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Thread: Hawker Hurricane MK1
25/05/2018 00:55:20

Inching the fuselage on a little more...... I have completed the underside sheeting front and back and now moved on to some serious ammonia bending of the fuselage.

To encourage the fuselage sides to take on the necessary shape behind the cockpit I decided to wet with ammonia full length of the upper fuselage - nose to tail ( I tried it first with an unwetted front end and an ammonia soaked rear- this seemed to create a lot of stress in the unwetted front balsa).

I then held the front in place with numerous rubber bands ( basically "training" the balsa into shape) whilst I encouraged the balsa rear fuselage sides over the reentrant F5 and F6 formers into their curved shape. The guide pieces suggested by Chris Barlow and Phil Cooke I found invaluable and literally take minutes to make - so are highly recommend in my view. I found that careful / gentle pressure using fingers ( gloved to protect from ammonia) inside and outside of the fuselage side - doing one side at a time - encouraged the balsa to conform, then clamp up. The attached photo shows the rear fuselage in drying mode having been reclamped and glued once the ammonia has dried. F5 sits a little above the fuselage line so will need a sliver added to each side. Oddly I found all this much easier to do with the two side 1/4 inch square longerons not installed - I will add them as I shape up the cockpit area.

The keen eyed will note a piece from the front rolled over fuselage side missing... this happened not during ammonia work but whilst I had the fuselage upside down fitting the rear lower sheeting - too much side force and it snapped off ( basically me being clumsy!) I will shape it and refit or simply plank that area in.



Thread: PSSA Chat
23/05/2018 00:14:03
Hey Andy, surely all the other gliders are transported in the hold of the Antonov!✈🤔

Edited By Harry Twist on 23/05/2018 00:14:37

Thread: Blohm & Voss BV215 for PSS
21/05/2018 21:09:01

Hi Rich, Thanks for your message ref the B&V215, basically I modified a free plan from RCME Jan 2011, which was for a depron pusher ( there are build blogs on here from around then, plus there is some YT footage of built pusher models flying). I have adapted this for slope and built it in balsa - basically the plan provIded a good outline shape for the fuselage and wing / winglets. I also used (as Mark has indicated above) the Outerzone plan to help with other details. For a 90mm edf I think the model would need to be scaled up- not sure to what span? The current wingspan is around 40 inches and the fuselage section approx 4 inches round ( its a flattened ellipse but approx 4 inches in section). The link provided by Martin (above) should also help in homing in on a plan. I do have the original RCME depron plan if that helps.

Attached are a couple of photos of the model as it is today. It took me three attempts to blow a canopy and I'm still not sure its right- so its just sat on top for now. Some detailing still needed ref decals etc but overall I'm happy with the result so far.





Edited By Harry Twist on 21/05/2018 21:11:58

Thread: Hawker Hurricane MK1
18/05/2018 18:22:15

Bit more progress to add. The two fuselage halves have now been completed and the nose sub assembly added in, as have been the wing mounting bolt and its sub former. I added a square of 1mm ply at the front of the battery box- between the end of it and the rear of F1 just to beef it up a little. Fuselage halves now joined, I was very happy as F3 and F7 located squarely on their respective positions. I have also now got the tail pulled in. Like Peter Garsden I found the overall length needed trimming by 6mm at the rear to sit square over the plan ( this is all as planned since the plan pack clearly has allowed excess material on top, bottom, front and rear of the sheets that form the fuselage sides - to allow for the curving nature of the end product, this is all trimmed as the curving is added in).

I have also just finished my first ammonia work (I assume everyone is using their ammonia neat and not diluting?) and have pulled in the front (in plan) - over F3, F2 and F1.

I think I can see a Hurricane in there!

Some process shots:

Fuselage halves joined and front sub assembly carefully supported. The old batteries act as masses.


Tail pulled in after trimming to length and chamfering to fit.


Using ammonia to pull the nose in and achieve a "set", awaiting drying and not glued yet. Battens used to protect the fuselage sides.


Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
18/05/2018 17:51:55

Phil thanks for sharing the photos from the Bwlch meet - some cracking shots there - Steve thanks for the Shuttleworth link - dont think I can make it though!

14/05/2018 21:14:07

Great shots Steve!

Echoing all the above, big thanks to Steve and Nick for between you - organising slopes/ booking pub meal / obtaining permissions and getting the key to allow access! Over the two days it was great to fly on three different slopes with massively varying wind direction and wind strengths. Sunday afternoon on Mickeys was superb. Thanks to everyone for the great company and banter throughout the two days. To add to Alans red forehead ( see above!) I can offer a red nose and red ears - not enough suncream added!

Edited By Harry Twist on 14/05/2018 21:15:55

Thread: Hawker Hurricane MK1
11/05/2018 01:18:47


I reckon this years PSS mass build choice is fabulous - surely every aircraft enthusiast loves the Hawker Hurricane! Also very appropriate with this year being the 100th anniversary of the formation of the RAF.

Up front I would like to say many thanks to Matt Jones and Phil Cooke for inputting all the work and energy needed to bring this project to our building boards.

