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Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
04/12/2019 13:51:06

Scenario hasn't been changed Nigel, some people have always ignored rules and others have always felt uncomfortable as a result.

04/12/2019 13:11:54

Lets say there are no new regs, it never happened, no such thing as a Drone, or FPV. Someone is ignoring your club rules, he's flying behind the flight line, over your heads, too close, he's "Competent" so the rules aren't for him, his mates the same, his heli's too close, it's in the other pilots faces, he's hovering over the strip stopping folk taking off and landing, he's "Competent". They're making people uncomfortable, nervous, a bit unhappy because they don't want to be the fun police, you're feeling a bit embarrassed because you don't like confrontation, and feel you should say something really.

Who's the bad guys here ? and why should the vast majority have to put up with it ?

And we've all been here seen this.

03/12/2019 14:14:47
Posted by Gary Manuel on 03/12/2019 14:08:39:

OK - just explaining what I meant by policing as you seemed unclear.

Edited By Gary Manuel on 03/12/2019 14:08:52

No the term is being used in lots of places, I'm clear on what it is, seen people grabbing TXs to prevent someone crashing, some might call that Policing, I see it as common sense.

03/12/2019 13:44:42

Not the case at all Gary, the term policing came up long before you used it. I ain't arguing with one of our clubs best members over this rubbish.

I decided nothing, the law dictates we must fly legally, nothing I can do about it. The club is already involved, you/we already enforce CAA laws and have done for donkeys years. So if there's Liability, it was already there.

Edited By john stones 1 on 03/12/2019 13:46:09

03/12/2019 12:49:34

We had a fella who'd not paid his club fees, but kept coming then flying, someone pulled him, no pay no fly, he paid.

Another fella, not paid his BMFA, same story.

Yet another fella, flying recklessly and in a dangerous manner, and endangering person and property, sumat in CAA bumf about that. wink Members wanted someone to have a word with him (they don't like policing stuff) so muggins got the job, no yellow vest or clipboard mind, he got told he could no longer fly large models that where not fit for purpose and beyond his abilities because he was endangering the clubs well being..policing ? Same fella drove his car over the field after heavy rain, got stuck RAC had to tow him off, members decided he should foot the bill for the repair (but they don't like policing) so muggins had to tell him. Same fella's no longer a member, one of the Wives gave him an earful and Policed him out the club, good riddance.

Policing ? It's a word that people have come up with because they have the hump over this, 99.9% will just get on and fly legally, need No policing. Storm in a teacup.

02/12/2019 21:09:58
Posted by Don Fry on 02/12/2019 21:03:57:
Posted by john stones 1 on 02/12/2019 20:42:54:

Ours is simpler.

The responsibility is yours, failure to fly legally, may lead the insurers to seek back the monies should you make a claim.


Yep, poke that with a stick. wink

02/12/2019 20:42:54

Ours is simpler.

The responsibility is yours, failure to fly legally, may lead the insurers to seek back the monies should you make a claim.

02/12/2019 20:27:53
Posted by GONZO on 02/12/2019 20:18:41:

My word, I've got to put my stick in the hornets nest and give it a good poke. Give people an opportunity to don their 'jobsworth' hats and become little official inspectors and their off. The BMFA made it perfectly clear in one of their news letters: (I'll para phrase slightly) NO POLICING BY THE BMFA, NO POLICING BY THE CLUBS, ITS PERSONAL RESPOSABILITY. Why make more work/potential trouble for ourselves?

Bee hornet keepers outfit on, it's made from titanium.

You ain't got a stick.

Yep Martin the BMFA tells me, the wrongdoer may get chased for the money, I'm safe.

02/12/2019 19:33:29

Yep, Individuals have always had the responsibility Martin, Not sure if a non registered flyer hits a car is he's insured.

Or to put it another way, Who pays ?

It being said it doesn't matter at clubs ?

02/12/2019 19:15:51
Posted by Martin Harris on 02/12/2019 18:45:24:
Posted by RC Plane Flyer on 02/12/2019 10:18:02:

What a great point here there has been all this talk about Drone and Aircraft and no mention of Helicopters looks like I need to ammend my Xmas pressy list

I know the comment was tongue in cheek but last time I looked, helicopters were aircraft!

As for John's club checking competency certificates, luckily all our pilots except those under training have A certs. so making such a decision is irrelevant but wouldn't a simple rule requiring members to adhere to current legislation cover it now - and in the future when [most likely not if] legislation and/or exemptions change.

It seems to me that by doing these checks, your club is taking on a responsibility to continuously police the regulations unnecessarily and in the event of any official investigation the committee might find themselves answering questions in court.

Anyone like me out there ?

I haven't a clue what the score is with these policing comments, do yous check flyers are insured ?

Has the BMFA said insurance could be invalid if you fly not legal ?

I am genuinely puzzled as to what's being said.

Thread: A new caption competition - winner declared!
01/12/2019 22:48:14

Boris Johnson...Brexit.

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
01/12/2019 20:52:00

Bridesmaid (or ugly sister) again, but enjoyed it and the better man won. Well done Chris, 96 in the big league also. star

See you all next year. smiley

01/12/2019 20:47:51

214 pts, here's me doughnut.


01/12/2019 20:46:01

Thanks John, thanks as always for the running of the league. yes

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
01/12/2019 19:15:52

The policing comments confuse me, all clubs police to some extent, seems mountains are being made of molehills to me.

Our members will know the rules and the law of the land, will we be checking all and sundry ? Nope, we don't do for all the other rules that have been in place for years, so why change.

Would/will we address anyone breaking the law deliberately ? Clubs well being comes first, as it always has. So what's changed ?

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
01/12/2019 18:55:16
Posted by McG 6969 on 01/12/2019 18:52:26:

I know, young man.

I discovered your kind of humor through that 'urban dictionary' some time ago... wink


Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
01/12/2019 18:51:46

If BEB where still with us, he'd tell us to get a grip,It's a hobby.

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
01/12/2019 18:49:32

Envious, no, just a joke.

01/12/2019 18:31:17

Tut Tut, can we disqualify him. wink

Thread: Christmas Excess
30/11/2019 23:45:12
Posted by Don Fry on 30/11/2019 22:15:25:

Beloved is also a proponent of seeping alcohol in the fruit.

I have been redirected from proper work to construct a "green" tree. Very time consuming.


At least I can get going on the beer tomorrow.

Love it. face 1


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