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Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
24/05/2019 19:25:56
Posted by Callsign Tarnish on 21/05/2019 06:04:07:

Salad dressing?

I asked in a somewhat forceful manner for some salad French Dressing for my side salad at the pub in Ponty, only to be told that they didn't have any but was supplied with 2 small bowls of oil and balsamic vinegar. I staged a pretend outrage at the lack of dressing in a somewhat dramatic fashion and the rest of those there thought it was real. Hopefully they will find out in this message that I was only acting - obviously convincingly. Still, there you go - probably influenced by around 4 pints of very nice draught ale, and the food was very nice too.

We always have a laugh, and it is worth the trip. Fabulous bunch of fellas, who are always pleasant and willing to help.

Thread: D40 Flying Wing - by me not Joe Manors
23/05/2019 08:21:31

Just thought I would show you the elevator connection. After some coats of paint and varnish it needed freeing up as it was binding. In the process I wrote off a servo. I hope it will be strong enough. We will see.



20/05/2019 08:01:46

Thanks Conrad.

I have changed my mind over the elevator connection and gone for a small ball and socket attachment which will slide over the 2mm carbon rod and be neater. I have put some thread lock on the nut to keep in situ on the horn.

18/05/2019 17:25:09

Stages since the last photo

  1. I cut out the fin from .5mm carbon sheet using masking tape and a cardboard template. I keep changing the shape of the fin.
  2. I cut a slot down the middle of the fuselage with my dremmel.
  3. I put the fin in position, and the model just didn't look right. They say "if it looks right it will fly right", so I still have the old tailplane so decided to make it into a conventional model.
  4. I was up Rushup Edge talking to the boys up there who make and design their own mouldies! So they should know? Jonathan Wells has his own design flying wing which goes like stink. They were saying that to avoid it being twitchy, the root chord has to be thick. When I looked at my flying wings they are all designed that way. The D40 is twitchy enough as it is, so I thought, hmm......
  5. I cut a slot in the fuselage at the rear to take the tailplane. I went for 0 degrees incidence. I hope that is right ie lined up with the wing. Any thoughts?


I think the carbon sheet looks really good. I have repainted the tailplane black (it was white with blue and yellow trim, which I could never see against the sky anyway.)

The slot was a bit hit and miss, and I am going to have to fill the gaps.


I think one of the problems with the old D40 was that the horn had previously broken and had been ground down so the attachment was really close to the surface. I think it put too much strain on the tailplane and moved it in flight, so I have made a new horn which will be better, I hope.


As my fuselage is intentionally slightly deeper than the D40 there is space for a 12g servo - Emax - very cheap and metal geared. Hopefully it will work OK.

I have installed a 1.5mm carbon rod and sleeve left over from a previous smash with the Willow, and I think it will work well. Metal Clevis on one end and a bent over wire at the tailplane.

11/05/2019 17:48:43

Have reverted to plain black with fluorescent wing tips. Will also put the same decoration on top of the fin. I am still doubtful whether this will ever fly after all this effort. Fingers crossed.


Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
10/05/2019 05:05:18

Today is SSW Steve. I can't work out if Meio Common will work at that wind or not because your excellent blog says just SW. I have put the journey into Google Maps and if I go straight there it cuts about half an hour off the trip, as I don't have to wander through Merthyr Tydfil.

If, however I go to the Bwlch does SSW mean Back of Wrecker or Mickey's?

09/05/2019 08:20:49

I will hopefully be arriving around midday tomorrow and going up to the slopes. Looks like a Westerly so presumably we can't get the gate open to avoid the 8 mile walk?

3 years ago Harry and I hunted round for hours for somewhere to eat without much success for the Friday so -

Just looked - the Italian Trattoria looks OK and close to our accommodation so maybe try that one?


06/05/2019 16:26:27

Change of plan - my wife is having a girlie weekend because this was in the diary, so I have booked the Friday off work and will travel down then - hopefully get an extra day or half a day up the slope.

So - Harry - one extra for me - Cockles to start then the rack of lamb please.

Hopefully still some space at the guest house - we will see.

Thread: D40 Flying Wing - by me not Joe Manors
04/05/2019 19:36:20

Next painting the wing with rattle cans - I was planning to make a pretend carbon effect with floor liner but it didn't work.


Black first after, of course, some coats of grey undercoat.


This is the shelf liner which you lay over the top and spray through - at least that is the theory.


