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Thread: AND finally.....the 'Mini Jet' TSR2
27/05/2020 11:51:43
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 27/05/2020 11:41:56:

If you visit him on Facebook you will see he is being very busy and productive:


Great news ! Thanks Alan 👍

27/05/2020 11:30:51
Posted by David perry 1 on 18/05/2020 15:05:41:

When will the twin fan model be available Tony?


I've noticed Tony hasn't been on this forum for several months now, I hope all is well ?

Thread: Which Glue
27/05/2020 08:39:00

Cyano - Fast, brittle, expensive, fills small gaps, hard to sand.

PVA - (Titebond) Slow, cheap, doesn't fill gaps, sands nicely.

Epoxy - Reasonably quick, expensive, strong, fills gaps, hard to sand.

PU - Slow, cheapish, expands to fill gaps, can be messy, sands very well.

All of the above work on balsa and ply, and everyone has their preference. Try them all and you will soon find yours 👍

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
22/05/2020 17:06:40

A 16*8 is perfect for a 155, so that's a great excuse to buy a new engine as you already have a prop for it 😁👍

For my 180's I use an 18*8 or a 20*6. For scale, I like the wooden Falcon 20*6 from Propguy. For sporty stuff I've tried the Gsonic, Master Airscrew and Menz 18*8. I prefer the Menz, then the Gsonic, the Master Airscrew is a bit heavy.

I've never found an APC 18*8 but would like to try one.

21/05/2020 12:27:17

I tinkered with using a single glow battery for my Vees with mixed success. If you can safely get two glow sticks on the plugs that's great, but on most installations you can't.

I now use two cheap 12v power panels, each running off a 3S 1000ma Lipo. Each glow plug is on a different circuit, via a 3.5mm jack plug. It gives me flexibility to give each plug whatever amps it needs, and control them individually from a safe distance. I can then use either panel on my Laser singles too.

Certainly works for me anyway 👍

14/05/2020 14:42:20

Really useful info, many thanks Tim ! I'm hoping to switch to low oil for my Lasers when my current supply runs out.

14/05/2020 14:13:31

Tim - Did the engine need to be re-tuned much to run on the lower oil fuel ?

03/05/2020 12:27:39

Another vote for the 180 if I may, based on my own experience of them. The extra weight of the 180 is handy for balancing, and that big crankcase acts as a heatsink, so cooling is more forgiving in an enclosed cowl.

My 180's love a 20x6 (I like the Falcon wooden ones) On a 7Kg plus scale bipe, a 20x6 prop at lower revs will always be nicer to operate than a higher reving 16 or 18, and look much better too.

The 155 and 180 are both fabulous, but have a different nature. The 180 is a bulletproof thumper, pulls like a train and is as solid as hell. The 155 is much lighter, and more sporty. I've got a 74 inch pattern ship with a 155 which it's ideal for, and a 70 inch Ultimate bipe with a 180 which is a peach. No way would I swap the engines around.

Thread: Target For Tonight Film
01/05/2020 14:27:52

It's a fascinating film, purely for being contemporaneous. When they made it in early 1941, they had no idea how the war would pan out. Even though it's propaganda, it shows the real attitudes of the people at the time. For all they knew, Hitler could have been amassing an invasion force as they were filming. The aircraft, airfields and sets were all genuine and active.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
29/04/2020 16:03:09

I went for a thin NACA airfoil which allows it to fly very slowly at high alpha to plonk it down on our short strip. As the wing leading edge is swept, the tank is a long way from the CG compared to a Warbird, so after burning half a Kilo of fuel you can definitely notice the difference, it's not a problem though.

AUW dry is 24lbs and with the 360V it will disappear vertically before you can say "HOLY F***". Pic below is before it was finished, fence is 6ft, the cowl and spinner are from a 1/5 Spitfire. It eats sky like you wouldn't believe, for the first few flights it frankly terrified the hell out of me !


28/04/2020 21:30:11

So far I've had no problems using a single tank with two separate clunks in my own 360V. I use a Kavan 1000cc (34 Oz) tank which is a bit overkill, but gives a big reserve. I notice a change in CG after about 12 minutes and land with plenty to spare. It's a 12Kg o/d pattern ship and isn't flown gently 🤪 The engine is an absolute beast, I love it !

