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Thread: Charging Lipo batteries
26/09/2019 19:47:35

As the Halfords PSU is a switching regulator it should have a fairly smooth output and is likely to be OK. Laptop power supplies are also switching regulators and should be fine. The old train transformer probably has an unsmoothed output and I would not risk it. The only way to tell for sure is to look at the output with an oscilloscope and see if it is a fairly smooth voltage or a series of humps at 50Hz or 100Hz. I think you should be OK with the Halfords unit.

26/09/2019 11:48:31

You need to make sure that the output from a train transformer or similar device is smoothed (typically with an electrolytic capacitor) and not just half or full wave rectified unsmoothed DC. The charger will not work properly and might be damaged by an unsmoothed power source.

Thread: ESC only works when increasing the throttle very slowly
15/07/2019 11:58:47

I've had this sort of issue several times in the past and it has nearly always been timing or start up mode related. As has been suggested try the low timing setting and also try changing to a softer start up mode (but only change one parameter at a time)

Thread: Suggestions for vintage model
17/05/2019 11:42:10

How about a "Sparky" designed by Harry Hundleby. My original back in the day was single channel, I made another some 10 years or so ago with rudder and elevator. A tough model and amazingly aerobatic, suits 1.5cc diesel or as in my case electric power. Plan is on Outerzone.

Thread: Now That Is Proper Modelling...
13/05/2019 10:51:16

Outstanding model

Thread: Another Millennium Bug?
05/04/2019 12:25:52
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 05/04/2019 11:12:46:

Delicious irony that your thread title describes it as a big! laugh

Oops, finger fumble. It might turn out to be a big bug though!

05/04/2019 10:49:15

I'm surprised that the GPS WNRO (week number roll over) has not received more publicity. The 10 bit week number count means that every 19.7 years it starts again at zero and this happens next on April 6/7 2019. This can (and will!) affect older GPS units not designed to accommodate this. Time and date information displayed could become erroneous. You can read more about it here:-

I had an email from Tom Tom regarding my old GPS to inform me that it is not compliant and they are not going to update it but will give me a 30% discount on a new one (I don't use it anymore so not a problem). My smartphone got a system update yesterday to deal with the problem even though it is only two years old.

I suspect a great many people worldwide are going to wonder what has happened to their Satnavs, smartphones etc in a day or two's time.

Thread: Best electric motor brand?
19/02/2019 11:21:33

I think this is a bit like asking what is the best radio gear, everyone has a different opinion and responses are not based on any actual comparison metrics. Anyway for what it's worth I have had good results with Hacker motors and also good results with muuch cheaper SK3 motors from HobbyKing. The only really bad results I have had are with Scorpion motors where I have had several cases of premature bearing failure.

Thread: Eze-Kote and Koverall
17/02/2019 12:06:12

You can use Eze-dope with other covering materials including Diatex and the similar Koverall. It is always a good idea of course to do a trial first when trying any new technique.

Thread: Servos
03/02/2019 17:34:48

Savox 0255MG are amazing servos for their size IMHO, very powerful and strong gears

Thread: Phoenix 5.5
23/01/2019 10:49:46

Phoenix flight simulator has been discontinued for some time. I suspect one of the main reasons is the availability of cheap clone dongles and software from China. There are lots of decent user made models for Phoenix online if you are missing the new model updates from Phoenix.

Thread: Trouble with squirrels
16/01/2019 12:00:13

Love it! gave me a good laugh

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
01/01/2019 10:28:51

I was shocked and saddened to hear the news about BEB. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Thread: Merco 61 Glow Engine (Single plug version)
24/12/2018 11:12:45

Back in the day my first "large" engine was a Merco 49 then a Merco 61. A nice easy to handle engine of modest (by today's standards) power. Something like an Enya No 3 plug or similar should be fine. Handling is definitely improved with some nitromethane in the fuel, around 5 to 10%

Thread: Mystery
23/12/2018 12:14:29

I have a 60A Hobby King Blue Series ESC in one of my models. I believe these are the same as the Mystery ones. Anyway it works very well with a decent BEC rating and a nice smooth throttle response

Thread: Glue for foamy?
18/12/2018 19:30:00

Isn't Gorilla glue hard after it has set? flexibility is the advantage of Por and Foam2Foam

18/12/2018 11:34:37

For years I have used UHU Por for my indoor EPP Shockie style models. The Por joints on the oldest models are turning yellow and becoming brittle. This aging effect happens slowly over several years and I suspect many models will not survive long enough for it to be a problem but some of my models are well over 5 years old. It will be interesting to see if Foam2Foam is better in this respect.

Thread: BMFA club finder
12/12/2018 10:12:30
Posted by Andy Symons - BMFA on 12/12/2018 09:29:34:

we are looking in to this.

Could someone who isn't seeing and points try viewing in incognito mode to see if that helps. I have a feeling this could be a browser settings/add ons issue.

I tried with Chrome in incognito mode but still no clubs found. My OS is W10 1803

11/12/2018 20:20:56

Still not working here but maybe hasn't propagated through network yet

11/12/2018 16:26:43

Is it just me but the BMFA club finder doesn't seem to find any clubs at the moment even putting a large radius around the TW11 area

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