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Member postings for Scott Edwards 2

Here is a list of all the postings Scott Edwards 2 has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Vortex Vacforms News
24/12/2016 10:25:05
And from me too, and also from all my little pilot people, nestling under Steves perfect canopies, made from my slightly wonky plugs
Thread: 67" ZERO- 2016 RCM&E Autumn Special
20/12/2016 14:45:40
A PSS Zero ! Fabulous. Please do a build log in the PSS section on here ? There will be a lot of interest. I'm waiting for Tonys 78" Vulcan to be released to build as a Sloper.
Thread: Help identifying a Laser engine
13/12/2016 23:24:15
I think the 'year stamp' varied a bit, sometimes the actual year, and sometimes the car registration letter or number.

That engine has 12 cooling fins, so my guess is a Laser 100 made in 2001 ?
Thread: Hawker Hunter
09/12/2016 17:43:43

If anyone's wondering if I painted the pilot - hahahaha I wish ! I sub-contracted that out to my ridiculously talented nephew-in-law.

09/12/2016 17:42:13

Many thanks to Matt Jones because I ripped off his Pilots Seat design from his Vixen

Having had a go with several different paints over the past few years, I am now a complete convert to WarbirdColours from Fighteraces. Here's why:

1) It's water based, so easy cleanup, and minimal odour and spray fumes.

2) It covers really well and dries quickly

3) It has a nice natural satin sheen, it's tough and a quick fine sanding leaves a really nice surface.

4) The colour range is good, and supposedly accurate (even though I darkened it 'cos I like it darker)

5) It goes on beautifully, and is remarkably forgiving. This means that a Gorilla like me can slap it on like Jordans lippy and it still levels off nicely and doesn't run !

6) The service and advice from the guys at Fighteraces is brilliant.

Other points:

It's pigment is thick, so needs a lot of stirring. In long standing tins, the pigment forms a golf ball in the bottom of the tin like the Devils own bogey.

I couldn't get it to go through my 0.5mm Airbrush (other airbrushes may vary) So I spent £18 on a spraygun from Screwfix with a 0.8mm nozzle. This works great, but you need a big old compressor to drive it, a 3 Litre tank airbrush compressor won't cut it.

Overall - highly recommended, I prefer it to Flair Spectrum, Humbrol Enamels, and anything from Halfords

09/12/2016 17:29:34

Bleedin 'ell camo is a whole lotta work





Thread: PSS A-10 Thunderbolt II - build blog
05/12/2016 19:38:53

Oooh don't pressurise our glorious leader ! Just be grateful it's out of the corner, and one day we could see a formation of Giant A10's in the air ! Oh be still my beating heart
Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
04/12/2016 09:44:57
I've got a Laser 45,still goes like stink !! It weighs 560g, that's only 20g less than a modern 70. It's more compact, but apart from that has little advantage over a my 70.
Thread: PSSA meet - New Years Day 2017
02/12/2016 17:34:39
Fabulous idea ! Well up for it
Thread: Laser 150 petrol conversion
01/12/2016 11:06:49
Glad you've seen sense Mannyroad ! Leave that Laser the heck alone, it's a peach as it is

I've got Laser 180 in an enlarged TN Spit (91 inch) I used soft balsa everywhere filled the tail with holes and used 5mm sheet for the fuselage sides. The elevator servos are in front of the CG running on Snakes.

With a fixed undercarriage it came in at 18.5lbs AUW including 1lb nose ballast. The 180 is just right for it, but wouldn't be able to cope with much more weight.
Thread: C17 Globemaster III - 1/15th Scale for PSS
29/11/2016 14:20:40

Damn that's a big boy hahaha fabulous

I'm liking the technique of filling with white foam and then shaping it, what's it like to do in practice ?
Thread: 4 stroke tuning
26/11/2016 19:36:53
And that people, is why we love our Lasers

Edited By Scott Edwards 2 on 26/11/2016 19:37:13

Thread: One Eighteenth of a Canberra B.2
24/11/2016 07:53:52
On more than one occasion I've mixed up my 5min epoxy bottles with the 2hr ones. That creates some "interesting" joints.

Out of interest, do you seal the control surface hinge line ? I generally do, but often wonder if it's actually necessary.
Thread: Hawker Hunter
17/11/2016 11:46:39

I think they look jolly nice


17/11/2016 11:45:01




17/11/2016 11:43:44

Having seen Steve McLarens Tornado, and particularly how spiffing it looks flying with drop tanks and full ordnance, I had to have a go 1/8 scale 100 Gallon Drop tanks are 430mm long, and 70mm diameter, so too big for solid balsa. I thought of making them like mini planked fuselages, but Steve made his from foam. I've made dummy spinners from foam, but that's about is. So ... here's my anatomy of a pair of drop tanks made Steve style !




Thread: One Eighteenth of a Canberra B.2
06/11/2016 16:41:35
Spray booth most definitely available on Wednesday, with complimentary tea and ginger nuts too !

Is it just me, or does your pilot remind anyone else of Ghostbusters ?

Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
03/11/2016 15:15:53
Tony had this at the Gaydon show, damn it looks good. Tony did a talk on Model Design too which was fascinating. If he does another one next year I seriously recommend you go along !

And the Vulcan ? I'm first in the queue
Thread: 4-stroke recommendation
01/11/2016 13:54:45
I think you would be surprised just how many Lasers there are out there in Sport models actually Jon ! I've got an old Laser 45 (goes like stink) that I'm putting in a Cambria Funfighter Zero, is that sport or scale ?
01/11/2016 11:34:54
Another feature of Lasers that they don't market is crash resistance. A half decent crash with an OS or Saito will wipe out the exhaust manifold, push rods, tubes and rocker covers, and is a costly repair job (I know!) I've had to dig my laser 100 out of a field with a spade. Spent the evening picking dirt out from the fins and cleaning it, but it ran again perfectly. You've got to try very very hard to break a Laser
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