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Thread: One ninth of a Canberra
14/08/2015 11:29:35

I had to spend the monthly dog food budget on Glue.


14/08/2015 11:27:40

Welcome to my first attempt at a build log.

If you're looking for beautiful model that looks like its been carved by Michelangelo, and painted by Salvador Dali, then take a look at Matt Jones Sea Vixen.

If you want to watch an English Electric Cranberry evolve on the cheap from a pile of old balsa wood and a gallon of PVA, then look 'ere

The subject is a Cranberry B2 built from the most excellent plan from Andy Blackburn. Only doubled in size (obviously) to make it 86 inches span. This will involve quite a bit of jiggling about, and rethinking how to do things along the way.

One more thing - I bought a new house recently and the modelling budget is up there with the Greek deficit. Consequently, this project is Austerity PSS !

On with the first photo .... The classic 'before' shot .....









Edited By Scott Edwards 2 on 14/08/2015 11:28:05

Thread: PSS Tornado F.3
26/03/2015 22:01:29
Nice nozzles ! Are they 3D printed ? What's the weight like ?
Thread: Andy's Partly-Retrospective PSS Jet Provost Build
25/03/2015 20:27:28

Superb repair skills there ! In some ways it's nice when they get beaten up a bit, it removes some of the stress of flying them to an extent. I've had planes that have been flown inside out, and owe me nothing ! On balance they are the most relaxing to fly.

Anyway ... back to the Tonka now ?

Thread: PSS Tornado F.3
09/03/2015 15:39:45
How the Heck do you get those balsa edges so sharp ? Makes me sick

Magnets - I discovered them a while ago and swear by them. Use them for engine pods, hatches, turrets and all sorts. I go for strong-uns though, normally 10mm x 4mm. I get them from next day delivery and cheaper than Maplins.
05/03/2015 21:46:34

The 'comedy scale' Lanc is all ready to rock - waiting for the right weather to maiden it .... thats assuming I can lug the thing up the hill ... hmmmmm


05/03/2015 20:35:46

Ahhhh Andy, that quest for perfection of yours is a curse isn't it Sadly I'm blessed with nothing more than mediocre, and am more than happy to settle for average on a good day

The Luftwaffe Petrol Lighter !!! It's going well. This is a PSS Heinkel He 177 project that Andy has kindly attributed that moniker to hahaha ! Very nearly finished the fuzz, I treated myself to an Airbrush, don't know how I lived without one for so long ?!


01/03/2015 10:52:37
Ouch, I feel your pain I have the same problem with my PSS Heinkel elevators. Tried the damp it/flatten it/dry it approach with no success. Final hope is to tissue & Poly C it whilst forceing it flat. If that doesn't work ..... back to the building board
19/02/2015 22:29:58
Thanks for the pics of the whole airframe, I've got my 'bearings' now ! What is balsa cement like for planking compared with aliphatic ?
16/02/2015 23:05:44
Damn nice building ! I'm having trouble getting my bearings right though - Could you put a pic up of the whole airframe ?
Thread: Cambria models Funfighters
26/01/2015 21:30:08
Hi Daren,

Brilliant thread, and great to see some new blood and enthusiasm in the kit market.

Fabulous idea for the PSS conversion too ! I've tried other kits for PSS and it's always pot luck if they go well off the slope or not. Some basic conversion instructions to build a proven slope model is a great idea.
Thread: PSS Tornado F.3
11/01/2015 23:07:55
Very impressive work, and a very well spent Christmas break ! Looking forward to seeing it come together.
03/01/2015 10:41:41
Very good looking wing. If all else were to fail, you have a nice Zagi there (apologies for the profanity there)

Looking at the scale photo, my (poor) eye is drawn to the wing root fairings. With wings fully extended these are a very noticeable part of the overall planform. On your wing position tests, these roots are not easily visible on the plan, and could possibly make a difference to the overall visual perception ?
24/12/2014 17:38:15

Looking forward to the first build photos ! Crack on Sir !

Thread: Andy's Partly-Retrospective PSS Jet Provost Build
13/09/2014 13:04:41

Damn fine job ! I don't know why I sound surprised, I expected nothing less hahah

Shame about the Ivinghoe comp today, fingers crossed for a maiden on the 27th

09/05/2014 12:33:12

As ever Blackburn, your building skills make my planes look like they've been sanded down by a blind Hippo with arthritis

I forgive you though, as long as you let me have a go with it

Thread: PSS A-10 Thunderbolt II - build blog
27/01/2014 08:52:52

Staggeringly beautiful work !! Watching with HUGE interest

Thread: Flair Fokker D.VII Build
27/01/2014 08:40:22

I'm a recent convert to Robart pin hinges, didnt use them for years as they looked 'orribly fiddly to line up but they are actually OK. I found you can make the hinge lines exactly on the top of the control surface, which I never managed to do with 'fuzzy' mylar hinges, or flat plastic hinges. The look quite cool too, as in Jeffs wing pic above !

Any more thoughts on the Lozenge pattern Andy, or how to achieve it ?

23/10/2013 22:53:10

Relative to my cockups that only scores 1 out of 10 I'm afraid Just build the starboard aileron in exactly the same way. We shall not judge you.

If its any consolation, I've just built two left hand Lancaster ailerons. Thats a 3 out of 10 on the cockup scale and a full 10 on the nitwit range. I just laughed, drank tea, binned the worst one, and made a right hander, Theres always a way

02/09/2013 08:25:53

Holy Bellcranks Batman !! Golly, must have been designed when servos only came in one size. I suspect bellcranks will be a lost art soon. Watching with interest, and looking forward to seeing those Lozenges (rather you than me though mate ...)

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