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Thread: which motor..........
15/08/2013 19:15:03

interesting, thank you.

15/08/2013 17:19:31

I have read lot's about in / out-runner i right in saying that inrunner motors DON'T have as much Torque as their out equivalent?

Which leads me onto my next a 'Outrunner' Motor better for EDF's? or does it not really matter?

I'm learning smiley

Thread: Inrunner? or Outrunner?
15/08/2013 07:45:24

lol cheers..........equitable lol...............

14/08/2013 22:27:13

That motor looks the much is that in GBP? There is good reason funds are short just now.....i'm getting married in three weeks, so after that i will try to sweet talk the soon to be 'better half' into getting a decent EDF and i should be sorted smiley

KR Ade

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14/08/2013 21:46:32

Yes mark i have read all that earlier, its incredible what you can do to get the balance of armature / fan blade working in harmony, i will get a 'married together' duct/motor assembly and see how balanced it is 'out-of-the-box' i understand all the physics on how to balance the two so can't wait to get on with it as the days are getting shorter now, and flying time is limited for me already lol.....i'm not the kind of person to rush things just to get airborne, but will be nice to see my new bird take to the sky (hopefully).....thanks for your input smiley

14/08/2013 18:09:44

i'm doesn't take much i need to remove the duct i have in my new T45 and find one that fits my motor....or head hurts. i might just take a step back and asses my situation sad thanks swis for finding this info smiley

14/08/2013 17:22:50

Thank you for all your replies, the links were great too (why is it i can't see the obvious lol) so looking and reading up on all that, its a new complete 64mm unit for me, i will still have to split the fan from the new motor so i can install the new bits into my it's already built-into the airframe and well glued by the looks of things (unless i find a weak point and am able to 'jiggle-it-out and install the complete new fan/duct.

So my E-Flyte 3,800kv motor is pretty usless then (for use in a aeroplane model) the sounds of it (if im reading it right) i have been informed that it is no good for a aeroplane prop as it will turn a prop way too fast. so i guess its only good as a spare for my heli. I was advised to get a 'EDF' plane and use it in that....mmmmm i live and learn smiley where's my piggy bank gone? lol..................


Edited By ADRIAN EADES on 14/08/2013 17:24:48

14/08/2013 07:30:43

can anybody tell me what the difference is between an 'outrunner' and a 'inrunner' motor please?

13/08/2013 17:23:02

Hi again, another possibly daft question from a beginner to EDF Flight,

I have a 3,800kv outrunner motor (E-Flyte 420) i want to use it in my new foam T-45 (64mm duct) plane. looking at it, it looks a bit 'Fat' do i really need a 'Inrunner Motor'?

I have been looking at motors as i think i will leave my heli esc/motor etc as spares for my heli and just start from scratch and get the 'Right Bits' to start with. When i was looking for motors i saw the two different types (possibly more?)

My T-45 has the 'Duct' installed already and all i have is the fan blade (5 blade) so i need a good reliable motor and 'Adaptor' to fit the motor to the fan blade...the internal diameter of the duct is too small to accept my motor, thats when i saw the 'Inrunner motors' and the penny i right?

Any tips as to what to buy would be fantastic cheeky

Regards Ade.

Thread: Will this do?
12/08/2013 19:46:36

Cheers simon......i might pop down to my local hobby shop and pick his not wanting to sound completely thick....which way round does the motor go? does it actually sit inside the duct inner round sleeve facing towards the front of the plane or in front of the duct facing aft. the diameter inside the duct is way too small for my E-Flyte 420 motor....sorry for all the questions...ade.

Thread: EDF Assembly
12/08/2013 18:11:59

Hi J, i have messaged you as i have the same kit an i'm having problems fitting my motor to the fan blade.....looks like i need some kinda adaptor as the motor shaft is 2.3mm and the hole in the middle of the fan blade is about 8mm? am i missing something?

Good luck with yours, Ade.

Thread: Will this do?
12/08/2013 17:44:49

Thanks frank/simon. the kit arrived today, its similar to that kit in your link, slightly down on quality from what ive seen so far, the fan has onlhy 5 blades not six shown, and i have no idea how i attach it to my motor? the fan has a large diameter hole in and looks like your supposed to use a screw through the centre to fix it to the motor shaft....via some kinda adaptor? so i have a large hole fan blade and a 2-3mm shaft on my i missing something? is there a 'Hub' i need to buy?

