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Thread: Hawker Hurricane mk IId - JV-Z
17/08/2018 23:34:15
Lovely work Andy! Enjoy your hols, I've just got back from a week away, so I get rolling again with my Hurri this weekend. Ps I like the gun pods!
Thread: Hawker Hurricane Mk I fabric detail
08/08/2018 22:23:33
Hi Bob, that's stunning work, really effective, thanks for sharing the detail!
Thread: 11C 213 Squadron Hurricane El Alamein 1942
06/08/2018 20:45:07
Phew, thanks for the update on weight Pete! Weighed mine earlier today _ bare wood airframe, no servos, no covering etc, that weighed 2 lb. So I thought 2lb 5ozs finished was going some!
Thread: Hawker Hurricane MK1
01/08/2018 18:41:08

Hi All, Thought I should update my Hurricane build. Ive been away for a few days and also seem to have a terribly slow internet connection at home just now.

To the Hurri - some of the scale bits have taken a little longer than planned - but have been good fun!

Ive 3D printed the exhaust stacks- 6 port rather than 3 - (before the scale police dive in - in this aircraft sometime in the early 1950's a six port exhaust was fitted). Finished the underslung radiator - at the moment I"m going for mini magnets (x5 top and bottom) to hold it in place. Fitted the tail strake and played around with a method to add some rib detail to the fin and tailplane ( thanks to Bob J for the idea shared at the Lleyn!).

Tried a a dry fit - all held together with blu tac and painters tape at the moment! Next jobs - tailplane actuator and wing fillets. Slowly coming together... I think!

Some photos below:









Edited By Harry Twist on 01/08/2018 18:41:55

Thread: RN Hawker Sea Hurricane IIc
01/08/2018 00:41:28
Beautiful work on the wing root fillets Phil, just starting work on mine but spending a little time getting a better wing to fus seat first.
Thread: 11C 213 Squadron Hurricane El Alamein 1942
16/07/2018 23:35:01

Looking superb that Peter - I do like the colour scheme - very striking. Ref epoxy or Ezecote - I'm doing the opposite to you - I did Ezecote on the A4, now going to try epoxy (hopefully) on the Hurricane. Good luck with the maiden when you get finished!

Thread: Hawker Hurricane MK1
12/07/2018 23:21:24

A little more progress on the Hurri - the wings are now fully skinned, joined and the required dihedral set. I need to do a little rectification of the joint on the underside but overall I'm reasonably happy with the result so far.

Now onto adding leading edges and preparing the trailing edges for the torque rods and aileron fit. Ive also painted up the pilot and started to block in the cockpit floor area.

Wings skinned, joined and outer leading edges added


Pilot patiently awaiting completion of his cockpit!


Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2018
03/07/2018 23:07:05

Great weekend, great company, some fabulous models airborne. Echoing Alans comments - thanks to Lleyn MAC for being so accomodating and offering us the flat field option should we have wanted it.

Some great shots there Phil. Lovely group shot also.

Thread: Not sure what type of Hurricane yet
27/06/2018 00:16:10

Hi Steve, looking very tidy - rapid progress there with fuselage and wings. Your bespoke pilot looks great!

Thread: Russian hurricane
27/06/2018 00:01:20

Hi Dirk, looks great, nice work with the wing fairings!

Thread: Hawker Hurricane MK1
25/06/2018 00:09:57

Hi All,

Steve - yes planning glass cloth 25g/sqm an then paint. Ref the wing joint I have filled in the gap between spars with 3mm sheet for the bays in the centre panel (R2R3) and the wing panel (R3R4) involved in the join, also trimmed the ply to sit under the top skin. Before I finally commit to the wing panel/centre panel join I will make efforts to ensure a good rib to rib joint whilst trying to achieve the required dihedral also. I'm a step off this yet since I still need to apply topskin/ add washout to the wing panels.

Peter, I'm not sure that the ply cruciform actually does that much apart from giving a little comfort! If you get a good fit of F1A into the plastic spinner - it seems to totally "rigidise" the spinner ( is rigidise a word?) so it may not need further support. I just felt that a bit more contact between the former and the spinner would be useful and the cruciform seemed easiest. I have since blocked in the four quadrants with blue foam, it now needs sanding to profile and locating inside the spinner.

Edited By Harry Twist on 25/06/2018 00:11:54

23/06/2018 00:46:20

Well I've pushed on a little further with the Hurricane. Fuselage now nearly to shape - sits in my cardboard templates fairly well, little more to do then sand to a fine finish. I am using a combination of : templates / 1:72 airfix kit / the plan and a few photos to help achieve the shape.


With the wings - I have fitted the ply wing joiners and gone for the same method as Phil, the ply is trimmed to sit underside of the top skin. I have also butchered carefully cut into the wing leading edges to accomodate lights, I added a sub rib back to the main spar creating a box effect, I also talked myself into fitting wing tip lights ( fitting lighting to a glider is a first for me!).


Next job was to start making up wing and centre panel top skins, here they are just laid on the waiting sections.


I have been carefully cutting down the spinner to size, using the plan to obtain the shape I made up a ply cruciform from some of the spare lightply in the kit. Hopefully F1a will sit on this and the fuselage front when all is trimmed up.


In addition I have been thinking about which particular Hurricane to model and now think I am homed in. I'm going for the last Hurricane built - but I am going to use the scheme when she was registered as a civilian aircraft and used in Kings Cup air races in the 1950's. In this guise the aircraft was predominantly Royal Blue with gold trim/markings. A little like the image below. Clearly as the last Hurricane its not a mk1 but a 2C! The main visual changes on this aircraft were- at some point during its racing life the exhausts were changed to six port from three and the large aerial was removed.


Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2018
13/06/2018 20:56:13

Hi I'm planning Friday to Sunday evening, back in work Monday! Hopefully arriving fri mid- morning. Looking at camping at Anns place.

Thread: Hawker Hurricane MK1
08/06/2018 22:29:29

Hi Peter / Andy - many thanks for your helpful input. Following your posts I've backtracked and removed the laminate sheet, then trimmed and levelled the fuselage top as you indicated and added in the 10mm sheet (which is what I should have done originally had I got a brain!). To remove a slight bit of bowing I added a  second mini former in front of F8.

Now also sanded the fuselage sheeting nearly to shape, plus I have done a bit more overall fuselage shaping and started the centre wing panel.


Fuselage top levelled ready for 10mm sheet



Rear fuselage top sanded nearly to profile



Bit more fuselage shaping done



Wing centre panel underway.



Edited By Harry Twist on 08/06/2018 22:33:59

Thread: Aldi bargains
08/06/2018 20:36:56

Cutting mats in my local Aldi - reduced to 1.49 for 1 x A3 or 2 x A4 pack....... in light blue or pink! I presume any remnant stock elsewhere will also be reduced.

Not quite as heavy duty as the green ones usually seen but perfectly good for most work.

Thread: 11C 213 Squadron Hurricane El Alamein 1942
08/06/2018 20:31:32

Looking good that Peter - you've pretty much got a complete airframe now!

Thread: Hawker Hurricane MK1
07/06/2018 00:00:02

Hi Trevor - yes all sorts of issues/solutions with the spinner to forward fuselage gap - on full size Hurricanes. On the model though - I will be aiming for a seamless joint!

Trevor C -the underslung radiator has been discussed on some of the other build blogs, certainly not all slope landings are on soft long grass! It is a large part of the underside character of the Hurri so I'm sure all builders will want to include it. I think the general feel at the moment is to permanently affix the radiator to the model, then protect it as much as is possible (fibreglass?) and accept that it may be somewhat sacrificial! The benefit is that it may protect the rear tailwheel area. Other options are magnetic mounting, or some type of "knock off" system.

So I have nearly finished sheeting the Hurricane fuselage, I decided to laminate the area immediately behind the cockpit as it is a severe bend for a single piece of 10mm sheet, the flatter rear area was kept as one thickness. I did add a mini former forward of F8 just to pinch the fuselage topsides before sheeting, this was to encourage them to remain parallel. Next fuselage job is to complete one more laminate layer on rear fuselage then onto some serious sanding to shape.

Also now made up wing sheets and started to construct the wings, right wing first. To ensure the ribs sat neatly on the sloping sub trailing edge I made up a simple jig to help trimming.

Some photos below of a little more progress.

Rear sheeting of fuselage.



Wing being laid up - not glued at this stage


Small jig used to trim ribs and match to sub trailing edge (on a cutting mat sit the rib next to the jig and trim off rear of rib to match angle on jig).





Edited By Harry Twist on 07/06/2018 00:00:48

02/06/2018 00:35:32

So - with the scaffolding of battens and clamps removed, a semi-fuselage was revealed! I have tidied up the frontal area, completed the rolled sheeting and started to block in the nose. Few other mini jobs done - including rerouting the snake outer to run up the centre of the formers and carefully reamed out an exit hole at the rear of the fuselage.

In prospect of the major shaping and sanding to come and in order to help obtain the shape of the fuselage, I spent a happy hour tonight making fuselage shape "guides" (cant think of a better name for them). Basically I photocopied the section views of the formers from the plan, cut them out and stuck them to a large piece of card, created a rectangle area around each one and then cut each of those out out to give me exterior former shapes. The pictures say it better than my words can explain! (This method helped me tremendously on shaping the A4 Skyhawk).

Next jobs - complete blocking in the nose and then sheeting the rear upper fuselage. Some photos to show details.


Fuselage shape guides being set up - tip - use thickish card to stick copies to - thin card ends up too flexible when set against the fuselage. For now I just did the key formers F1,2,3,6,8,9.


Ten minutes or so later you have this....job done


I thought the photo below was great - so decided to share!


30/05/2018 19:37:16
Thanks Peter, good advice there. Could I ask a friendly moderator to delete 3 of the four posts above - we seem to have 4 copies of the same message! Many thanks.
25/05/2018 00:55:20

Inching the fuselage on a little more...... I have completed the underside sheeting front and back and now moved on to some serious ammonia bending of the fuselage.

To encourage the fuselage sides to take on the necessary shape behind the cockpit I decided to wet with ammonia full length of the upper fuselage - nose to tail ( I tried it first with an unwetted front end and an ammonia soaked rear- this seemed to create a lot of stress in the unwetted front balsa).

I then held the front in place with numerous rubber bands ( basically "training" the balsa into shape) whilst I encouraged the balsa rear fuselage sides over the reentrant F5 and F6 formers into their curved shape. The guide pieces suggested by Chris Barlow and Phil Cooke I found invaluable and literally take minutes to make - so are highly recommend in my view. I found that careful / gentle pressure using fingers ( gloved to protect from ammonia) inside and outside of the fuselage side - doing one side at a time - encouraged the balsa to conform, then clamp up. The attached photo shows the rear fuselage in drying mode having been reclamped and glued once the ammonia has dried. F5 sits a little above the fuselage line so will need a sliver added to each side. Oddly I found all this much easier to do with the two side 1/4 inch square longerons not installed - I will add them as I shape up the cockpit area.

The keen eyed will note a piece from the front rolled over fuselage side missing... this happened not during ammonia work but whilst I had the fuselage upside down fitting the rear lower sheeting - too much side force and it snapped off ( basically me being clumsy!) I will shape it and refit or simply plank that area in.



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