within 15 ft of themselves!......i have stood next to pilots in awe.....trying to overcome my fear and to an extent it has helped, but this has just brought it home just how dangerous these machines are....they are not toys.

My concern is complacency, some pilots are so very good indeed, they fly closer and closer to themselves, i don't think its a macho 'hey look how good i am' kinda thing, just because they are so adept at flying their machines the 'Caution' slips down the safety scale behind skill and pushing the boundaries of ability, that's when accidents happen. It's so sad and my thoughts are with his loved ones and family. safety FIRST ALWAYS.

sad Ade.

06/09/2013 06:35:30

oh dear, thats terrible sad horrific for his dad too

Thread: Flight of the Phoenix..........
05/09/2013 23:24:29

No problem BEB, i hear ya loud and clear, and yes your right, the thing is, i got the first EPO JET for about £20 and i had all the electrics, so as i have been flying the sukhoi 26m micro plane well enough from day 1 i gave it a go and i know in my heart of hearts that i can fly it (the jet) its when i try to push it into verticles & loops etc (into the sun) when i get into trouble. when i fly it in gentle circuits its fine.

I have spent many hours looking & reading about Cub / Pups and TBH i do like the look of them, and will prob buy one in the not to distant future, simply to get some hours under my belt, the jet is fun, it was pennies and has been a good tool for me, yes its a bit fast.....but it also fly's very well at low revs (where i should stay for a while)

Thanks for the advise, it's all taken in. i do listen and am very grateful for tips / help.


Edited By Ade Eades (Eadsie) on 05/09/2013 23:25:10

Thread: Hi all
05/09/2013 23:15:01

Hello & Welcome smiley tis a good site for info / tips etc... i'm new to this as well.....i have a foam jet & foam plane, years ago i made a balsa 'band driven' plane, cant remember the name of it. i will build my own soon...just need some space in the shed smile p



Edited By Ade Eades (Eadsie) on 05/09/2013 23:15:17

Thread: Flight of the Phoenix..........
05/09/2013 18:52:09

Nice one pete, crikey are you sure that's not a 'After & Before' photo lol......Nice job on the repair...Doh! that means i gotta fix mine again then wink its in the shed now and thats where its going to stay for a while looking at the weather coming in. Thanks for the encouragement lol........


05/09/2013 15:50:29

Well my damaged T-45 EPO Lanyu Hawk Jet has rissen from the ashes and Flown for the second time yes she took to the air first 'Fling' and i managed to get her up to cruise height, i reduced the thrust / throttle to around 50% and it is so well behaved, i flew her around in gentle combination of circuits & figure 8's for about 4 mins then,....i lost it into the sun! frown i managed to pull her outa a crash dive just in time, but she still hit a bit to hard...the repaired glued joints burst open (never as strong again).

I recovered the stricken bird and the nose had taken another battering, it was much worse than the first 'Barry Manilow' i did smile p luckily i had 'bolstered; the battery in with other foam 'off-cut's' so the battery didnt cause more damage. She was bent and twisted but looked 'Air worthy' so i plucked up more courage and launched (the control surfaces were working very well).

Once again she soared aloft and stabalized so again reduced to 50/45% power and kept everything well under control in slow steady circuits, she behaved impecably and was a joy to pilot she stayed up fpr a further 4 / 4.5 mins then i brought her down controlled and steady, i cut the throttle about 100yds from me and she just glided in so sweetly it was awesome, she over ran a bit so a touch of up elevator sorted that and she literally floated down perfectly, well it was perfect to me being a beginner smiley i'm happy, yes there is damage, and this time i think its terminal for this fuse...still, i have another new one just arrived,

The damaged one is very air worthy but looks like its hit a train lol and is beyond repair, not sure weather to still use it whilst learning or to get the new frame ready for action?.....have you flown a 'SHED'? i will take some photo's in a bit, judge for yourself.....would you?

Kind Regards Ade.

Edited By Ade Eades (Eadsie) on 05/09/2013 15:51:30

Thread: Hobbyking..............? uk warehouse? where?
04/09/2013 22:29:52

lol is there some kinda glue you can use to stick your reputation back together? cheers again for the assistance...

