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Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
23/06/2020 14:43:11

Whilst I love eulogising and complimenting excellent building work to a standard far beyond my capabilities, I can't help worrying that those gun tubes could be a home for small worms which could get inside the fuselage and eat it. Never happened to me but a mouse did once eat my surf board at the caravan....mmm....mmm....

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
19/06/2020 10:45:39

If you wish, Dirk, I can make the same set of decals I used for mine but with different numbers if you tell me what I want. They would be white stars in small and large. Mine, actually were slightly too big so I could reduce them.

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
12/06/2020 12:53:16

I have shown an instrument panel that I used on my blog here if you want to use it.


Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
03/06/2020 10:18:57

This may not help at all Dirk but I used Solartrim for this bit - you are painting the fuselage granted but you could do the scallops with trim. I made cardboard templates then drew the shapes onto the back of the solartrim then cut it out with a scalpel. You can read all that on my blog. Just another way of doing it.. If however you are going to paint mask then yes, Alan's method looks good.

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
26/05/2020 10:40:32

Great work as usual Phil.

I know exactly what you mean about blending the wing into the fuselage front and back which is made so much more complicated by the circular shape of the fuselage. Being a sloven and a heathen without your immaculate patience, I decided that the job of carving 3D shapes out of balsa with the attendant problem of thin balsa flaking, I decided to use milliput putty, which was so much easier. It may however be a bit heavier. That was the downside, also not really sandable, so you have to smooth it out with wet fingers before it sets, but you have 3 hours.

It is all on my blog - **LINK** if any of you keenies are as lacking in patience and want to finish 2nd?

Thread: 2020 PSSA Mass Build - Sabre - The Completed Model Thread!
22/05/2020 17:34:43


  • This is the Italian Aerobatic Team Cavallino Rampante version in the colours of the team. Apparently the fuselage was painted in a Lancia Car Body Colour! According to the website "Cavallino Rampante (Prancing Horse) aerobatic team has been established in 1956 from 4th Aerobrigata of Italian Air Force, as a successor of Cavallini Rampanti but this time flew five Canadair Sabre Mk4 (F-86 Sabre)."
  • AUW 4lb 7.5oz including 4oz of lead in the nose which works out to be 23.6 ounce per sq foot wing loading
  • In deviation from the plan I made a lost foam fibreglass fuselage, which was quite light up and until the application of covering. I used however exclusively film. The Antique Cream I think weighed heavily. It was the only covering I could get in the right shade of Antique Cream. It was Glosstex. The Red and Blue were Solarfilm. Glosstex is Solartex with a gloss covering to save you having to paint it.
  • The model has 4 channels, Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons, Flaps. Crow Brakes are also programmed in, with about 70 degress of drop in the flaps which are bottom hinged, whereas the ailerons are top hinged using Blenderm tape. I tried to use silicone but could not get it to adhere
  • Hoping to maiden it soon, just waiting for the right day.

Edited By Peter Garsden on 22/05/2020 17:38:39

Edited By Peter Garsden on 22/05/2020 17:39:23

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
18/05/2020 15:31:20

That's the difference between you and me you see Phil. Tanks look perfect to me says the man who just about knows the difference between Spitfires and Hurricanes. As Ivan keeps telling me "you won't know the difference when it is flying past at top speed." Wings look a lovely tight fit. You won't need filler fairing pieces like I did. Mind you I am on with my Jart and finished a month ago.

Was flying yesterday at the Mermaid but social distancing makes launching other people's models difficult.

What say we all to this? Is it allowed if one wears gloves?

Edited By Peter Garsden on 18/05/2020 15:32:13

Thread: Rob's F-86F NASA 228 research aircraft build
30/04/2020 17:19:57

Looks fantastic Rob.

I agree with Phil. I also use Halfords acrylic varnish. I find that a light dusting will be satin finish whereas a proper full coat will be gloss. I have used the same can for both PSSA scale in satin and mouldies with a thick gloss.

Thread: Sackys FJ3 Fury
16/04/2020 09:04:08

Ah gotcha. Didn't realise you had a complete fuselage to work with. That was my puzzle. Building is something you don't forget. Like riding a bike. It's just that the world and products have moved on a lot so you have to get used to it. I did the same. Flew and built from 15 to about 25 then packed it in until about 7 years ago.

