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Thread: Panther Trainer Autogyro
15/04/2019 10:26:09

This is very interesting so will be drilling my mounting holes individually in future .Are there likely to be any Autogyro fly in~s this year? I am based on the Kent coast.

One silly question about flying the Autogyro. I have found height and descent are dictated by power (throttle control).If, like a fixed wing plane, your applied ~down elevator~ to an Autogyro would it descend or just slow up the rotor speed or both?

Waiting for the wind to drop and getting itchy fingers.

Richard Franks

13/04/2019 16:41:12

Hi David

I am still fairly new wit AG models and flying but beginning to succeed with both aspects.I have built 5 AG~s but only one Panther.Most AG~S suggest cog line for blades slightly back from the balance line.My panther was 2mm back and flew on its maiden with no trim at all.I think there are 2 important issues(1) The models COG must be spot on.I used the COG shown on the plan using the fitting of brass collars on the mast then getting the balance spot on via a rod through .(ie I did not try the hang angle approach) NO ROTORS attached .If its electric make sure you fit the battery!

(2) when drilling the Rotor mounting holes make sure they are all in exactly the same position..I had my rotors stacked on top of each other ,clamped and then used a pillar drill with the correct size drill.

As a final note I am now skinning my rotor Blades with lightweight glass cloth/resin. It adds very little weight but the increased strength is incredible.(have landed in a tree with no damage to the rotors at all)

I will be interested to hear from others especially ~the master~ Mr Harris should he read this


Richard Franks

20/02/2019 16:24:48

Just had to post now getting good flights with Burky and Panther.Panther is far more stable than Burky..

Now realised the importance of head speed on take off and using rudder for the turns correcting the roll with opposite roll (Aileron).There seems far more more tendency to roll right. Left turns can almost be completed using aileron/elevator like fixed wing but must watch out for too much roll .Building the Panther now and intend to get two in the air at the same time (2 pilots) at our flying site.

Any advice on achieving a decent canopy with the pop bottle method as so far not much luck?

out aging this Friday


26/12/2018 12:37:16

just had to post the fact that had a maiden with my Panther Christmas eve. ONE WORD WOW. flew straight off no trim really great.

skinned the blades in lightweight glass cloth which only added about 45gm for the set of three but incredible strong.

Proved a point on landing in the only tree in our flying field (orientation issues) and only bent the prop adaptor otherwise minimal damage.

Starting to build another straight away. Hats off to Rich Harris.

17/10/2018 17:27:50

Thanks Richard is the plan still available. I have the Burky 2 and el bandito but not the cruiser. Can I buy it anywhere? Will have to check my piles of Rome to see if I have the free plan.still unsure about the play in the tower pro servos what did you use in the Panther?

16/10/2018 12:50:09

Many thanks for all the help so far.

Going electric with this one using Emax motor BL2828/07 with a 60A ESC. Servos are Tower pro MG996R.

Still struggling to fly these machines properly but with some good success with Rich Harris Burky 2 design.The main issue is the rotors have ~ folded back~ on a turn .Do I need to tighten them more? was around a 15mph wind.

Have to say I am getting pretty good at making rotor blades.Will post some pics when time allows.

15/10/2018 13:42:02

I am building a Panther and have a couple of questions

(1) with electric is the motor ~built in~ the cowling not removable?

(2) My metal geared servos (new) have a little play in them is that OK.I am told all metal geared servos have some degree of play.

Any help would be welcome

Thread: Fitting a Laser 120 in a Seagull Yak 54
18/08/2017 20:22:58

Will I be able to get a Lazer 150 into this model..?


Thread: Crane Fly Light , Autotogyro Trainer , For experienced pilots trying autogyros for the first time.
04/11/2015 17:07:28

HI and thanks for the replies,

Had a great day today with my AJ autogyro.The thing actually flies well.Did circuits and landings.One landing a bit heavy and minor damage received (now fixed ready to go again). It actually flew on my home made blades(thanks to Rich Harris you tube tutorial).

The changes I made to see an incredible difference was (1) reduced down thrust by a couple of degrees and (2) Reduced rotor shim thickness to 0.4mm This made a massive difference.Must get used to rudder turns !!

My scaled up cranefly mast height is similar to what you have done so I will leave it alone.I must thank you VERY much for the invitation but I am in Kent near Folkestone.

I felt a big improvement today and will not fly the larger one until proficient with the AJ autogyro.The thing seems almost indestructible!!.

Thank you all very much.

03/11/2015 16:44:00

Hi ,

I am new to this scary world of model autogyros having been an aeromodeller most of my life flying fixed wing. I have had limited success with an AJ autogyro (managed some circuits and building confidence).

I have scaled up x 1.5 a cranefly 2 and have a question.The mast height on the scaled up model looks far too long is there any reason why I cannot reduce the mast height?

Richard (Kent).Pleased to say I am the only club member turning to this dark side.Any help on this and flying would be a great help.I will never give up.

Thread: AJAY Autogyro Build
06/10/2015 18:32:41

Hi not sure whos reading this now as no replies from my last post.Completed my AJ autogyro and got it to fly (just) last weekend. The unit seems to be very low on power hardly able to climb. Out at all.

Had a 3s 2200 ma battery with 10x6 prop.any thoughts would be well recioeved.Try a larger prop?


27/08/2015 10:49:27


I hope I am not being a pest but have more questions re my AJ autogyro build>I am an experienced fixed wing modeller but a little confused with the autogyro set up.

My main problem is which mix I use on the radio, The instructions just refer to a radio with a flying wing mix.I am assuming this is an elevon mix?

Still a little confused with COG and balancing blades. I am really keen to get it right so any help or reference material would be well received.

Hoping the weather improves for the NATS this weekend.


Thread: Mini Fire Fly Autogyro
22/10/2013 17:34:14

Hi can you tell me what the rotors are made of? they look black? Thread says balsa and depron.

New to electric flight what size motor is on the indoor model. Its brilliant



Thread: Panther Trainer Autogyro
22/10/2013 11:23:27


I have just purchased the plan pack for this great machine. Can anyone recommend engine size (ic) required or what electric set up is best.


Richard (Kent)

Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
05/09/2013 19:21:47

if i use an ic engine on a crane fly what size would you suggest?


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