This shows the silver sprayed over the liner before the reveal


I don't know what went wrong - maybe too much paint but it didn't work. I am going to just use black instead. Not to worry but worth a try.

04/05/2019 19:26:47


I cut out a piece of 6mm ply and installed a T Nut. I then dipped the bolt in Vaseline and let it set. Unfortunately I think it is at the wrong angle. I should have lined up the wing.

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
03/05/2019 08:07:05

I would love to come to the Bwlch, but having tried it for 2 years, I just found the drive etc exhausting - must be my age. I hope the weather gods bless you with some good lift.

Thread: D40 Flying Wing - by me not Joe Manors
30/04/2019 21:12:18

After a pause spent repairing some ARTF Power Models I fly at the Caravan. The problem is it is on the beach and the salt destroys everything. Servos pack up and motors go rusty. Pain.

So have now sanded down the filler above using a domestic shoe sander and my hand Proxxon model shoe sander which is amazing.

The worst part was the acetone and trying to get the foam out of such a small space. Acetone, poking with sticks and mess. I made the mistake of sealing the nose which I shouldn't have done. There is still a bit of tape in there but it will be fine as if anything it will take a slug of lead.

The biggest difficulty was sanding the Kevlar because it doesn't cut. Stops bullets but doesn't sand. You have to cut it, and it blunts blades very fast.


You can see that most of the filler has been sanded away and made for a smooth surface.


You can see the ragged edges of the kevlar here. This is where the acetone went in. Although I used latex gloves, acetone dissolves latex - problemo!



Bit of fiddling and the wing is in position with the existing tongue under the front of the canopy as per the original. The beauty is that as it is a flying wing the incidence doesn't matter - as long as the fin is in line. I still don't believe it will actually fly, but we will see!

Still a bit of filling then paint and finishing off, and how to cut the carbon fibre fin first time accurately because there will be no sanding it. Dremmel done very carefully over a shape marked out on masking tape with a carbon template is the plan.

17/04/2019 08:40:39

Well I have finished all the layers of cloth and resin

  1. 150gram Kevlar
  2. 150gram Fibreglass
  3. A carbon ribbon down each side avoiding the frontal area where the receiver should be.
  4. Final layers of 80 gram Fibreglass
  5. Thick coat of Epoxy Resin and Microballoons which you can see in the photo. This I will sand down to a thin smooth coat with a horn shaped sander,

Then its goo and acetone time - not looking forward to that one.


Thread: PSS A-4E 'Top Gun' Skyhawk
16/04/2019 18:45:40

Mike Q - see the earlier posts on this Blog which explain Phil's experience of flying this model, also see my blog which has posts on my flying experiences with it - **LINK** - see post from August 2016 onwards

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
14/04/2019 09:22:32

Yet another fine selection of photos Mr C. Great light and backdrops - a photographer's dream.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
10/04/2019 17:58:45
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 07/04/2019 21:40:47:

Here's my PSS Hawker Hurricane from the Matt Jones plan on the Great Orme today.20190407_211105.jpg

Great finish to the plane Alan, looking forward to seeing it fly.

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
09/04/2019 07:59:36

Yes indeed, quite agree, another great weekend. Needed to come to work for a rest. Too much beer and fresh air. The lift up the Easterly slope was awesome, and I sorted out my Canberra, which flew so well hands off if necessary. I can see some more being put together now and a fleet forming. All Andy Blackburn's designs are ace so no wonder.

Did put together a brief synopsis for the Leek and Moorland site here **LINK**

02/04/2019 18:32:42

Will be with you all after lunch on Saturday as have to attend Granddaughter's birthday party between 11 and 1pm. It's in Ruthin if you want to go, but can't guarantee entry as it will obviously be ticket only.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
02/04/2019 10:37:31

Yes Martin, all correct as Andy says - great bunch of lads, with many composite skills between them.

For more information see our website which we have just refurbished. Many events all year. - **LINK**

Meeting this very weekend up the Orme. All welcome.

Thread: Jart or M60
02/04/2019 09:05:34

I built a 70 inch Jart which is fast but goes in light lift due to its span. It also incorporates flaps and is easier to land. If I was building it again, I would use a snake for the tail instead of a rod, and balsa fin instead of a moulded version. I also wouldn't bother with a rudder. I ended up with more weight than I would have liked in the nose.


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