16/04/2020 08:12:50

Looking great David. I suppose my question is how is the canopy going to marry up with the rest of the plane and be installed as you don't have the curvature of the fuselage yet. I have never seen this done before, so is it common?

Edited By Peter Garsden on 16/04/2020 08:13:15

Thread: Avon Sabre Spirit 78
13/04/2020 09:57:39

I probably have bits for the KST also as I have used that one many times.

13/04/2020 09:56:16

How annoying Steve. Have looked in my spares box and have 2 complete sets of arms mounting screws and Head bolt for the Hitec 125mg servo. If you pm me your address I can post it to you. Or just the horn bolt if that is all you need. We have to look after each other in these strangled times.

12/04/2020 10:06:04

Very novel solution Steve. Wish I had thought of that. You won't be disappointed with the KST servos. I have used them extensively on many mouldies with much more torque requirement than you are using, in fact I think they are rated at about 5kg or thereabouts. Loads more than you will need. The only servos I have ruined with flaps not being cancelled before landings are Savox 255's. and Savox gave me my money back.

Good luck with the Hitec analogue servos. Still good, but not as good as the KSTs.

I have used Savox 255's for the flaps, so I am breaking my own experience. To be honest I don't think we will need flaps other than for thermal/reflex use maybe. Mine don't go down very far on crow anyway.

Thread: Pete's Cavallino Rampante Italian Aerobatic Team Sabre
06/04/2020 13:24:56

Thanks Martin, just what I needed. At that wing loading it won't be a light wind version!

Thread: F86 "Gamma" Build
04/04/2020 19:01:51

Thanks Martin. As you can see from my blog, I am finished and ready to maiden. It has turned out, however a tad heavy at 4.5lbs. Just trying to work out the wing loading, so what is the wing surface area please for calculation purposes. I note that mine is 8oz heavier than the prototype. It will however fly faster in a high wind (he said??)

Edited By Peter Garsden on 04/04/2020 19:02:24

Thread: Pete's Cavallino Rampante Italian Aerobatic Team Sabre
04/04/2020 18:48:57

Well I think I am done, finally. Have put some panel lines on the yellow mainly to break it up as recommended by Phil. Looks OK. Why am I always first to finish? Good and colourful scheme. I just weighed it at 4lb 71/2oz, which is heavier than I wanted. I did have to add 125gram/4oz of lead in the nose, however. I was aiming for 4lbs so whether mine will cope with 12mph we will have to wait and see.

It was sunny outside just so did a plane on the grass pose. Problem is, flying is banned at the moment so I will have to wait for a sunny day.


Edited By Peter Garsden on 04/04/2020 18:49:53

Thread: F86 "Gamma" Build
03/04/2020 15:56:57

Martin, did I read correctly that on the Gamma Build you altered the Centre of Gravity from 168mm behind the leading edge to 172mm? I am at the stage of balancing. I think you said that this C of G suited your style of flying better?

Thread: Pete's Cavallino Rampante Italian Aerobatic Team Sabre
03/04/2020 08:03:02

This is my exhaust as mentioned on Phil's blog. It is not as effective as the A4 Skyhawk because the exhaust is larger and not as recessed. The test, I suppose is when it gets into the sky!


This shows the advantage of a fibreglass fuselage - thin walls.

The disadvantage usually quoted is weight, but I think we are going to end up with the same weight as the prototype ie. about 4lbs.

Edited By Peter Garsden on 03/04/2020 08:03:34

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
02/04/2020 21:38:52

I agree - superb craftsmanship as usual and as we expect of you Phil. But.... that is the advantage of a fibreglass fuselage - I had a 1.5mm exhaust wall ready made. Like the A4 Skyhawk, I have put a luminous orange disc in the exhaust with silver round the outside to make it look like an exhaust glow. Will post a picture on my blog.

02/04/2020 21:38:51

I agree - superb craftsmanship as usual and as we expect of you Phil. But.... that is the advantage of a fibreglass fuselage - I had a 1.5mm exhaust wall ready made. Like the A4 Skyhawk, I have put a luminous orange disc in the exhaust with silver round the outside to make it look like an exhaust glow. Will post a picture on my blog.

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