04/09/2013 21:56:38

Well, that was great service, its here already all the way from europe, holland i think, arrived this morning, so ordered/payed late on the 1st...arrived early am on the 4th...not bad in my books yes i'm appy'

Thread: Photos from Winterton Model Show
04/09/2013 18:11:58

Great snaps, thanks for sharing


Thread: Wg Cmdr Ken Wallis MBE
04/09/2013 07:39:25

What an amazing chap he was, had a great life too, will be missed,


03/09/2013 18:12:42

Crikey! thats bad luck, i had a similar experience with those little alloy/allen key gizzmo's luckily it failed on a bench test so no damage to the jet thankfully, it was joining the piano wire from the elevator servo to 2 rods (1 to each flap) and it failed pretty much straight away, i'm now using a electrical connector with loktite squirted in it. its holding rather well now, sorry for your loss though sad Glad your looking to getting it sorted, looking on the bright side, you will have a few spares if you get a new one smiley

Thread: which motor..........
03/09/2013 17:54:44

Thanks, just motor cables, i have soldered the three cables with some success and the heat shrink looks sound. the electrics are now all in-situ so should be able to take test flight No.2 soon.


Thread: Do you ever get nervous when flying?
03/09/2013 17:50:36

I'm nervous mostly, but very, very focused, that's because i;m new to this hobby and i like to push myself, failurs is an option as is success, failure mostly at the mo, well failure is a bit harsh on myself if i'm honest, trying to learn on a new large ish model EDFJET lol and finding out on my own the correct CoG, Settings, rates etc...also building this jet using parts i'm not realy familliar with, i'm outa my comfort zone a long way, but i would not have it any other way, i Learn, It doesnt cost me to much to repair as i'm learning new skills mending new materials i'm not used to with little to no budget.

I LOVE IT thumbs up

Thread: which motor..........
03/09/2013 10:36:53
Right, tried that, Crikey Charlie! That was tough, but i think it was easier to get the wheel nut off with the longer spanner because i loosened it a bit with the short spanner first. . . . Hey, just me kidding. That's a great way of explaining it. Thank you. Being a sparky tough would think i knew that, sadly no. I have another question. . . I need to extend the three cables from the motor. . .Is it special cable or can i use 1.5mm stranded singles (heat resistant of course) thanks again for the reply.
Thread: Hobbyking..............? uk warehouse? where?
01/09/2013 21:54:19
I don't use Hobbyking anymore. But this place sells most of their stuff. Hobbyking lost my business due to their problems, so I now use Rapid RC. Not sure if they are anything to do with HK, but at least they sell stuff at shows, and have goods in, you can buy there and then.


Nice site Paul, TBH if i was an Eentrepreneur and was looking for a business to invest in i would start-up my own RC Supply Shop/site and be the best bloomin shop/site on the web. employing helpfull staff and stacking stock high.  i don't think i'd call it Sooty's Though..............Ade.


Edited By Ade Eades (Eadsie) on 01/09/2013 21:55:14

Edited By Ade Eades (Eadsie) on 01/09/2013 21:55:33

01/09/2013 21:46:08
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 01/09/2013 21:44:53:

Great stuff, Ade - I take it we are talking about the 780mm span jobbie? Can I interest anyone in the last 2 left in stock in Europe?...teeth 2


LOL>...ME ME I'LL TAKE TWO LOL............i gotta say...they are cracking jets for the dosh. cheers m8, i was just going to throw the towel in thumbs up top job!

01/09/2013 21:44:57
Posted by GrahamC on 01/09/2013 21:35:22:

Just for clarity if you buy it from the UK warehouse it's going to cost $56.30 plus $9.49 postage for the cheaper 48 hour option. That's going to be somewhere around the £50 mark. Remember that items from the UK warehouse cost more than items from the international warehouse. As has been said already, items in the UK warehouse ALWAYS have "UK Warehouse" in the item description.

This is the link to the UK item and it is in stock.... But it is cheaper from Europe

Edited By GrahamC on 01/09/2013 21:36:58

Edited By GrahamC on 01/09/2013 21:38:23

Thats not the one i was after graham, but i get your drift.......the one i wanted was out of stock in the uk but 'Europe' had 3 in stock. which was $56 odd dollars posted which worked out about £36-£37 delivered...i'm happy, a little bemused but happy none the less...

01/09/2013 21:42:23

Thanks pete, the checkout was a bit of a laugh, the first time i went 'through' they wanted £59 the second time they wanted $54 which i went for (about £37) coolio.thank you smiley

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