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Thread: Do You fly Drones? An opportunity to explain why
06/01/2019 09:05:30

Every single model aircraft we fly is, by definition, a "drone" so maybe we could all write in an educate them! Having said that there is a large percentage here who refer to the multirotor aircraft as a drone so I think it's a dead point anyway.

Never mind.

Thread: Gatwick drone incident
25/12/2018 07:10:09
Posted by kc on 24/12/2018 19:40:40:

It seems incredible in this era of everyone carrying a camera in their phone and dashcam that nobody got a convincing photo of the drone that shut down the airport for a whole day. You would expect CCTV cameras to have picked up something somewhere too.

But the footage that wasn't given to the press are the ones that the police are using as evidence. There was good video though.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Thread: Can a drone fly at 10000ft?
15/12/2018 13:32:57
Funny how people always lose objectivity and argue that it could never be any kind of model aircraft involved. You weren't there.

You don't know what they did or did not see yet you all know that it wasn't what they report.

Interesting, from a "let's stick our heads in the sand" point of view.

Is it so hard to believe the report from experienced and professional pilots?
Thread: What to do?
20/12/2017 21:27:06
As JDB says I've seen this runaway motor more with IC than with electric!

For me, all models, irrespective of motor type, are properly secured before I insert batteries / start engine.

Edited By John F on 20/12/2017 21:27:44

Thread: BMFA Classifieds Scammer Alert
15/12/2017 09:38:39

No, I am saying this from experience. You have been lured into a false sense of security! surprise I posted the links to show how prevalent cheque fraud still is!

Like I said, it may well state:

"You are protected and can keep the funds from the cheque provided you are not a knowing party to fraud or have been negligent in some way and have kept to the terms and conditions of your account."

My GP surgery, where I am Deputy Practice Manager, presented a cheque for £700 from a company who we did insurance medical work for. It bounced. We were deemed to have no protection from the loss by the bank and therefore cannot claim a single penny!

The Senior Partner has written a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service but does not remain hopeful as the accountants have stated that they see this happen a couple of times each year with their clients, stating that on paper it looks lovely and warming - in reality it hardly ever works the way in which they say it does!

The company that owes the money has since changed branding and claims to be a different company, which is another trick they use as you can't touch the new company even with a court order!

As I say, it goes on all the time and is very common and you're not as protected as you might think.

Edited By John F on 15/12/2017 09:39:36

Thread: Advertising
15/12/2017 09:10:40
Posted by Nigel R on 15/12/2017 08:32:34:

You're free to ignore the posts, or use another forum, or message the mods, if you think the posts breach forum use guidelines, as you wish.

Ultimately, let the moderators moderate.

I don't think avoiding the posts or advising that someone uses another forum is the answer if a person posts in a manner that ignores the rules of that forum.

I agree that a thread that concentrated purely on Laser Engine photo's, created by the Laser Engine bloke is very much OTT. I could understand asking the public what they want in the next model engine but photo's purely of laser powered aircraft is taking the mickey a bit, IMO.

Thread: BMFA Classifieds Scammer Alert
13/12/2017 10:12:36
Posted by Mike T on 12/12/2017 16:14:20

It's not been unknown (but recorded instances are vanishingly rare...) wink

I'm not asserting anything; just quoting the change to the banking regs implemented by the OFT in November 2007.

Nigel R is right in that the 6 day timescale does not apply to foreign currency cheques, so think twice before deciding to help that nice Nigerian prince get his hands on the family simoleons...

If the cheque/draft is drawn on a UK bank and paid into a UK bank a/c, then there should be no problem.

Sorry but that is not correct.

Cheque scams from any bank, any nationality including the UK, is still going on. It is the most common kind of fraud.

Don't be lured into come kind of false sense of security that if it is a UK cheque it is OK. It is not.



12/12/2017 10:14:51

Posted by Peter Miller on 12/12/2017 08:47:09:

Interesting MIke but it does raise a few questions in my mind.

If this change came about in 2007 how come the scammers are still using it? Are they that THICK?

If the scammers do know about this how is the same scam working now?

