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Thread: What build blogs do Forumites want to see?
20/02/2017 20:28:11

I agree with what's been said here.

being a relatively novice builder, when I even start thinking about a particular build or project I look to see what build blogs there are for it. I've found some invaluable as a source of techniques, ideas and even re-assurance that I'm doing it right.

Another big plus is that there's a large number of helpful people on here. If I get stuck I just ask a question and inevitably someone will have solved it before or have a good suggestion as to how I should proceed.

The last big plus that I can think of is that even I've provided answers, ideas and re-assurance to other, even more novice, builders from my blogs. So if I can be useful here, anyone can!

Oh, photos are very helpful. smiley

Thread: Am I drinking too much?
20/02/2017 20:08:43

Wow, fantastic. I hope you manage to stick with it Ted. Please let us know how you're getting on in a week or two?

Thread: Brian Taylor Spitfire 69" - build only
20/02/2017 20:06:54

The cockpit's coming together and proving quite interesting. I umm'd and ahh'd for a while about the best way to handle the canopy. It came, as they usually do I'm sure, as one moulded piece with a lot of flat perspex around the outside. It took me a while to envisage how it would sit on the fuse and how much I'd need to cut away.


I think I'll need to cut away a little more of the fuse as the front, fixed section of the canopy needs to finish a little lower than the front of the sliding section.

The next question was how to do the frames around the canopy sections? Luckily,following advice from Danny a good while ago, I'd purchased several sheets of litho - very thin aluminium sheets.


A thin strip of litho folded around the edge of the canopy section (dull side out) seems to work well. It takes a little bit of faffing to fold it right and to fit it but once clamped on it seems to look OK. It should be easy to paint too.

On to the front, fixed section which has much more edge - and to include the armoured front panel.

I'm just going upstairs. I may be some time........

18/02/2017 08:46:53

Thanks Danny, Colin.

It's definitely a challenge working out how some of it goes together. I'm just getting my head around the cockpit and the canopy. I'm getting there but it's taking a lot of small steps, checking the plan, looking for suitable materials and round again.

Fun tho'. smiley

17/02/2017 18:27:38

Thanks Chris.

It was due to the help and support I received on here. yes

17/02/2017 17:39:02

Thanks John

15/02/2017 20:19:24


It's starting to look Spitfire-shaped now....

I still need to do a bit more filling and fine sanding but I'm nearly there.


I think I've sorted the fairing now.

Thanks to Danny & Gary I revisited the front of the fairings and made them curve downward a bit more. It did take a fair bit of faffing about but I'm nearly there. I still need to add a little stiffening right at the front ends of the fairing, where it meets the leading edge but by adding a little balsa to the wing leading edge as well I think it almost joins. Hopefully the stiffening will finish it off.


The cowl now fits quite snuggly too.


The front and rear fixings are in place too so the wing will fit firmly into the bottom of the fuse.

On to the tail feathers and the cockpit.

02/02/2017 08:34:41

Ah, thank you both, I'd missed that on the plan.

I'll revisit the plans and what I have so far.

01/02/2017 20:05:01

Thanks Danny. Yes, I might have to do that and kludge the large gap between the fairing and the nose section.

Thanks Gary. No, the leading edge on the centre section is two parts. It's two strips of 1/2" balsa laminated. I don't remember seeing anything on the fuselage underside that would fill that gap. That still takes me no further forward into the cut-out for the nose section. Currently the centre section should line up nicely with the outer parts of the wing and I'm still confident that this would be the case.

If I understand the Belgian modeller's approach correctly, the centre section will fit very nicely but the outer wing pieces will sit slightly aft of that centre leading edge - unless there's some sort of flaring from the centre section to the wing outer sections - and that wouldn't look right.

I think I have two problems:

1) the fairing doesn't curve down enough at the front to mould closely to the wing. As Danny says, this can be fixed by taping it to the centre section in place and then moulding that part of the fairing into the fuselage.

2) The nose section cutout is too long. Somehow I need to fill in about 1cm (at the deepest point) with extra balsa on the motor etc. box, just where the fairing currently ends.


Edited By Nigel Day on 01/02/2017 20:05:59

01/02/2017 17:12:35

Hi Danny.

From what I've read about BT plans, so would I - so I'm struggling to see where I've gone wrong.

Plan shots are here:




One obvious answer is that the front of my fairing doesn't curl down fast and far enough and that the pre-formed nose section isn't shaped correctly. Currently I have a fairing that fits the nose section and not the wing. If I change it to fit the wing then, to fit the current nose section, I'll need to flare the fairing a bit or build a bit of (dummy) fuselage onto the fairing.

