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Thread: Latest CAA Update
03/09/2019 12:59:05

Biggest threat I see to our hobby/club, is negativity and moaning infecting the atmosphere and people quitting, I will gladly pay £16.50 to have an end to this, I will not support moves to hold back on monies or anything else. Get on with your lives and your hobby.

02/09/2019 21:03:59

Choice is yours Jason.

02/09/2019 20:57:42
Posted by Gary Manuel on 02/09/2019 17:20:02:

My objection to the paid for registration process isn't just about cost, although I do believe that the cost will grow at a silly rate in future years. I am mainly concerned about the effect that Drone Registration will have on Club and Association membership. I think there is a significant risk that some people will see this as a hurdle too far and will just give up flying. If clubs do the responsible thing and ensure that their members are all legally registered, there is massive scope for falling out and loss of membership. If clubs don't do the responsible thing, the club itself is put at risk in the event of a visit by the police. Members who do not wish to register as operators might just leave the club and take the risk of flying in their local park.

What we need is a way of making registration into a positive thing rather than a negative thing as far as the club is concerned. Having a scheme where the club (or just a group of like minded people maybe) register as one operator rather than as individuals would achieve this by taking the hassle and cost of registration away from the individual member. The obstacle to this approach appears to be about liability in the event of illegal flying or incidents. I think that this can be overcome by simply delegating the responsibility to the remote pilot (as it is today).

Any scheme to allow multiple remote pilots to share operator registration details must be:

  1. Legal.
  2. Simple.
  3. Of benefit to the individual.
  4. Of benefit to the club / group.

I see that this could work by the club issuing a certificate with the Operator Registration number to members who wish to take advantage of the group registration. The certificate should include wording to the effect that it is issued subject to the following conditions (wording needs a bit more thought):

The Remote Pilot:

  • Is delegated responsibility for Maintenance, Safe Keeping, Labelling and Legal Use of all drones bearing the included Drone Operator Registration Number.
  • Must register as a Remote Drone Pilot and pass the required test.
  • Must ensure that his own name or BMFA number is included on the label in addition to those stipulated by legislation (to allow owner of lost models or those involved in an incident to be traced).
  • Understands that he / she is solely responsible for his actions and that the club takes no responsibility whatsoever.

The certificate could be signed on behalf of the Registered Operator and the Remote Pilot. It could have an expiry date (which could be the club membership renewal date).

A scheme like this would make club membership beneficial and would allow the club to ensure that it is compliant with registration.

Thoughts please ......

Edited By Gary Manuel on 02/09/2019 17:27:31

I'm open to listen to anyones ideas, for me, we shouldn't be making a big deal of this, governments stuck it to us, everyone can see that, those I've spoken to about it don't seem worked up, offer help where it's needed PC access, print some simple guides up to unpick the jargon, then move on. KISS does it for me.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
02/09/2019 20:37:11

Lovely job Erf, impressed. yes

Thread: Latest CAA Update
02/09/2019 19:57:54

My you lads have been busy, felt like Autumn at field, bring back the Sun. hot

02/09/2019 13:36:17

Yep me too, register and take the test. No grumbles how BMFA has handled things, and frankly when I look at somethings people endure, £16.50 don't stoke my fires, I would feel embarrassed. I'm off field.

02/09/2019 12:03:34

A 3 month break would hit our membership numbers, we pick quite a few up over that period, the less committed may not come back, not for me ta.

02/09/2019 11:48:47
Posted by Cuban8 on 02/09/2019 11:44:38:

Personally, I'd like to see all BMFA members refuse to register and take a break from flying until the new year at least. Brits don't like bullies and to show up the dft to the public might do some good. If it doesn't work at least we can say that we've tried.

Edited By Cuban8 on 02/09/2019 11:46:16

And how do you suggest clubs survive C8, why would folk pay club fees during a layoff ?

02/09/2019 11:42:39

Bit fed up of folk saying thinks like rolled over, accepted without a fight, meek, faint hearted, yous keep talking about fight it ?

Show me what you've got to get behind, other than sound bites and rhetoric, what's your plan ?

Yes it's a rip off, yes it's not fit for purpose and I'm a ticked off as everyone.

I care about our clubs future, I'm sick of the doom and gloom, I want to read the final update from the BMFA, then get on with it.

For the record again I believe the BMFA did their best and very much doubt anyone else would've done better.

