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Thread: Magazines for good home
31/08/2020 15:27:25

About 40 or so RCM&E magazines between about 2013 and 2017 plus about 15 or so 'others'. Free to a good home.

The only catch is that I'm in deepest, darkest South Devon - Exmouth to be precise.


Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
09/05/2020 17:39:28

Fine thanks John, but not modelling. I hope everyone on here is staying OK too.

I've been following the jokes recently and thought that this latest lot were too good not to pass on. And they won't have given the mods and cause for concern either..... smileyyes

Edited By Nigel Day on 09/05/2020 17:40:11

09/05/2020 08:12:27

Just asked a 6-year old if he understands why there is no school.  He said yes because they are out of toilet paper.

On the bright side, I am no longer calling this shelter-in-place. I am an artist-in-residence.

After years of wanting to thoroughly clean my house but lacking the time, this week I discovered that wasn’t the reason.

You’re not stuck at home, you're safe at home. One word can change your attitude and one cough can change your life.

Coronavirus has turned us all into dogs. We roam the house all day looking for food.  We’re told “no” if we get too close to strangers and we get really excited about car rides.

If you thought toilet paper was crazy ... just wait until 300 million people all want a haircut appointment.

2020 is a unique Leap Year. It has 29 days in February, 300 days in March and 5 years in April.

Wearing a mask inside your home is now highly recommended. Not so much to prevent COVID-19 but to stop eating.

If you keep a glass of wine in each hand, you can’t accidentally touch your face.

This cleaning with alcohol is total b.s. NOTHING gets done after that first bottle.

Kinda starting to understand why pets try to run out of the house when the door opens.
Does anyone know if we can take showers yet or should we just keep washing our hands???
You think it’s bad now? In 20 years our country will be run by people home schooled by day drinkers….
I swear my fridge just said: “what the hell do you want now?”

Whoever owes you money, go to their house now. They should be home.

Edited By Nigel Day on 09/05/2020 08:12:52

Thread: Barnstormer free to Devon modeller/flyer
14/01/2019 18:39:14

I'm not sure that I ever attained a flying mojo and now I've lost my building mojo.

The building kit is now stored in the garage, along with a half-built Spitfire. I took part in the Barnstormer (part of the mass build?) a few years ago and it's still in decent nick. You can see it here: **LINK** If the link doesn't work, search for Barnstormer and the thread by me (Nigel Day).

It's still in great nick and I have some of the orange film used on the wings.

If you live in Devon and fancy trying to make it fly, you're welcome to it.

Please reply to this thread or PM me.


Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
24/12/2017 11:53:02

Darth Vader meets Luke Skywalker on Xmas eve...

Vader: "Luke, I know what you're getting for Christmas."

Luke: "No, you can't!"

Vader: "Yes Luke, I've forseen exactly what you're getting."

Luke: "No, not even Leia knows!"

Vader: "Yes Luke, I know what each gift is."

Luke: "No, that's impossible, how you could you possibly know?!"

Vader: "Luke, I've felt your presents."

Merry Xmas to all and a Happy New Year.

Thread: Chips with everything
02/04/2017 19:36:06

Oooh, that does look really good Nev. yes yes

Thread: Six Nations Rugby Union 2017
18/03/2017 19:28:44

I didn't see Ireland take a step backwards the whole game.sad

18/03/2017 19:06:25

Superb from Ireland, deserved winners.

Poor from England. Inaccurate and errors when their chances came.

I was hoping that the first three games were the blip and the Scotland game was back to normal. Not to be.

Very much still a work in progress.

18/03/2017 09:50:23

That would be amazing given their performances as little as 18 months ago. Like with England, it shows how quickly things can turn around.

18/03/2017 09:08:52

I'm not too confident Donald and I wouldn't put a whole heap of money on it but England SHOULD win, probably by not a lot, but on form they ought to. There's a lot more resilience, determination and sheer bleeding-mindedness in this England team than most of those that have gone before.

That said, I'll still be watching the match from behind the sofa....

18/03/2017 07:42:02

Yup, I reckon England have now found their mojo.

Eddie Jones won't let them get too confident but they've a very good record recently and are now selecting from the first choice players.