The scam still works and works so well it is still one of the biggest online sales fraud going and is on the rise. The scammers are not dumb, they are preying on us to be dumb and it still works!



Edited By John F on 12/12/2017 10:15:53

Thread: Starting a 7 year old flying
17/10/2017 12:44:26

I would have thought that CL would be far too much for a child to cope with initially.

She's got to learn to fly, which would take a lot of mental effort initially, so the added need to spin as well as keep control may be a lot to master.

I would stick with flight sims chase view then static view to encourage keeping the plane in sight then real trainer of glider on the field.

There is the risk that CL would put her right off any aviation interests if she feels a bit face 7 with the spinning!

Thread: Caption competition!
28/09/2017 08:11:05
No point in straining your back dear, I'll fly it out of the car.
Thread: Help a fellow member sell his collection
09/09/2017 12:20:08

The chair has sent advertisement in the local clubs over the past couple of weeks to no avail. We might be into a loser here!

04/09/2017 08:51:36

Just one bump then I'll let this fall away. If anyone is interested please PM me.

Thread: New generation of Fake Spektrum Receivers
04/09/2017 08:50:37
Posted by Paul Marsh on 03/09/2017 20:17:18:

They are back - bigger than ever. I see the days of Spektrum radio numbered...

Edited By Paul Marsh on 03/09/2017 20:23:38

I very much doubt that fake items on the market would mean the end of a company. If folk buy them, they'll buy them but Lemon and Orange Rx's have been around for years and Turnigy have been putting out their own Spektrum compatible Rx's too with no ill effect.

You say that Spektrum Rx's are not available in UK shops yet every single online store I've searched shows plenty of stock.

Thread: metal to metal interference
30/08/2017 13:49:29
Posted by Peter Miller on 30/08/2017 12:08:36:

The problem that John F is referring to is radio signals being reflected of metal. In the old days(27 and 35 Mhz) there used to be a chain link fence that caused serious problems.

On one field that we used just in one spot the signal bouncing off a hangar could do it.

That was discounted as there were several compounds with wire mesh fencing that proved to be no problem to fly over, or near, just the fences with loose mesh that gave issues.

I still don't understand why we were not allowed to fly over the golf club area though, the greens were an excellent emergency landing strip for our models!

Edited By John F on 30/08/2017 13:50:03

30/08/2017 11:43:16
It definitely occurred as flying at the RAF Cottesmore flying club could demonstrate this interference quite adequately. If you flew over the separately fenced off POL store you would lose control until the model flew far enough away. Similarly if you went anywhere near a particular crash gate you would have no inputs until it left that area.

The radio and aircraft engineer qualified members would confirm it was due to the relatively loose fencing in those areas that interfered with the radios.
Thread: Help a fellow member sell his collection
30/08/2017 08:13:43

We fully appreciate that selling everything in smaller lots is the best practice.

We've really have tried to explain that to Ted but he, as described above, is extremely gutted to return back to the hobby he's loved since he was a nipper and due to his stroke he now realises that he will never build or fly again and he just wants it moved on without risking leaving stuff behind that he's forced to bin. The club and the members have had what they want already.

We have agreed to cover the shortfall in reaching the £500 barrier to help him out so are obviously keen to achieve as close to that as possible for us to have less of a charity donation to make. This is mainly for his wife than Ted himself as she has the hard task of nursing him back to some kind of health.

Anyway if anyone knows of anyone who is starting up . . . . .

29/08/2017 10:55:42

Trust me; we've all tried to convince him of that! We are aware that only dealers would want such a large inventory but at a low cost.

He is adamant that he won't split it as he, rightly, says he will be left with still useful stuff but stuff that he cannot use and will be forced to bin them, which is emotionally straining for him and posting all of this lot would need a car hire.

We have already purchased what we, the club members, want but it is all in very good condition and virtually all new. The last seven RCM&E magazines are still in their grey wrappers!

We are trying to help him but he's in a lot of pain, he's lost useful function in his left arm and is quite down and his SWMBO thinks he's suffering quite a lot mentally so we are simply doing what we can, even if we all know it will probably end up a mill stone.

