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Thread: Bang Good.
07/02/2019 18:27:40

No film showing in stock at Hobby King, Bang Good film any good, it the same stuff ?

Thread: Which was the best decade for the hobby?
07/02/2019 16:27:32

70s 80s, when I wor a lad, full of enthusiasm n energy, Now you've depressed me. wink

Thread: Model Museum ?
06/02/2019 23:15:16

We have a lady on our Face book site asking for info, her dad Louis Watson, built a large model in the 60s,she thinks it's in a model museum ? in Birmingham.

Anyone know anything please.

Thread: Fresh petrol in a lawnmower every season?
04/02/2019 14:21:21

Dealer wants your money for servicing it, it's a garden mower, do it yourself.

Thread: Six Nations 2019
02/02/2019 19:23:05

Bonus point win in Dublin, if I'm dreaming "please do not disturb".

Great game, best performance yet under Eddie. rose

02/02/2019 17:46:54

Tis, it's good Rugby.

02/02/2019 16:33:11

Bonus point win secured for Scotland, good finish by Italy.

Weather looks good in Dublin, bag of nerves. crook

01/02/2019 22:14:29

Scotland v Italy first tomorrow. Be plenty tries, Scots will win it, but I hope Italy play well, don't enjoy watching them get battered.

Ireland v England later. Irish are a bit good, be happy if England play well, more speed at breakdowns would be a change for the better. Irish to win, but I live in hopes. rose

01/02/2019 21:59:05

Yep congrats Wales, it's a funny old game at times, enjoyed it though.

Sing up in the Valleys. note

01/02/2019 18:23:38

First game tonight in Paris...France v Wales 8pm.

Enjoy the games folks, some crackers to look forward to.

I'll tip Wales for tonight.

Thread: BMFA News Feb 2019
28/01/2019 10:56:04
Posted by Peter Jenkins on 28/01/2019 00:09:38:

Handyman, I fail to see where HASW has any impact on our hobby. I'm not quite sure who you have in mind for your comment "Then suddenly, out of the depths emerged the unelected spectre of Bureaucracy." If you mean the Government, then you and I elect them. If you mean the BMFA, again, you and I elect them - if there is more than one candidate for one of the Executive posts and your Club elects its Area representative on Council. So, to whom are you addressing this point?

The BMFA has always been at pains to point out that the Achievement Scheme is just that - an achievement. It is not, and has never been a licence.

That being said, Clubs, whose committees are elected by members, tend to use the competency to fly solo as the BMFA A test. Some also seek a B Certificate if members wish to fly a jet or an aircraft that weighs more that 7 Kg. Again, this is not a BMFA requirement. There is a recommendation that all pilots flying in front of the public should have a B Certificate but I suspect that most Display Directors would want to know a bit about the pilot and their competency than just "I have a B". I have seen some pilots who hold a B certificate fly and they would struggle to pass the A as they have not kept their skills current.

The reason why the BMFA encourages Areas to run Achievement Scheme Workshops is to help Examiners as well as instructors and candidates to come up to date with what is standard for a pass in both the A and B tests. I have seen Examiners demand that candidates fly the Fig 8 with a 45 deg cross over when this requirement was replaced with two touching circles in 2010 for the A and has never been there for the B. If you are to have a national standard such as the BMFA Achievement Scheme surely it is only common sense for all partaking in the scheme to know what is the standard required for a pass? Otherwise, you will get overly strict and overly lenient standards between Clubs and that is not a good thing. For example, an ACE told me that his view of the B was that it was all about safety and flying skill was secondary so if the candidate did not loop directly in front of the pilot position he was OK with that. Same for the 2 rolls, he didn't think the needed to be centred. If you have that interpretation of a B how can you be sure that the holder of a B passed by such an examiner is able to put his aircraft where it needs to be and not where the aircraft and wind takes it?

As an Examiner, I practise the B schedule on a number of occasions in the year. This is so that I can demonstrate the B to a candidate and know that I can fly it to the required standard - or where I don't, to tell the candidate what I did wrong. I fail to see why providing these Workshops is such a big issue for you Handyman.