Thread: More thinners
28/04/2020 14:14:29

I get a 5 liter can from a paint manufacturer in Brighton. Works out a fraction of the price of the small Halfordsc cans and lasts for years.

Thread: Converting Fleet Analogue Servos to Futaba
28/04/2020 08:36:26

Fleet never made their own servos after the very early days, they were all just re-badged from other manufacturers, mainly Futaba and from about 1995 all Hitec. If they are 'silly' old with square output shafts then bin them. Anything with a splined output shaft is Futaba or Hitec and will be fine. I've still got some 25 year old Fleet badged servos in models on 2.4g and 6v. No problems.

Thread: What are my options?
22/04/2020 16:42:50

Wages and employee rights in China are very low, so they can make stuff at a fraction of the price of the UK.

We in the UK buy the cheaper Chinese goods, and put our own manufacturers out of business.

All of our pounds then flow to China instead of back into the UK economy.

The UK runs out of money, and China says "OK we will lend your pounds back to you", which they do, in hundreds of billions.

The interest the UK pays on the debt prevents investment in UK manufacturing, and we become totally dependant on China for goods and finance.

We then complain about it.

China doesn't care.

China puts it's prices up.

We're screwed.

Thread: Does Sanding Sealer go off
12/04/2020 16:31:40

I recently reverted to nylon and dope covering for a project, and had half a rusty tin of Humbrol stuff. A bit treacly, but a slosh of thinners, a good stir and it was fine. The date ? 1984. Thirty five years. Do I win a prize ?

Thread: First Warbird?
02/04/2020 09:31:05

For a 30/40cc engine you're looking at a model around 80 inches span perhaps. That's around 1/5 scale, so lots to choose from ! Cut kits from Belair or Fokker RC particularly. For retracts, a lot of people are looking at the Electron range from France.

A self built 1/5 warbird will add up to about £1500, it's surprising, but engine, retracts, electronics, wood, covering, paint, glue, spinner and all those little bits really add up.

An ARTF will probably work out much cheaper, and be in the air quicker. A basic 1/5 scale warbird build is around 300 hours, a lot more if you go mad with it. The ARTF probably about 50 hours

What you get with self build is creativity, you can select your own scheme, and preferred construction methods. You can also bask in that amazing feeling of self satisfaction and pride that YOU built that.

Thread: Covid 19
22/03/2020 14:25:28
Posted by Martian on 22/03/2020 12:33:01:

I ask myself is the world resetting itself, there have been locusts earthquakes plaque flooding fires volcanic eruptions etc

Indeed ! These are the seven signs of the Apocalypse. Fire, flood, pestilence, plague, earthquakes .... the final and seventh sign is a child born without a soul ... Boris junior ?

Thread: IC Engine Bearings...
20/03/2020 18:27:30


The more I read on this the more I realise how little I understand, and how grateful I am that other people do !

Jon - I'm only around the corner from you mate if you need milk for a cuppa 😁👍

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 20/03/2020 19:45:03

Thread: TN large scale Wellington Bomber
20/03/2020 16:11:03

Hi Manish,

I used 1/8 Robart pin hinges throughout the tail, and 3/16 on ailerons. More than enough for me.

For the elevator tips I just used soft balsa - I couldn't understand that bit of the plan either, but it's only an elevator tip, nothing crucial 😁

One thing about the tail I didn't like was the plywood strip joining method. I changed this to use threaded rods glued into the roots, secured by wingnuts from within the fuselage.

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
20/02/2020 15:45:21

I would be interested in how the 'bulk upload' from the BMFA was implemented ? I suspect this was by a single interface file, with the format specified by the CAA, requesting the BMFA to output a simple flat file in CSV format, or something more smelly like XML.

There's only about a dozen fields with a single record per row, so nothing evil. BUT ! I doubt if the import process has been stress tested by the CAA. Therefore any anomaly within the data file makes it go splat

All the usual stuff like commas, quotes, spaces, blank lines and non ASCII characters get spat out and have to be manually validated.

My suspicion therefore is that the CAA import process is not robust, and they have had to process the BMFA input file in small batches, hence the drip feed and delay.

Here's the truth - under their glossy veneer, all IT systems are held together with sticky tape and bits of string, and bodged up by fat idiots like me.

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