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Thread: Ngh 17 petrol
17/07/2017 08:38:31

Agreed but I've an engine here that I can't sell on as it's not running. It's dead money in the water IMHO

I have to do something and the obvious seems to be ignition Andrew. It has fuel through all the tests I've been advised to do which I've done. I've also checked all timing and adjusted trying different things. I spent nearly my whole Saturday trying it all and adjusting things to advice 👍

All advice appreciated

17/07/2017 07:14:34

Forgive me if I speak out of turn here but is everyone reading the whole thread. I'm going to buy a new ignition unit once I speak to just engines today. Reason is because some have said even though it's sparking at atmospheric pressure while in compression it may not spark. 👍

It's getting fuel obviously from the tests I'm doing

16/07/2017 22:52:45

Well I remember using a 4.8volt battery on it initially and that would be around the time I got a one and only pop out of the engine. I did put a 6volt battery onto it but it is rated to be able to take over 6volts so I'd assume it's ok. I'm going to order a new ignition box for it tomorrow. I tried the few drops of fuel in and it's just not working. It must be the ignition system that's failing. Flipping thing lol. I'll update once new box comes everyone thanks

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16/07/2017 16:46:59

Magnet is there and also when it reaches TDC it's on the magnet 👍

16/07/2017 16:00:31

Ok I just tried it. 6v battery on ignition and plug out. I did get some fuel out of the exhaust port and shakes hell out of engine to make sure all fuel was out. Turned it over a few times to make sure it was dry. Put it back on mount and teaspoon roughly of fuel in plug port. Checked for spark and there was. Put plug back in and turned it over for 30 seconds with no take on the engine at all. I then put more fuel in carb port. Roughly a teaspoon worth again and 30 seconds on electric starter NOTHING NOT EVEN A POP

I suppose it's but a new ignition box then chaps

16/07/2017 12:12:49

Ps. I'll use a 6v nihm battery this time also

16/07/2017 11:55:28

Thank you all for your advice. Very greatful of the knowledge you guys have on the subject. I will try drying it out and a small amount of fuel into the carb port. I'll keep choke off and have fuel tank disconnected. Just as reference how much fuel should I try first in port. Maybe a teaspoon full and see if I get a pop from the engine.

Thanks again 👍

15/07/2017 22:37:54

If the tank is emptying and spraying all over the bench surely it's coming through the piston port Steve ? I took the head off and the piston was coated in fuel. I couldn't actually see fuel on the head or plug though. I'd say I put 300 ml through it today trying to start it. I think you may be onto something on the compression thing though. I should be feeling more resistance I'd have thought!! I at one point poured a teaspoon of fuel into the plug hole direct and there was no additional resistance could the piston ring be goosed Steve ?

15/07/2017 22:29:34

Just to add fuel is definitely going through as the bench was saturated with fuel. When I put electric starter on prop it was spraying from exhaust port. I tried it as 1/2 open on needle and progressively opened doing 30 second bursts on electric starter opening idle screw up each time a 1/4 turn. It still didn't fire. Recommend screw setting is 2 full turns open

15/07/2017 22:24:58

I took manifold apart today and the Diapghram is fine and soft. No blockages. I've ordered fuel tube as it's glow tube on it just now which is wrong. I've also ordered a proper mixing container for getting oil to fuel ratio 100% correct. 33-1 is the ratio which I'm unsure if I've mixed accurate enough not to cause issues. Compression wise today I'd say that there wasn't as much compression as I'd expect especially if I was flooding the engine at times. I'd have expected hydronic lock to a degree but the compression was the same all the way through

15/07/2017 17:12:52

Hi Jon, the engine should at least fire with a few drops of fuel in it shouldn't it ? I've tried that also and nothing. I'll try it again as you've described. There is a low end needle and a high end. Should I shut both off completely? And keep choke on or off

15/07/2017 16:43:51

Hi Cymaz, I stripped carb this morning and no debri at all. I did wonder if it was choked also. I'm giving up for today. I think I might just send it to just engines to try. I've literally turned over every rock trying to start it. I even resulted in taking head off and warning it up inside with a blow torch to see if the hot engine would help with vaporisation of the fuel. Nothing has worked. It's my first petrol and think it could be my last lol

I've dealt with engines for 20+ years and never had an issue tuning or even starting like this. It's almost like there's a failure internally of the engine

15/07/2017 15:52:09

hi everone. Long time since I posted. I've an NGH 17 petrol engine. I'm having serious issues getting it to go. It's never run since I bought it 18 months ago.

I've set it as per instruction manual no fire from it

Fuel is fine and new fuel

Using an electric starter and still not even a fire from it

The ignition system spark is working 100% fine

Can I try it on glow fuel with a glow plug in it ? Rather than petrol to see if it goes ?

I've tried every conceivable setting on the fuel mixture screws to adjust fuel supply and no luck what so ever on it going. When it was brand new it popped only once on flicking the prop but not since. Lost on this engine now. It's getting plenty fuel as it's coming from the exhaust port and soaking the bench

Thread: NGH GT17cc petrol engine starting issues
13/01/2016 21:51:39

Just a thought but would it be worth my while to take the plug out and drip a small amount of fuel direct onto the piston through the plug port just to be sure the fuel is getting in ?? Its just a thought

13/01/2016 21:50:03

Hi everyone. the voltage regulator arrived this morning and I wired it up with my 3s 1p and have the engine a whirl for 2 minutes on the electric starter. I didn't spend very long in fairness trying but for the short period that I did try there was no fire from the engine. I'll have a go again tomorrow in the daylight. Is there any other possibility that could cause a petrol not to take ??

12/01/2016 07:52:51

Thanks AVC, my mistake its 4.8 volts. I thought I had best ask in case I was missing something. The voltage regulator is ordered so I will report back when it arrives but I'm sadly not convinced

12/01/2016 07:28:48

Ok thanks guys, with regards to John Stone. Wouldn't a 6.6 volt battery unregulated damage the electronics ? It states max voltage of 4.4 volts ?

11/01/2016 22:05:33

I just ordered one of these so I will try my Lipo as power when it arrives and hopefully that will be it, god willing !!

11/01/2016 22:04:10

Thanks Martin thumbs up just checking

11/01/2016 21:58:20

Hi GrahamC I have done that also. I manually fed fuel into carb as it was as you say very sluggish to draw fuel from the tank at first. It's not now and as soon as I give the electric starter a buzz on the spinner you can see the fuel flow at speed up the fuel tube. On the engine there is a short tube that comes out of the carb and into the engine and it is definitely dry of fuel. Is this normal as I would have thought I should have seen fuel in it also ??

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