Ho hum.

01/02/2017 08:21:27

Thanks John, Nev.

That's what came with the 'pack' Nev, along with an ally spinner, perspex cockpit and one or two other bits - plus the laser-cut ribs etc of course.

Not that I'm above cheating/cutting corners etc. anyway though. embarrassed

Yes, there are various ways I could f'fill in the gap' but the shape might be wrong - especially when compared to the rest of the wing. As I said, I'll build the rest of the wing and see how it looks. Then I'll see about (Danny, look away now!) bodging something if the solution doesn't present itself naturally..


Edited By Nigel Day on 01/02/2017 08:21:50

31/01/2017 14:53:50

Well, mixed results so far with the fairing.

I'm leaving the fine sanding and edges for later but it looks OK from the side and underneath -



It's from the front that it looks like a dog's breakfast at the moment -




I definitely followed the plan when cutting out the thin lite-ply bottom of the fairing. Even if it were bend further over it still wouldn't fit the leading edge of the centre section correctly. It looks as though the centre section is about 1cm too short - which, according to the plan, it isn't. The plan shows only 1 x 1/2" strip across the front and 2 short pieces in front of that. If I cut the two pieces as short as in the plan, they wouldn't reach the perspex nose section! The ribs match the plan so they're not short. Arrgghhh!

I'm going to leave it for now and see how the two outer wing sections look when put up against the centre section. As a non-expert builder, I've probably missed something.

So, on with the top of the fuse now and to add the tail feathers....

15/01/2017 10:07:54

Thanks Tim.

Yes, I found out about the angle in the flaps from the Revell plastic model. The wing was shaped to receive them correctly of course which saved me from making a boo-boo. I did forget to leave off the sheeting from the outer rear panels of the centre section though.

Easily remedied.

The fairing build is nearly finished. I just need to do the sanding and filling. Looking quite decent so far but my fingers are still crossed.

Edited By Nigel Day on 15/01/2017 10:09:05

Thread: Chips with everything
10/01/2017 17:30:04

Didn't someone looking over all our shoulders mention a Mossie sometime?

09/01/2017 13:06:04

DF's a hard taskmaster isn't he Nev?

04/01/2017 17:23:11

Looks great Nev. Good to see that you're sticking with it.

Thread: Brian Taylor Spitfire 69" - build only
03/01/2017 08:23:02

Thanks Nev, Danny.

I can see a fair bit of 'fettling' required on the trailing edge and corresponding bit of fairing. frown

You're right Danny, the curve(s) are gorgeous and one of the key characteristics in my book. Not to be avoided for sure!

I got myself a Revell plastic kit (1/136th scale I think) and built it before I started. Now I have something to reference. cool

02/01/2017 19:57:12

A bit more done.

As I mentioned, I'd decided to sort out the wing mount on the fuse before adding the tail feathers and top and bottom formers etc.

Starting with the wing centre section, here's the work so far:


The trailing edge was interesting and I suspect that I'll have a bit of fun lining it up with the fairing on the fuse.


I've not added the centre section trailing edge yet, nor the leading edge. I'm now moving onto the mounting area and fairings which are causing me a lot of head scratching. I think I've worked out how it all goes together but it's not as straightforward as the Chipmunk, that's for sure!

The bottom sheeting is on and I'm about to do the rear part of the fairing. It's not quite as easy without Mr. DF's step-by-step guides to hand. frown.

Still, I'm getting there and enjoying the challenge.

15/12/2016 20:15:20

Thanks Colin.

15/12/2016 17:14:00

Hi Tim and thanks.

Yes, mine's turning out to be a bit of a slow build too. Hopefully I'll get a fair bit more done between now and Xmas. Anything you can add or correct as I go along wouldn't go amiss. smiley

I have managed to get the tail feathers complete since my last posting. I've not glued in the hinges and I'd guess that this is best done after painting? I've not put any snakes or other linkages yet although the elevator does have a joiner and connection for the linkage. It's the same as I and several other used on the Chipmunk.

The covering has been done with tissue and dope (as per Brian's plans) since I had some handy and fancied getting a little high.



I need to drill a slightly deeper hole for the hinge in the bottom of the rudder but otherwise it's pretty much done.

I was planning to finish the fuse before starting on the wings but someone in one of the blogs elsewhere recommended leaving off the top formers and building the centre wing section first. This way the partly-built fuse can sit on its back and allow the fettling of the wing seat and fairing. Sounds like a good idea so that's what I'll do.

When that's done I'll finish off the fuse and then complete the rest of the wing(s).

In case I don't post any more updates before Xmas, to anyone who's still following, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. smileyyes

Tally ho!

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