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Thread: One Eighteenth of a Canberra B.2
30/06/2016 10:27:21
Having been lucky enough to see this in the flesh, the quality and accuracy of Andy's work shows me how much I still have to learn. This is going to be a beautiful Madel, and a classic PSS design.
15/06/2016 11:27:08
Damned good planking there. Are they all 1/8 thick ? For the solid infill tail end, at a guess you can hack out some of the inside to save weight ?

Any comedy quips from the Mrs about building a balsa cucumber ?

Edited By Scott Edwards 2 on 15/06/2016 11:27:54

Thread: End of an era
03/06/2016 09:30:06
I have two 150's, one is from the very first prototype batch made in 1991 ! It's currently in its 8th model - an H9 Funtana. It must have had hundreds of hours running, and still goes like a train. Never missed a beat, just oiled and adjusted the tappets and the bloody thing will outlive me
Thread: Steve McLaren's version of the A4 Skyhawk
02/06/2016 08:30:07
Lovin' your improvised weights ! Quality out of the box thinking there. I eventually succumbed and bought a dozen door stops from B&Q, pick out the dented ones and they're 2 quid each
Thread: One Eighteenth of a Canberra B.2
02/06/2016 08:15:35
Really pleased you've got this project going again. A new plan from the Blackburn stable is always an event. Following with great interest !
Thread: Who's Attending...
09/05/2016 10:11:32
I'm there on the Saturday ! Bringing some sacrificial foamy things along too depending on where the wind's blowing
Thread: F22 Foamy for PSS????
28/04/2016 07:20:00
Definitely go for it,whatever happens it will be fun. The Hanger 9 F22 slopes OK. It's not scale of course, and intended for IC, not EDF so is less draggy. I've got one ready for a go ! It was this vid that tempted me ..
27/04/2016 08:15:12
I tried a couple, the FlyFly F22 and an EFlite F15. I just about got them to fly into wind, and then carefully crab sideways. If you try to fly them across the slope though, they won't turn back into the wind. The conclusion I came to was that the wing planform and section needs airspeed to operate. Drop the airspeed (as in across the slope) and they just fall out of the sky ! It was fun having a go though Bigger slopes could be better, and I have a Hanger 9 Raptor kit that keeps looking at me saying "yeah, gimme a go"

Edited By Scott Edwards 2 on 27/04/2016 08:16:22

26/04/2016 19:16:31
Is it the FlyFly F 22 Raptor ? If so, please can I watch ? Pleeeease ? It will fly nice and flat, but tragically only in one direction. Downwards
26/04/2016 15:13:02
I've had a few wings made for me by Barry Johnson at The quality has been nothing other than outstanding ! I've now heard from Barry that he is retiring. He is looking for a buyer of the business, but if there is no interest, he is closing down for good.

So .... Anyone interested in moving to North Scotland and taking over a bespoke wing manufacturing business ?

Failing that, has anyone used other wing builders ? What are they like ?
Thread: Band Saw or Scroll Saw?
25/01/2016 16:43:21
I've got the Proxxon Bandsaw and their Scrollsaw too. I scratch build lots of big stuff, I rarely use the Scrollsaw ! The Bandsaw is like my right arm. Perfect square cuts every time. It can go round surprisingly small radii by 'nibbling' and cuts perfect Former notches too.

Balsa up to 3 inches thick is fine, and ply up to 12mm slowly with care ! It's a dinky little thing that sits under my bench and comes out when I need it.

The downside is the cost of blades at ?15 or so. You can't force it, you have to let the blade cut at its own pace, or you can snap a blade.

Safety wise, you really have to be dim or very careless to slice yourself. I've never come anywhere close.
Thread: PSS Tornado F.3
13/12/2015 22:27:48
I've been lucky enough to see it in the flesh, and it's even better than it looks here. I would challenge anyone with a micrometer to find a discrepancy !
Thread: One ninth of a Canberra
12/12/2015 18:05:35

And that's a wrap ! Four months, 300 hours(ish) work, and not a huge amount of money later I have my one ninth of a Canberra to carry up a hill and lob off the top.

The final weight came out at 5200g including 810g of nose ballast to get the balance right, that's 11 1/5 lb and nicely under my 12 lb target.

It's been an absolute joy to build, gone remarkably well without any snags or gumption traps. I've tried loads of techniques for the first time, which have largely worked too ! I reckon the total cost of all materials (excluding radio gear) is well under £250. Project Austerity Canberra completed ! Roll on the Orme 2016












Thank you for watching, and huge thanks for all your advice and input yes  A flight report will hopefully appear here soon









Edited By Scott Edwards 2 on 12/12/2015 18:17:34

09/12/2015 21:27:08

Been a few weeks since the last post, but I came to a grinding halt waiting for a Pilot ! I ordered a (not cheap) 1/8 'Jet Head' from Real Model Pilots. It's taken so long to arrive though that I gave up after two weeks and went with an old one I already had.