Ireland are still a very good side but your money would have to be on England, even if it is with fingers tightly crossed!

Thread: Brian Taylor Spitfire 69" - build only
13/03/2017 18:34:06

Hi TartanMac.

The kit is worth it but I recommend checking the parts when they arrive. Mine was missing a couple (few?) sheets. It's pretty good though.

I'd say that the plan was for intermediate+.and a bit tricky to follow.

I've only built 3 from plans before but one of them was a Dennis Bryant Chipmunk and I had plenty of people to help me a long the way. I'm only an average builder at best but with a bit of thinking and help from others on here I'm doing OK.

I hope this helps?

Edited By Nigel Day on 13/03/2017 18:34:22

Thread: Six Nations Rugby Union 2017
11/03/2017 15:34:23

I've not been watching the build up but I've just heard from my wife that Farrell's playing. If the Times is to be believed that was never really in doubt. Phew!

I know that he's not the be-all and end-all of the England team but I think that England will need to have their strongest team and be at their best for today's game. If they play like they did before the 6-nations they should be OK, even if Scotland are playing well. If not......

Thread: Am I drinking too much?
03/03/2017 14:18:36

Brilliant Ted and thanks for the update.


Thread: Six Nations Rugby Union 2017
28/02/2017 16:45:36

Yes, although it's normally more important when Northern Hemisphere sides play Southern Hemisphere sides or there's a SH ref involved in a NH match and vice versa.

Historically they've tended to treat a few areas of the game slightly differently so it pays to make sure that you know how a particular ref will act in key areas of play.

28/02/2017 09:54:02

Let's see if it's still 2nd and 5th after the 6 nations is over Donald. devil

28/02/2017 09:42:47

As I mentioned earlier, the antidote to the non-rucking is pick and go. It works well enough for teams to start rucking enough. It shouldn't last long enough to stop the game from being entertaining.

The ruse was a legal attempt by a struggling team to level the playing field - in order to win. They shouldn't have been allowed to make it work.

The tactic has been used before and in relatively high-profile games. The England coaching staff should have recognised it, known how it was countered and got that message down to the pitch quickly. You might have hoped that some of the brighter/senior players would have known how to counter it too. A number are touted as having 'great rugby brains' after all.

Yes, I was flummoxed too - but I'm an ordinary fan who knows less of the rules than the players and don't watch that many games beyond England and Lions game plus a few Premiership/European ones. The England management should have done a bit better - and so should the England team.

We're only a couple of really key players down and much is made of our very strong squad where the coach says he's able to pick almost any 15 from them and still have a full-strength team. Watson and at least one of the Vunipolas would make a difference - but we're hardly hobbled without them are we?

The coach and the players admit that they're not playing that well. I'm just saying the same thing.

Do I think that they can, and will, beat Scotland and Ireland? Yes! yes

28/02/2017 08:27:54

You're right John that the sign of a good (great?) team is that they can win ugly and from seemingly lost positions. That doesn't change the fact that England aren't playing anywhere nearly as well as they were in the Autumn internationals. They've been lucky so far that no-one's been able to play really well against them but it'll be a real test against Scotland and Ireland.

They've got the pedigree and the players but they need to start better and not make so many mistakes.

And EJ is still wrong, whether you like Guscott and Davies or not. wink

Thread: Brian Taylor Spitfire 69" - build only
28/02/2017 08:21:44

Thanks Tim, Danny, Gary. Angling the horn forward a bit is the way to go.

Thread: Six Nations Rugby Union 2017
27/02/2017 20:21:10

I was very disappointed, and a little surprised, with Eddie Jones' comments. It seems that he's in a minority of one as well.

The guys on the BBC highlights show (Guscott and Davies et al) thought that England were just naive and slow to learn. So do I! Why did it take them so long to learn to pick and go? We'd soon have had flowing rugby then. Apparently when the NZ team 'Cheifs' tried it they had to abandon it quickly because the other team starting picking up and going straight away.

Unless England improve I can't see them beating Scotland, let alone Ireland in Dublin. They've got out of jail three times. After their games before the 6 Nations they've been a huge disappointment.

Come on England, pull your socks up! angry

Edited By Nigel Day on 27/02/2017 20:21:44

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