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Thread: Futaba R2006GS failure
03/07/2018 11:45:04

Might be worth contacting Ripmax

Thread: Riot XL problem
02/07/2018 10:35:47

My standard size Riot had similar characteristics, fixed by adding some downthrust.

Thread: Imax B6
01/07/2018 11:47:46

I'm with Gary's analysis 100%. The higher the capacity of a LiPo the longer it will take the charger to get a pack back in balance and periodic re-balancing on a stand alone balancer is good practice. One other thought, with the Imax B6 type chargers the default mode when selecting LiPo is not balance mode. If I remember correctly you have to press the + key once to get to the balance charge mode so it is just possible the original poster was not actually in balance mode.

30/06/2018 12:21:44

The Imax B6 and most other balance chargers work by applying a resistive load across any cells which are higher than the lowest one. The effect of this is to reduce the charging current in the high cells by around 200mA. Depending on the degree of out of balance the pack may or may not end up fully balanced by the end of charge. For badly out of balance packs connecting them to a stand alone balancer is good practice. To say balance chargers do not balance the pack is simply incorrect.

29/06/2018 11:17:13

I have seen this on several occasions, it only seems to happen on older packs and I am fairly sure it is the charger having difficulty in accurately balancing the pack. When this happens I manually stop the charger then check the cell voltages, provided the balance is reasonable I use them as normal and without any problems.

Thread: Help me!
29/06/2018 11:05:43

Take a look at PicaSim, although biased towards gliders there are quite a few power models and the flight dynamics are very good in my opinion. Available on PC and mobile platforms the best bit is that it is free with optional donation (which I did).

Thread: Wot-4 E Mk2 (balsa) nylon wing bolts
29/05/2018 11:58:46

I'm still using the original bolts that came with the kit, I wanted some spares just in case of loss or breakage.

29/05/2018 10:30:53

Just a quick follow up on my query about wing bolts. To be clear about the model, it is the balsa and ply Wot-4 Mk2 E of wingspan 1.2m introduced about 18 months ago and reviewed in the Jan 2017 RCM&E. The wing bolts have turned out to be 10-24 UNC thread.

20/05/2018 20:18:10

Thanks to RCPF and Denis W for your answers. I found a supplier of the Dubro ones on ebay at reasonable cost so I will get some but RCPF suggestion re: M5 may be a better long term option.


20/05/2018 10:48:33

I recently gave my Wot-4 E Mk2 (new version) its first outing and I was very pleased with the way it handled. The wing is held at the TE by two nylon bolts which I assumed were M5 until I measured them. They are slightly smaller in diameter and coarser in pitch. I would like to order some spares but no one seems to stock them, does anyone know of a source or what the actual size is?

Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
23/04/2018 11:52:19

I ventured out to the club field for the first time this year last Friday. Weather was absolutely superb, warm with clear blue sky and light winds. I took an old favourite with me, my Sebart Shark, a delightful model to fly (sadly now discontinued from the Sebart range). Had a couple of flights with the Shark then enjoyed my picnic lunch, a few more flights then off back home. Today the weather is back to normal April, I hope that super weather last week wasn't our summer!


Thread: Across the Channel in 80 minutes......
10/04/2018 11:56:59

Well done guys!

Thread: P.A.W engine factory vid
03/04/2018 12:29:10

Thanks for the video link, real old school engineering shop. I've had a few PAW's over the years and they have all been good runners.

Thread: Mini Super
01/04/2018 12:21:39
Posted by Percy Verance on 01/04/2018 10:06:33:


Mr. Boddington's designs do not all use flat bottomed airfoils. The Expo 80 from 1971 for example, uses a semi-symmetrical section. I bought an Expo 80 kit in 1978. The section was speciically chosen to allow the model to fly well in wind. There have been others with non Clark Y sections too. It would be fair to say that Boddo did stick to what he knew worked well though.

Boddo's Ghost Rider series went as far as using a thick symmetrical section.

Thread: Restoring an old Flair Junior 60, Help and Advice needed
21/03/2018 12:01:38

Link to the Mk2 Junior 60 on Outerzone:-


As has been mentioned, the Flair Junior 60 is based on the 1955 Mk2 KK Junior 60

Thread: 35 mhz - any value
07/03/2018 12:10:25

All my indoor models have the excellent Schultze DSP Rx's in them (used with a Hitec Eclipse Tx) and I have no intention of changing them to 2.4GHz. There's never a frequency clash as everyone else is using 2.4GHz. On the other hand all my outdoor models are on 2.4GHz. As others have said, nobody is interested in buying 35MHz gear.

Thread: End for Maplins?
03/03/2018 11:57:56

Many years ago when I was a lad and RCM&E had real electronic projects in every issue I used to be a regular visitor to Watts Radio in the Apple Market in Kingston Upon Thames. I can't remember when it closed but I think it was some time in the 1980's. It was a Mecca for home electronic enthusiasts and staffed by people who actually new something.

Thread: Tesla launch car!
07/02/2018 12:25:43

I also viewed it live and agree with Phil, seeing the two boosters landing simultaneously on adjacent pads was truly amazing.

Thread: Single Channel Radio Control - RH Warring
03/02/2018 11:48:28

I started flying R/C when I was at school and back then most of us were flying single channel with super regen Rx's. I always preferred the simpler sequential escapements like the Elmic Conquest to the compound type. R/C gear today has never been so good and available at such reasonable cost.

Thread: Fixing an aluminium spinner
03/02/2018 11:41:06

Another vote for 400 grit glued back to back

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