Steve Davies at Vortex Vacforms made me an excellent couple of bespoke canopies from my plug, best quality I have ever seen, really thick, solid and crystal clear. Only £21 too ! Having great guys like Steve in our hobby is invaluable and long may it last.

I went for a basic cockpit, just a pilot and seat. Cockpit detail moves into the sphere of Art - not my strong point, artistically I peaked at 7 I had a go at flaring in the cockpit edges though which I've just about got away with.

Very much on the final straight now, battery installation, nose ballast & balancing, control movement settings and BOOM !!





Thread: Blohm & Voss BV215 for PSS
09/12/2015 21:04:26

Ooooh that looks nice ! I'm fascinated by the late WW2 experimental Luftwaffe program, amazing period of development. really looking forward to seeing this develop

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
16/11/2015 17:57:00
A fuel pump or regulator ! Either as part of the engine, or a separate accessory. I've had 150's and a 240V in Pattern planes, and putting the tank on the CG makes a huge difference. I use Cline fuel regulators with some success but they are fiddly and fragile. If there was a 'Laser' provided alternative I would have one in every plane.
Thread: One ninth of a Canberra
15/11/2015 14:40:11
I'd never used an Airbrush before, so just got a bargain bucket starter kit for ?100. It's just unbranded Chinese stuff, but the compressor has a tank, and came with two double action brushes.

I use the biggest nozzle of 0.5mm, and a 22cc side feed bottle. I don't know what the spread is, but it's adequate for a biggish model with a little patience. The huge advantage is that I can use it indoors without painting everything else at the same time.

Cleaning is indeed a pain, but every siver lining has a cloud

Rivets: Surprisingly quick ! I made a template of a strip of thin ply with holes every 10mm, and then bend it round the surface and go bop bop bop with a sharpened 3mm brass tube. Now I know it works I will do more on the fuselage. It's quite therapeutic !

Thread: Cloud Models Mosquito for PSS
15/11/2015 14:26:19
Looking forward to seeing this one grow. Did you get it from The Balsa Cabin ? They normally have one hanging up .... many times I've thought .... hmm, shall I .... Was worried about the wing section and short nose though. Watching with interest !
Thread: One ninth of a Canberra
13/11/2015 10:14:11

Wowzie ! Acetone works too ?! Ace tip yes will try that. Have you used Humbrol on big projects too Andy ?

Those last dregs of thinned paint in a tin ? I suck them out with a disposable Cyano tip hahah get it wrong and the stuff tastes foul mind you.

13/11/2015 10:01:13

How to paint a Cranberry - part 1 !

I've tried a variety of paints before, starting out with brushing (always looked like I'd used a broom) Rattle cans are great, but blast the stuff out so it goes everywhere. They're also cheap individually, but if you have to buy a dozen for a project make you gulp ...

I bought an Airbrush recently, just a basic kit for £100 and it's fantastic ! With a 0.5mm nozzle you can cover big areas perfectly quickly, you can also use it indoors without painting the walls too. They ARE the answer ! I've used Flair Spectrum paints (mixed 50:50 with Cellulose thinners) and that worked great. The colour range is limited though, and their silver is like an oily gunge, so I looked elsewhere ...

Fighteraces do specialist paint, but not a silver. I tried a pot of B&Q stuff and it was a dark grey, nothing like silver. Then a plastic modeller mate suggested the Humbrol Metalcote range. The thought of painting a whole airframe with tiny 12ml pots gave me a belly laugh, but I thought it had to be worth a go ....

The stuff is excellent ! I tried their Polished Aluminium (27002) mixed 2:1 with their thinners. One pot will easily cover 5 square feet. You let it dry for half an hour and then polish it with a soft cloth to a glorious shine. Bingo !

One quick order to Humbrol and this lot arrived ....


The wings are now complete. I tried panel lines and rivets for the first time too, I stuck 1/64 tape on the wings before priming them, and then made a riveting tool from 3mm copper tube. The results are subtle but for a first attempt I'm pretty pleased. Silver is ruthless and shows up every single finishing flaw, but what the heck. I cut the masks and painted the roundels too, far from perfect but a lot more satisfying than vinyl peely ones.

Pic below of the finished wings, with an iddy biddy ikkle pot of Humbrol paint !


The canopy by the way has been farmed out to Steve Davis at Vortex Vacforms

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