When you talk about extra burdens on Examiner and Instructors are, what are they? I would expect all Examiners and Instructors to be aware of the need to download and read the Guidance Notes on the various A, B and C tests. However, I know that some Examiners can't be bothered to do this simple thing (you can also ask the office to post you hard copy if you don't use the internet).

If you don't read the latest guidance notes, which are updated every year now, and you don't go to any workshops how can you examine candidates fairly?

The BMFA rules are not legislation. That is down to the government, or rather in the case of drones, to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the BMFA has been doing a sterling job to keep the impact as low as possible. I think that, so far, they have done marvellously well although we will need to see what legislation the government enact towards the end of 2019.

I look forward to reading your response.

I've said numerous times, I have little problem with this, I've attended more than one roadshow.

In a nutshell "continued competency" what's it means ? Are we heading to a time where failure to attend means you are no longer considered competent ? can I make it any simpler to answer ?

27/01/2019 15:57:01
Posted by Steve J on 27/01/2019 15:46:21:

The latest EU draft regulation says that certificates of remote pilot competency shall be valid for five years.

The BMFA are saying that examiners Certificates of Attendance of workshops shall be valid for five years.

I am going to hazard a guess that attendance of workshops by examiners will become mandatory if the BMFA get involved with competency testing for the DfT/CAA.

Time will tell.


If changing times, dictate change is needed, I tend to agree more often than not.

27/01/2019 15:41:13
Posted by ken anderson. on 27/01/2019 09:49:18:

all getting a bit to complicated to my way of looking at it.... for an individual who volunteers his time to admin an achievement scheme...on behalf of his club/BMFA.....

ken dept.

I may not have an objection if we're on a journey Ken, be nice to know where we're headed though, questions meet a brick wall though.

27/01/2019 15:37:56
Posted by Peter Jenkins on 27/01/2019 10:25:01:

Just to clarify, the AS Roadshows to which Duncan refers are the ones run by the ASRC and not the ones run by Areas in this first iteration. He says that he will consider extending this to Area run events next year. I think this will significantly reduce the number of Examiners reached as they will need to make one of the 2 Roadshows in 2019. Fingers crossed that Phase 2 comes along in 2020.

Fingers crossed we someday find out what phase 2 is, or indeed the direction and purpose of them, lets hope those working on these 2 roadshow dates, don't get the hump over their lack of competency cert.

Star system ? Words almost fail me, are we grown ups or, trophy collectors.

27/01/2019 15:13:43
Posted by Steve J on 27/01/2019 09:49:39:
Posted by john stones 1 on 26/01/2019 21:38:00:

The initial phase of continued competency for Club Examiners. Phase 1 will involve the issue of attendance certificates for examiners who attend AS events such as roadshows or workshops.

What does this mean to those who don't attend, if anything ? anyone know ?

Phase 1 is voluntary attendance of workshops by examiners.

The BMFA want to get involved with the DfT/CAA registration and competency system (a mistake IMHO).

The BMFA need to increase their membership (or have a long hard look at their outgoings).

I think that it is pretty obvious what phase 2 is going to be.


Yep I spotted that Steve, phase 1 implies more phases, which was my point.

Phase 2 is obvious is it ? spit it out then, I'm all ears.

Edited By john stones 1 on 27/01/2019 15:45:09

27/01/2019 00:22:11

Already stated I had attended workshops, I have the picture of the apple pie to prove it.

Interesting post Peter, could open ups lots of discussion, but not what I asked.

2 phrases "continued competency" "Initial phase" Then my question, anyone know what happens to those that do not attend ? if anything ?

26/01/2019 21:54:24

Thanks Peter I missed that. yes

26/01/2019 21:38:00

Page 51 ..continued competency for examiners.

The initial phase of continued competency for Club Examiners. Phase 1 will involve the issue of attendance certificates for examiners who attend AS events such as roadshows or workshops. O.K..I've attended workshops.

What does this mean to those who don't attend, if anything ? anyone know ?

Can someone tell me if the questionnaire being sent out to club examiners,that was mentioned in a previous issue has been shelved or not ?

Thread: Confirmation of a picture
26/01/2019 19:43:55

No idea Erf, what do you think it is ?

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
25/01/2019 22:09:03

face 1

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