29/08/2017 07:27:20

Also comes with:

Part built Jocasta model, designed by Jim Newberry, with fuselage 90% complete, tail built and all laser cut parts present and correct. Motor, speed controller, wheels and servos to fit this are in the list above. With RCM&E article on how to build as well as finish and fly.

Part built DB Sport Tinker Major biplane model. Wings and fuselage built but not finished. The motor was purchased to complete this, in the list, but never got around to finishing.

Andreasson BA-4B Biplane by Peter Rake. A lovely little 34 1/2" biplane, all laser cut parts with plan,boxed, unstarted.

Peter Miller Midget Mustang plan with vac formed cheeks and clear canopy.
A large collection of balsa and plywood, in various sizes including strip materials, enough to complete both build projects and offer plenty of wood for many other projects.

1 covering iron, 5mm of tip is missing but works perfectly

Wood shave
T squares
Small clamps

One "test bed". It is a wheeled test bed, secured by rod underneath, which you can use to test any electric set up - the thrust is measured by the luggage scales (included) at the rear and you can add the watt meter to fully load test any electric test setup you need. Just clamp or screw down to your bench, add the motor and bits to the rig and off you go. A great way to test changes of prop or motor combination quickly and in safety.

One large bundle of RCM&E magazines, dating over the past 18 months. Most have just been taken out of the packaging and have not been read. (no point in reading these whilst I have been fighting the realities of possibly giving up the hobby)

A variety of model aircraft plans that I have collected over the years from sport to military and unusual aircraft.

You also get one building jig, mounted on conti board, captive nuts already fitted with plenty of moulded angles.

If anyone is willing to offer £500 as a minimum for this huge lot please let me know.

More photos are available in my album.

29/08/2017 07:27:03

A large range of brand new, unused, sundries such as servo cable extenders, servo connector locks, nylock M4 nuts, washers, M4 studding, one spinner, heavy duty snakes, bullet connectors, XT90 connectors, metal clevises, screws, push rods, servo tape, velcro, servo arms, a hatch catch, motor mounts and a closed loop wire pack.

Too much to list fully but it does include a pack of hex servo screws and a hex driver to ensure a solid and safe, fit for servos.
There is also a selection of used wheels, tailwheels, and bits, including propellers, two pilots, one is an full size action man in leather aviation style jacket ready for chopping which I never got around to putting into new models.

Also included are several used micro and mini servos, all tested with the servo tester and battery pack and proven to be fully working.

29/08/2017 07:26:39

DX6i DSMX Radio, used three times
Brand new aluminium transmitter box with cut outs for kit. Turnigy neckstrap.

Brand new Draper micro screwdriver kit (essential on the field)

Plush programming card

Brand new Turnigy Plush 30 amp speed controller

Brand new Turnigy Plush 18 amp speed controller (bullet connectors already soldered)

Brand new Spektrum AR610 receiver in packaging
Spektrum AR6100 receiver
Spektrum AR500 receiver
Spektrum AR6210 receiver with Satellite unit (installed in the glider)

Brand new NTM 35-48 900kv propdrive motor
Brand new NTM 35-30 1100kv propdrive motor
Brand new NTM 35-36 910kv propdrive motor
unknown old bell motor
Overlander 30 amp XP2 speed controller with GC 3536 750kv motor attached

Brand new Hobbyking servo tester and 4 cell battery holder used for testing.
Brand new Corona CS-239HV wing servo
4 brand new New Power XL-16HM servos

3 brand New Zippy Compact 3300 40c 11.1v batteries
2 nearly new Turnigy 2200 25-35c 11.1v batteries (tape and velcro applied to use with glider)

1 iMax B6 battery charger, used twice, boxed - this is the genuine, not the clone, version of the battery charger, with PSU

1 Hobbyking watt meter - can be used with engine test bed below

1 Serenade E Glider, fully built and flown with Rx as detailed above, Turnigy Plush 30 amp speed controller and motor installed and XT90 soldered safety arming plug.

Brand new steel wire bender (essential for making your own undercarriage)

Revel airbrush kit

Brand new 4" foam wheels

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