Unfortunately, the instructions are for a bind & fly model with all built-in electrics, where as my kit is literally main wing / tail wing / main body / canopy / nose cone / new arms to put on my servo's / wheels & stickers. There is no assembly instructions how to put in servo's, battery, ESC etc...(duct is installed as is rods for the rudder /elevator)

Its a very basic kit, which i dont mind, thats half the fun, but a little more info would have been nice, How to put fan blade on motor, where to install esc / receiver etc.....oh well........i guess its up to me to sort it.......wish me luck!


12/08/2013 07:24:52

brilliant thank you, i have read quite a lot on the subject and am trying to get my head around it, so i had better invest in a watt meter to be safe then. like i say, the electronics are perfect together in my heli but the load drawn from a 6 blade fan will be different, thats watt' i need to find out then (excuse the punn) cheers smiley ade.

11/08/2013 20:25:17

Hello, I have the components from a spare heli electronics (Blade 450 3d) i want to put into a 'EDF' T-45 first venture into 'jet' models i have flown a small sukhoi parkzone micro plane for a few weeks.

  1. its going to save me money on buying new bits.
  2. the parts are compatible so should be right, right?
  3. Turnigy 3C 2200 25c Batteries (x4 unused)
  4. E-Flyte 35A ESC w/S-BEC
  5. Spektrum Reciever AR6115E
  6. E-Flyte 420 brushless motor

The new model (T-45 EDF jet) has a 64mm 6 blade ducted fan (motor required which i hopefully have)

My Question can i tell how many mins flight time i will have/be able, and will my batteries be up to the job? They are brand new, and not cheap either, i don't want to 'stress' my electronics and break something. would you recomend a 'Wattmeter'?

As the components are 'made for the heli set-up' is everything going to be ok?

Am i right in saying a EDF' fan motor will want to draw more current than my stock 35A ESC can deliver and ruin it and/or batteries in the process?

Any help will be great,

Kind regards ade.

Thread: which motor..........
10/08/2013 22:38:47

Cool.....mine is in the post...........will post my progress.......or failure lol

09/08/2013 17:46:49
Posted by ADRIAN EADES on 09/08/2013 17:00:25:
Posted by J Myers III on 09/08/2013 14:35:04:
Posted by ADRIAN EADES on 08/08/2013 22:21:26:

I also have a T-45 waiting to be put together, it yours the Hobbyking/Lanyu T-45?

Do you have a link to your model?

09/08/2013 17:00:25
Posted by J Myers III on 09/08/2013 14:35:04:
Posted by ADRIAN EADES on 08/08/2013 22:21:26:

There is nothing like a Baptism-of-fire..........i have just bought a T-45 rc 64mm EDF RC JET.......that should keep me busy lol..........i can use all my bits and bobs i have lying around

Regards ade.

I also have a T-45 waiting to be put together, it yours the Hobbyking/Lanyu T-45?

It is this one........

Thread: EDF Compatability
09/08/2013 06:59:37
Posted by J Myers III on 27/07/2013 15:19:10:

Hi all!

I'd like to know if a JETiger set-up would be compatible with a new T-45 kit I ordered. In my JETiger I used a Turnigy nano-tech 1300mah 3S 25~50C Lipo Pack with the stock 30 amp esc, stock 64mm 6 bladed edf unit and the stock 4000kv brushless inrunner motor. I plan to transfer the motor, battery and the esc into the T-45 kit when it comes, however it uses a 5 bladed 64mm edf unit, will there be any problems?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Bud, i'm going to do the same with my electronics.....(as you know) i bought a T-45 question is will my 2200mah batt's be ok or too heavy? sorry to butt-in your post,

Thread: which motor..........
08/08/2013 22:21:26

There is nothing like a Baptism-of-fire..........i have just bought a T-45 rc 64mm EDF RC JET.......that should keep me busy lol..........i can use all my bits and bobs i have lying around

Regards ade.

08/08/2013 22:02:25

gotcha, *writes it down* thanks chaps.....more food for thought, thank you.

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