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Thread: (D) Day tomorrow
14/02/2015 10:23:07

Yeah, well I'm truly in the Doghouse.

Thursday 'she' said to me " we don't do Valentines". I felt that was good and will save me some cash.

TODAY she gives me a card with my breakfast.

Now what am I going to do.?

Thread: RCM&E March 2015
09/02/2015 22:49:32

Cliff, I went through this feeling and, like you are considering, I cancelled my subscription but after a few months I really missed the magazine.

Needless to say I a subscriber again.

09/02/2015 15:29:57

My sincere thanks to Graham for this month's editorial.

I have been in that position for the last three years with a Black Horse Spitfire needing re-plumbing a Seagull Sparrowhawk wnts the engine set up and my Bowman Magister needs putting together. None of these have been done because my workbench is taken up by my part built Lysander.

As Graham suggests, I'm going to pack it away and get moving with the other jobs and, with the the weather surely going to inprove, I can get airborne.

Thanks Graham

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 09/02/2015 15:46:59

Thread: Maths and English
02/02/2015 11:32:46

I recall in my school days all our excercise books had a motto on the front cover :-

"Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well"

Thread: How many of you still own/fly your first plane/Helli
29/01/2015 10:42:24

The first airplane I built and flew is a Galaxy Tutor trainer and it was powered with an O.S. 35FP, which I still have.

Although the engine has been fitted with a replacement cylinder liner, I still have the original liner - just in case.....!!

Due to many repairs over its 25 year life it has become a bit heavier and is now fitted with an O.S. 46AX and if I have not been able to fly for a while I always use the Tutor, which is a trainer, to get some practise again.

Because of age and sight I now favour larger models such as my 20 year old Goldberg Piper Cub fitted with an O.S. 48 and the Bowman Magister which flies with an O.S. 91

What with the weather over the last few months it seems the Tutor will be in service again when I'm able to get airborne again.

Thread: RCM&E Feb 2015 issue
09/01/2015 22:17:06

I'm in bed with the 'flu and I need something to read NOW !!

Sorry Dave but that's how I feel at the momeent.

Thread: If I won the Euro Lottery.....
28/12/2014 11:42:21

You lot wouldn't know about it...

Thread: Winter seems to have arrived, who's been flying?
27/12/2014 17:06:45

Well, now Christmas is over and the grown up kids with their little kids have all gone back to their respective homes and SWIMBO is tired out, I can now disappear into the Hangar (shed) and carry on with repaiars, maintenance and perhaps some building.

yo-ho-ho.....Scrooge !!

Thread: Longer days
23/12/2014 11:49:31


I don't eat the time I was selling them.

22/12/2014 18:43:47

I've just been outside here in N. Norfolk and it's really quite warm out there, almost as though spring has arrived. However I well remember 1963 when you needed a pick axe to dig carrots out of the ground.

Thread: Replacement Car
16/12/2014 15:43:08

I am currently driving my 11 year old Kia Sorento which also has 90,000 on the clock. She ( is called Sonya ) has never once failed me and, apart from fuel, tyres and servicing, I have only had to pay to have the bumpers resprayed. That is due to supermarket trolleys - me hitting them !!

I carry a 78 inch span Miles Magister and a 78 inch Goldberg Cub in the back, both at the same time. Admitted, I do remove the wings. I also have my flight box and fuel.

Thread: Christmas wishes
12/12/2014 10:24:33


Thank you for the Good Wishes.

For ny pressy could you post a couple of 'funnies' that I could tell after the Christmas dinner.

All the Best to you.

Thread: Sanding Dust - What do you do with yours?
11/12/2014 17:03:05


Regarding your Permigrit sander wearing out.

Our club had a visit from the Permagrit owner and he advised us to periodically let the sanders stand in some liqid paint remover.

I've done this with mine and after 10 or more years they are still working quite well.


Thread: Always use servo connector locks and check EVERYTHING on a used model!
14/11/2014 18:13:01

Surely we don't do these checks just when we get a new or second-hand model.

Ilike to carry out these checks everytime I take my models out of the shed and before I start a days flying.

Thread: Complacency, does it ever creep up on you?
25/10/2014 10:39:37

I remember 60 years ago I was building my first model, a Piper Cub. I had covered the wings with nylon and was doping them on the living room table. As I worked along the wings I was moving them across the table and the already doped end was getting nearer and nearer to the open fire. Suddenly that end ignited and I had no option but to continue feeding the wing fully into the fire.

There ended the building !!

Thread: bad news for this club
17/10/2014 11:14:02

Our Club has been using our flying site on a farmer's land for 25 years now and we have had a couple of minor complaints. A visit to the people gave them satisfaction.

We have always kept the nearby villagers happy by supporting their annual Summer Fete by putting on a static display of our models and by giving their children buddy box experience flights at our strip.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
17/10/2014 11:02:50

Get it right Plummet, they have 10 legs. Remember they have 2 forelegs and two rear legs !!


Thread: Hobbyking
22/09/2014 13:08:44

Nearly everything I'm intereested in on Hobbyking's site is usually marked up as BACKORDER.

Does anyone know how long these to materialise.

Thread: Does your club allow members to fly by themselves?
17/07/2014 15:59:45

At our club we do not prohibit lone flyers but have always strongly advised in the interests of personal and public safety there should always be somebody else present, even if it is the wife or girl friend.

We recently had to summons ambulance and paramedice to a bad fall on to a spinning prop and the ambulance has difficulty locating our flying strip.

The East Anglian Ambulance Service have now ascertained the map reference for both our flying sites and have recorded them so that should we need to call on them again we just have to say he we are and at which site and it comes up on their satnav.

Thread: Who can make foam wings?
28/06/2014 09:32:26


Try Philip`Knight at Cloud Models in Norfolk.

Tel: 01953 602576.

He's helped me out on the past and I know he does a lot for Chris Foss.

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