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
01/09/2019 13:27:11

Not a "pre- flounce" at all, it's a full flounce, my gruntles dissed. wink

Thread: Latest CAA Update
01/09/2019 12:38:58

You know zilch about what our clubs done, nor most.

As to your "Rant" about the BMFA, get yourself an event run, put years into a site, maintain it, secure membership, then you can decide the way you go, for the record our club require no A for it's events, but we do respect other clubs right to decide their policy. Given your vast experience and many many hours of training, go take your A, you'll find many Clubs/Examiners who'll go out their way to assist you, even at their own expense, or don't, choice is yours.

01/09/2019 12:19:32
Posted by Paul Vincent 8 on 01/09/2019 02:20:49:

Very intresting read Jeremy and most of it I agree with but the laws that are coming are going to be hard to police at any time as we all know with a drone not so long back and airports caused massive problems and said people was never caught

As a PFCO Drone pilot I have to stick to the rules of the drone code 110% and many more rules and caps that most of the time make no sence at all.

I really dont think the CAA know what they are going to do as I can list and show pictures of emails between me and the CAA that clearly states I should not fly my drone in my area as Im 14miles away from a airport?

Hang on a moment they say not to fly within 5miles of a airport and Im 14 miles away and they still advise me not to fly as Im in a high risk area so clearly CAA dont have a clue about the rules and laws that are coming

Now a rant about the BMFA, As a PFCO drone pilot with full insurance to cover many millions if anything is going to go wrong I have no chance to fly at any events that are with BMFA and thats about 99% of all events that happen in the UK, So even though I have done many hundreds of hours training and fully licenced the BMFA will not allow me to fly at any events.

Some members of the model world really dont have a clue about the laws that are coming and I just think the clubs should really be telling members more facts that are well known about.

And we can all just wait for the CAA to let us all know whats going on

You decided through what research that clubs/members are not being informed what's coming ? spoke to a few strangers, read a few posts and you've concluded we're all uniformed and not spreading the word ? Meh. You sound like the very people you reckon to be complaining about, Uniformed. You know nothing about what steps most clubs have taken, nor the work they have put in and will continue to do. 99% of all events ? wrong again, uniformed assumption.

Edited By john stones 1 on 01/09/2019 12:25:35

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
01/09/2019 12:15:19

Leaves a bad taste I've been deducted 10pts, fair enough if you hadn't made predictions, otherwise, meh.

31/08/2019 21:44:03

So I predicted it correctly and gained nothing, magic.

31/08/2019 19:32:29

Le Clerc for his first win then ? lads due a bit of luck ?

I'm guessing we all got a prediction correct. wink

Thread: Latest CAA Update
31/08/2019 18:14:35

If it's "The principle not the money" can someone explain the block registering to me ? block registering seems fraught with consequences to me, why should I bare any responsibility for others flying, you got a legal position to guarantee I wouldn't be at risk ?

31/08/2019 17:39:28
Posted by Jason-I on 31/08/2019 15:35:46:
Posted by Cuban8 on 30/08/2019 21:16:14:

How about a poll on guessing registration take-up figures on the first week (let's be generous and give the punters a week). Fewer than 100? 500? 1000? laugh

Edited By Cuban8 on 30/08/2019 21:17:02

Tens of thousands - Based on the numbers of people on this site who seem to be chomping at the bit to register......

Must be reading a different forum to me then, maybe the numbers will match those marching on Downing street, demanding freedom from tyranny. We shall never surrender and I blame the BMFA. wink

30/08/2019 21:39:09

170,000. wink

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
30/08/2019 21:34:58

All done, took Shergar to beat Red Rum.

Thread: Latest CAA Update
30/08/2019 16:25:27
Posted by Wingman on 30/08/2019 15:32:11:

What I'm really disappointed with are the collected model flying associations who, having taken our money, totalling a sum of seven figures annually, for a large number of years have proved to be completely inept at protecting the interests of their members, the basic tenet of an association. At the very least they should have insisted that UK modellers should be charged the minimum European standard payment - zero (France) - and should have enforced the point that they already, collectively, register model flyers in the UK.

I do wonder if they had any knowledgeable legal representation present with them at any of the meetings?

I'm with the SAA all of whose council members are volunteers - oh dear!

You got the evidence to show our associations didn't mention that, maybe the French/European governments acted in better faith than ours did, maybe your disappointment should be aimed at others ?

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