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Thread: Basic Tx & RX matching question
10/12/2013 09:25:12

Thanks Rob.

Looks as though that's the one I need.

Shame there's a UK-wide shortage though. sad

10/12/2013 07:58:35

Many thanks all.

After I'd posted I had another read of the 6EXA manual and a better look over both sets.

I figured what must be the crystal (in holder) on the SS3 and removed it.

What stumped me at first was that couldn't see anything that looked like a crystal(holder) on the 6EXA. Then I looked at the 'disabled' SS3 and saw the hole. There was a very similar on the 6EXA.

I hadn't noticed the lack of crystal as I was only using the 6EXA attached to a flight sim.

Sure enough, as soon as I fitted the crystal from the SS3, all was hunky dory. Well, almost.

The battery level on the 6EXA then took a nose dive from showing 96-97v down to 89v and quickly down to 84v where it started to complain. I removed the crystal and now it's showing about 92v. Enough for me to learn a bit more on the flight sim but meaning that I need to accelerate my search for a charger for the 6EXA.

Since I'm not ready for my first electric set up yet (2-3 months away), I'm just going to get a simple charger. I've seen chargers for the 6J available (with adapter for a Tx). Does this fit and charge the 6EXA too or do I need something else?

Thanks again,


09/12/2013 20:13:52

I bought a basic Futaba kit for my first foray into R/C (SS3 I think) a few years ago.

Having finally got around to building the model (Junior 60), I figured I'd get a simulator to help me learn to fly (as a prelude to getting help within a club of course). That necessitated the purchase of a suitable Tx so I bought a second-hand T6EXA.

The Rx that came with the original set was an R114F and works just fine with the SS3(?) Tx.

I'd like to get the 6EXA working with the receiver now. There's no response from the servos with the 6EXA whilst the SS3 does operate them via the Rx. The SS3 isn't configurable at all and the throw it passes to the servos is limited.

From the little I've picked up so far, I suspect that I need to change one or both of the crystals in the Rx and Tx?

Is that correct? If so, How do I so that? I can't see anywhere obvious on the TX and haven't looked closely at the Rx lately. I don't recall seeing any info in the 6EXA manual either.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Thread: Second build project
06/12/2013 12:31:01

Thanks Dean, David, Jim. I'll investigate/bear in mind.

06/12/2013 12:28:04

Ah, sorry Ernie, thanks.

If there's a woodpack available for it then it might make the shortlist. smiley

06/12/2013 08:40:31

Thanks John, Ernie.

The Spacewalker looks ideal - but doesn't fit my current budget unfortunately. sad

The Weston Cougar is described as ARTF (with foam wings I think?) so that's out unless there's a full kit or plan and pack set available.

Edited By Nigel Day on 06/12/2013 08:40:46

05/12/2013 18:42:12

Thanks for all the suggestions.

So far it's between the Sig Star 4 and the 'Gangster'.

Any more worth looking at?

Thread: Email Providers
05/12/2013 18:35:53

Hi Barrie.

If you just want another free provider then Gmail is probably the best although Hotmail (Microsoft Live) is popular.

If you DO want to go independent then have a look here: **LINK**

They're very helpful.

I do this stuff for a living so if it looks/sounds right for you and you're not sure how to proceed, let me know and I'll pm you more explicit instructions.


05/12/2013 10:41:56

Hi Barrie.

Have you thought about going semi-independent?

You can buy your own 'domain' (the base for your e-mail address) for as little as £3 + VAT and can add mailboxes for around £10/year. You define the 'domain' (eg and the mailbox ( and it's yours for life. All you have to pay is £13/year and whenever you move/change IPSs etc, you keep the same e-mail address(es).

I use HeartInternet here in the UK. One of the biggest and great (e-mail-based) support.


Thread: Second build project
05/12/2013 09:26:46

Oh, and I should add, I'd like to try electric this time.

No gripes with ic (yet) but I might as well try both early on.

05/12/2013 09:25:04

Thanks Dean, I'll have a look at that.

Yes, I'm happy building from plans with an associated pack. I'd prefer not to have to cut out wing ribs and fuselage formers at this stage and some sort of instructions/help is very helpful. smiley

05/12/2013 09:02:41

I'm nearly finished building my first ever plane, a Junior 60.

Assuming that I'm not a complete dunce when I come to fly it, I'm looking for my second build project.

Building is one of the best parts (so far) for me and even if I can't fly very well I suspect I'll be happy.

So, my first thought was a Tucano. Looks fairly straightforward and sounds quite easy to fly. Looking into it a bit more, with sheet wings and fin/tailplane, I think I'd prefer something a little more complex.

The third or fourth project will be a decent-sized Spit but I don't want to run before I can walk.

Can anyone suggest some suitable low-wing trainer models with plenty of build work involved - ideally available as kits or with pre-cut wood packs?

Thanks in advance

Thread: Battery charger needed
19/11/2013 14:47:01

Thanks Paul.

19/11/2013 14:24:53

Thanks Paul.

Thanks Pat, Pete. I think I missed Alan's link first time around. Looks ideal, especially with the plethora of different connectors that seem to be supplied. I've inherited a pack (8) of Instant 2100mAh NiMh batteries that plug directly into the T6EXA innards so I'm going to assume that this kind of connector is there. cheeky

19/11/2013 12:26:02

Thanks Crispin, Pete.

I have an old PC power supply but presumably there's some rewiring to do of the connectors to make it fit the imax?

19/11/2013 08:25:30

Plus power source.......

Thanks Ken.

18/11/2013 19:14:54

Thanks Ken, Alan.

The batteries in the Tx are MiMh so nothing fancy.

I'm prepared to get something that will charge the NiMh pack and not much else if I can do it cheaply. Then when I've got a bit more I can get one that handles LiPos, has intelligence and so on.


18/11/2013 14:08:47

Hi all.

I've just purchased a second-hand Futaba T6EXA transmitter. It's fitted with a new pack of 2100mHa battery/batteries.

What kind of charger do I need? I'm sure that Futaba make a suitable charger but there are probably others that work just as well.

So, a few questions:

1) DO other chargers fit the Futaba 'orifice'.

2) What kind/rate charger do I need for this kind of battery?

3) When I've saved up my pocket money for my second model it's probably going to have an electric motor (first has i/c) this will need rechargeable batteries too. I won't be going for anything needing heavy power so is there a charger that I could use for both?

4) Other than here and on EBay, is there anywhere else I should look for suitable second-hand/cheap(ish) chargers?

Many thanks in advance,


Thread: Junior 60 elevator
12/11/2013 12:17:29

Thanks David.

I've already covered the fin, skid and half the tailplane with solarfilm. I'm not having any problems getting it to stick or to stretch. Getting the tips and curved trailing edges is a bit more tricky but I think that would be cured by having more free film to pull. It's just me being a bit careful (tight!) with the amount of film I'm using I think. smiley


12/11/2013 08:56:28

Thanks Ian. Nice build log and great pictures.

The glass of wine looks like a tool I should have in my box!

Thanks BEB, David. Well, if the experts are saying 'don't be a wuss, take that end section off and do it properly', albeit nicely, that's the way I'll go. What's the point of asking for advice if you're not going to take it?

I'll try to remember to post how I got on and add some finished photos.

Apart from being an incredibly useful source of expertise and ideas here, it's quite grounding (sorry!) too. I thought I was making a good fist of my first ever film covering until I saw some of the photos here. Ah well, I know I'm on a learning curve and never expected to get it all right first time. laugh

Thanks again,


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