I've decided to go for a Hurricane MK1, precisely which aircraft and which colour scheme I'm not fully homed in on yet, but I need to get building so more thinking on that detail later.

So after several weeks of delay due to work/other projects and general "stuff", I have cleared my building board, affixed a new sheet of plasterboard to my worktop and got started on the fuselage. I cut my plan up ( sacrilege I know) but I feel it will help with "elevation" and "plan" views.

Two evenings of work now see me with two fuselage sides, the central "key" pieces were located with small strip needed to pack them out to a tight fit. The battery box and nose sub assembly are also now complete. This evening I located F7 and the wing bolt mounting plate. I have raised the location of the full length central doubler by approx 2mm - along its full length, this should aid fitting into the former recesses without modification. To get the location right - I dummy located F3 and F7 then and took careful measurements beyond F9 and at the rear, this gave me a new datum for the doubler. Hope I'm right! I cant really see any issues with raising the doubler other than it now doesnt sit perfectly square over the key piece nose extension.

I've not glued F1 onto the sub assembly yet - I may add a a 1mm ply plate into the front base of my battery box to add some more "beef" in there

Some photos of progress so far.





Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
08/05/2018 23:40:40

Hi Steve, Thanks for organising the flying and the food !

Put me down as one for the meal - starter - garlic and beetroot soup

main - pan fried cod

sweet- sticky toffee pudding

Regarding the flying - again personally speaking - I also would prefer to remain in the Bwlch area.

Three reasons - firstly with the right wind directions at the Bwlch the slopes (and hence the flying) are pretty fabulous, secondly the  time spent travelling to Rhossili and back could be time spent flying - giving us a longer flying day! Thirdly and slightly selfishly -  but this will apply to others- at the end of flying on Sunday I've got a roughly 4.5hr drive home without adding the Rhossili extension.  So in summary-  if possible - I would prefer to stay in The Bwlch area to fly.


Edited By Harry Twist on 09/05/2018 00:14:09

Thread: Hawker Hurricane mk IId - JV-Z
16/04/2018 19:32:04

Great choice Andy, I hope you will be mimicking the exhaust plume stain on yours!

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
03/04/2018 10:57:56

Were all booked in, lets hope the wind and weather cooperate. Looking forward to meeting up again at the weekend.

Edited By Harry Twist on 03/04/2018 10:59:09

Thread: RN Hawker Sea Hurricane IIc
22/03/2018 11:07:37

Great progress Phil - looking great, very detailed and informative. Making me feel guilty now - nearly finished a prior project then going to get my head around starting the Hurricane!

Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2018 Mass Build Project
07/03/2018 22:46:32

Thanks for all the construction details Phil, really helpful.

My kit arrived today from Sarik - very impressive! As you say 19 sheets, neatly cut and fully identified, two vac forms plus 2 plan sheets. On laying the kit out to check that all the sheets were present, the quality control assessor gave the kit a paws up!

Getting the rest of the wood together and then looking forwards to starting soon, still hovering on specific aircraft / colour scheme though.


Thread: PSSA visit to the Avro Heritage Museum
07/03/2018 20:53:16

Just to confirm i'll be coming along - Bob I have pm'd you with lunch choice! Looking forwards to the day!

See you all on Saturday!

Thread: Video footage of Hawker Hurricanes around the world
06/03/2018 22:06:52

Hi Mark, Thanks for sharing all the Hurricane videos - enjoying the footage and giving lots to think about regarding colour schemes etc for the mass build!

Regards H

Thread: Hurricane colours, photos, video & scale references
25/02/2018 20:55:56

Thanks for the Hurricane details above.

To feed in to this thread - thought I might add this link- its a guide to all surviving examples of Hurricanes in the UK whether - flying / museum / gate guardians etc.

The site gives lots of examples / locations for anyone wanting to see a Hurricane up close!


Not sure how often the details are updated but its a starting point.

Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2018 Mass Build Project
23/02/2018 11:49:59

Great introduction Phil - thanks for all the detail and all the effort Matt and yourself have already put in!

Looking forward to the build - need to get my workshop tidy!

I'll be ordering my plan/pack over the weekend!

Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
16/02/2018 13:01:47

Hi Scott, Superb work, looks fabulous..... hope you've checked that you can get it out of the house.....!.tea

Looking forward to seeing it on the slopes.

Regards H

Thread: PSSA visit to the Avro Heritage Museum
12/02/2018 23:15:20
Count me in, it'll be great to catch up with everyone again.
It's a great centre staffed by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team containing lots of ex Avro people.
Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
20/01/2018 14:24:27

Many thanks for the Bwlch dates Phil.

Regards H

Thread: PSS Models FOR SALE or WANTED
10/01/2018 22:00:14

Hi All, Just thought I would share this - there's a nice PSS Buff appeared on BMFA classified- glider section. It has a 78inch wingspan and is in USAF camouflage colours. Looks good on the evidence of the photo. Must be tempting to someone...!

Edited By Harry Twist on 10/01/2018 22:02:29

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