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Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
08/09/2020 19:33:03

Thanks Phil for the organisation of what became a cracking weekend in great company.

Steve - thanks for sharing your album, some great images in there!

Thread: Vintage Cardboard Cut-Out Plane Flies!
29/04/2020 16:22:00

Hi Cliff, great project, enjoyed the videos. Is there any easy link to find the FB page that the original card print is on? Many thanks.

Edited By Harry Twist on 29/04/2020 16:22:46

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
19/04/2020 00:14:55

Hi Dirk, brilliant work on your airbrakes and the "internals". They're a great scale feature to add.

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
14/04/2020 23:27:45

Nice work on building up the canopy front and rear Phil. I like the homemade sanding tool!

Thread: F-86A Sabre Montana Air National Guard
14/04/2020 22:11:43

Hi All, Ive been working on the wing to fuselage fit, as a result I've modified the wing mounted ply plate so that it sits within the belly pan area and basically forms part of the belly pan (the result is a plate that is a bit narrower than on the plan).

In addition I've been pondering how to locate the front dowels accurately on the wing front ply plate. I came up with a little jig that helps locate the hole centre's prior to drilling the wing for the dowels.

Basically you need: a couple of short scrap lengths of 6mm dowel, each at approx 10mm long, two panel pins and a small piece of very thin ply (1/64th inch or alternatively thin stiff card would do).

Pictures hopefully explain!

Tap the pins gently into the short dowel lengths, they need to exit at the dowel centre's ( may need a couple of goes to get right!). You only need two or three mm of the pin point to pass through.


Mark up the ply plate (sit it in the fuselage and mark the fuselage dowel centres) then tap the pin head/dowel combination through the ply and superglue into location.



Locate the jig in the fuselage:img_20200414_144107596.jpg


Introduce the wing towards its location, gently push it onto the jig and if careful you will get the pin heads to give you the dowel centre's for the intended dowel holes in the wing plate. On removal of the wing, the jig may even come away attached to the wing front.



Drill the wing and locate the dowels.



Modified wing bolt plate, to sit within the belly pan








Edited By Harry Twist on 14/04/2020 22:12:06

Thread: Avon Sabre Spirit 78
10/04/2020 22:21:21

Very tidy Steve! I like the servo mounting frames.

Thread: F-86A Sabre Montana Air National Guard
08/04/2020 22:43:56

Hi Steve, yes I've found the tail area a little tricky to shape! There's one detailed image of the tail area on the plastique fantastique website - F86 walkround which I studied for a long time. Here are three shots I took as I carved the tail away. its not finished yet and needs tidying and also its not quite the right shape but its on the way. The holes are weight saving holes (!) I had previously drilled in F10 during fuselage assembly, this will eventually have a blanking cover over it. I also looked at Phil C's tail shots which I think are very helpful with the shaping.

I'm slightly worried about creating too thin a wall thickness for the tailpipe. Hey ho!

Tail area before working on jetpipe


Marked up for cutting and carving


Partly completed, F10 visible with holes!


Thread: Alaskan Air National Guard Version
06/04/2020 23:35:59

Nice and tidy there Steve, innovative solution on the tailplane cheeks.

Thread: Pete's Cavallino Rampante Italian Aerobatic Team Sabre
06/04/2020 23:13:23

Hi Peter, looks fabulous.. looks like its going fast when its standing still! Well done on the completion, stunning colour scheme.

Thread: F-86A Sabre Montana Air National Guard
06/04/2020 23:03:34

Hi All, I thought it was time for an update of my build blog!

Firstly, Dirk thanks for the canopy frame, I look forward to receiving it, its great to add scale details where possible on the build.

So, I have virtually finished the wing - both halves joined, leading and trailing edges added, torque rods in, and wingtips added. Just need the aileron robart hinge locations cutting in, The wing is almost sanded to final shape, some further careful sanding should see it pretty much done with the exception of the belly pan area.

With regards to the fuselage, I've shaped and added the uniquely Sabre nose piece, I did need to add a spacer to get a good transition from fuselage to nose, but that was an easy fix. Once the nose is fitted, the fuselage finally starts to look like that of an aircraft!

In addition I've begun to tackle the tail area, starting with the tailplane horn, then onto shaping the side cheeks (which I had some fun with in trying to get a good fuselage fit!). Finally I have reprofiled the jet exhaust area to adjust the curve profile ( like Phil C has done) and begun the blending process to acquire the desired tail area shape.

Next jobs involve continuing to work up the tail area, fin and the all moving tailplanes.

Best regards to all.

Pictures to share....

Ice hockey mask or Sabre nose?


Tailplane horn/ pushrod mechanism


Nose in situ


Tail area in process


Wing nearly complete.


02/03/2020 22:18:45

Hi Steve, sorry for a late response, looks like you may have your answer, but here are a few pictures of the model as requested. For info, the Airfix model is of an F86 E, looking at images of other marques, there are some minor variations at the rear of the aircraft.

Hope the images help.






Thread: PSSA Sabre Mass Build Event T-shirt - NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER!
02/03/2020 20:53:32

Hi Phil, the t - shirts look great. I'll get an order in!

Thread: XFJ-2 Fury: F-86E Modified for Carrier Operations
26/02/2020 23:23:00

Hi John, that looks very tidy, nicely done! Loving the hovering background A4 Skyhawk, they do look great in bare wood!

Thread: F-86A Sabre Montana Air National Guard
26/02/2020 23:13:50

Hi All, pushed on a little more, mainly with some wing work. I've now got the wing top skins on, really impressed with how helpful the jig was in this task - it pretty much ensures that the desired wing shape and profile is obtained. Once dried, I removed the excess skin and trimmed up for the servo locations for drop tank release and ailerons ( I'm going the torque rod route). Following that I added the leading edge sections. Next job, plane and sand them to profile.

Ticking along....



Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2020 Mass Build Project
25/02/2020 10:01:19

Hi All, thought I would pop this here, this magazine is currently on sale, got mine in Tesco, but I'm sure its probably in WH Smiths and other outlets. Its approx 160 pages of Sabre history and information. Its a good reference for lots of the detail needed in the build: panel lines, nose shape, tail shape and the tailplane/ fin rear fuselage shape! It covers all the marques including the Fury and Sabre dog. Plus its a good read!

( I think its availability has been mentioned in a blog - by John Tee in Tony's build blog, so apologies if this is a repeat).


Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
23/02/2020 00:56:48

Hi Dirk, they look superb, very clever idea and a great scale item!

Thread: Sabre Drop Tanks
22/02/2020 18:57:38

Thanks Martin and Gordon for producing this helpful pdf, It'll be fun making up the tanks.

On the subject of tanks, have a look at this little bit of craftsmanship from three Sabre drop tanks:

Upcycling drop tanks...

Thread: Su-25 Frogfoot for slope
19/02/2020 22:39:21

Hi Robin, I would go scale anhedral ....or at least take a view... maybe somewhere midway between scale anhedral and flat? But not flat. The anhedral wing is such a characteristic of the Frogfoot it would be great to retain it.

Thread: F-86A Sabre Montana Air National Guard
19/02/2020 21:35:01

Hi All, thought I had better update my blog! Various combinations of events in Dec/Jan contributed to massively slowing down my build rate, but I'm back to moving the Sabre along, and hopefully I'm not too far behind!

So, the fuselage is now pretty much planked apart from a small topside area, which I have left to allow me some access until I'm totally happy that all is good inside. I'm reasonably happy with the planking, many tapered pieces were cut and let in, and many angled planks were needed, all great fun and rewarding when it comes off! I did'nt manage to do any substantial sheeting in the end - I think the widest planks I managed on the bottom were in the order of 10mm.

I've removed a large chunk of former F6, then cut and sanded back all overhanging planks front and back and then given the whole fuselage a first pass rough sand.

In addition I have started to make up the tail group, fin, finstrake and tailplanes. I'm going down Phil's route with the tailplanes and using three laminations ( ie 1/8th trapped between 2 x 3/16ths).

I'm also now starting to think about the cockpit area and deciding how deep I can go with a pilot figure, I suspect not to far!

Couple of shots to share...


Fuselage planking nearly done


Laminated wingtip blocks, fin, strake and tailplane pieces prepared


Edited By Harry Twist on 19/02/2020 21:35:40

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
19/02/2020 20:43:40

Hi Chris, that nose profile is really getting there now. Once glassed and painted it will look great. Roll on the Sabre dog!

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