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Thread: Mark’s Peggy Sue 2 Build
30/04/2020 23:15:50

Yep, enjoyable blog, beautiful model and even bought confetti to decorate the final shot. yes

Thread: Benefits of the lockdown
30/04/2020 21:37:46

Chicken Sate, cooked by my Son, fabulous, Dogs not happy, no leftovers. dogangry

Thread: Can you tell what it is yet ??
30/04/2020 21:21:06
Posted by Dwain Dibley. on 30/04/2020 21:17:49:

LOL....As I typed, I thought of you and your sense of humour Matey, and had a good chuckle to Meself...

Re the Vane, the neighbour only spotted it today LOL, luckily she loves it. I may check the prop revs tomorrow just for a laugh.



Thread: Returning Novice
30/04/2020 21:18:51

Hello Cathal, these folk know plenty, so your in good hands.

Thread: Can you tell what it is yet ??
30/04/2020 21:13:22

Cue John Stones. Chuckle face 1

Thanks for the entertainment D.D, as to your wind issue, I'm saying nowt.

Thread: The big question, WHEN
30/04/2020 21:06:07

Lot of chatter online, various shops posting they're opening, It may be you'll get your wish soon, be careful n don't forget your lettering.

30/04/2020 17:16:56

Got some work to do, so i'll leave you with this, not long since some were "low skilled", anybody could do their jobs, so it's low pay and rights gradually taken away.

Now they're "Key" workers, not so queer as folk eh. wink

30/04/2020 16:34:38
Posted by Nigel R on 30/04/2020 15:24:12:

John, Cheltenham races, international football, coulda shoulda woulda. All about keeping interactions and mixing down. Can't stop work, need food on the table. Can avoid the races and the football.

Bruce, I thought the rumour was Percy got cheesed off with the drone regs and went back to boats? Covid must have really iced that cake, can't even do boats now.

"But I guess the experts know what they are doing"

I would imagine so. Whitty for instance has been dealing with controlling epidemics his whole life. Maybe you know better?

"The irony is the immune system needs practice in order to keep us immune - so a zero exposure to risk is not sensible...and is not how we evolved"

We haven't evolved in the presence of this particular coronavirus, hence the situation as we find it.

Our immune system has constant practice from endemic diseases.

We aren't at zero exposure. If we were, the number of deaths would be zero.

The entire strategy at present from the experts is about controlling exposure, that has been made front and centre of the news for about two months now.

No argument from me re the mass attended events Nigel, I said so, my point is simple, why highlight those yet ignore the unprotected workforce ? We need to eat, yep, have the workforce spread it and have we failed them ?

Led by Science, give over, led by the media railing against our leaders position.

Strategy being to control exposure ? Behind providing kit for frontline workers, care homes ? Scandal that will consume years and millions of £s. Crisis down graded to remove legal obligation to provide PPE ? Herd immunity until the media turned on them.

30/04/2020 14:36:23

You could lift my spirits if we treat people better, this started as a thread about going flying ? Loads of comments kept being added, here's another one. Why are those dying to keep us going, leaving the cost of their burials to their families ? Many of these are Low paid, why aren't we picking the tab up ?

30/04/2020 13:24:37

We all saw the millions panic buying, and there are millions still working. Because we can't see them doesn't mean they ain't there.

Maybe it's to ease our conscience, we put continued rates at rule flouters doors.

30/04/2020 12:45:31

Answer me a question, anyone.

I keep reading, Cheltenham races, the football matches, people going Snowdon etc will have cost us, people flouting the lockdown, will cost us ? No doubt about it, I agree. And yet there were millions still working, little in place protecting them and there are No comments ? Very strange.

Then add the millions crammed into the various shopping outlets, again No comments ? Pubs restaurants etc, No comments ?

Millions still out there working keeping us going, how many of these are getting infected ? Again, No comments.

NHS workers who've died from it £60,000 being talked about, and I don't begrudge a penny of it. The shop workers etc who've died, they kept us fed and stocked up with bogroll, Nothing ?

Tube/railways/buses/airports. No comments ?

Flying my toys ? Yep, I'm ready.

Thread: Cambrian Model Company's Answer build.
29/04/2020 23:31:10

Bit different to helis D.D, looks an enjoyable build.

Thread: Cambrian models 1/4 scale Cassutt Racer build thread
29/04/2020 23:27:49

Yep, always liked the racing types myself. yes

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
29/04/2020 22:05:21

I don't follow ?

Thread: Mark’s Peggy Sue 2 Build
29/04/2020 19:50:01

It'll do I suppose. face 1

Thing of Beauty Mark. star

Thread: The big question, WHEN
29/04/2020 18:19:12
Posted by FlyinBrian on 29/04/2020 18:12:32:
Posted by kc on 29/04/2020 12:23:17:

When you get to be over 70 you realise there is no point in waiting for next year to do something -if you don't do it now by the time next year comes other health issues may stop you doing it anyway. So I am not intending to waste this year! I need to fly, need to see my friends and need to go somewhere for a holiday this year. Obviously taking all sensible distancing and cleaning precautions. Otherwise it's just sitting at home waiting to die!.

Edited By kc on 29/04/2020 12:24:05


I am 73 soon, am on hormone treatment for prostrate cancer and have been referred to an oncologist. I want to go flying before a/ I am too sick to do so or b/ in a box!

I have a lot of sympathy to your view, reading various places, some think we can just shut elderly/vulnerable away behind closed doors, when we venture back out. So when did they cease to matter ? And who decided that ?

29/04/2020 18:14:53

I keep having trouble getting past angry stages, fearful it'll be survival of the fittest (financially) once the "Norms" back. Millions play their part slowing/controlling then get dumped on the scrap heap ?

I'm ready for out, so are my family, they don't trust society.

Legislation Nigel ? We haven't the numbers to Police normal times, It would be an Impossible task.

Just read Weatherspoons plans to re open, good, I can refuse to spend with his unethical Ilk again.

Flying ? I'm ready, 4 mowers n 5 strimmers, choose your weapon.

29/04/2020 16:24:34

Some interesting comments, many things could be done, but it opens the door and others start going out, responsible adults will get swamped by what about me.

I live by a major road, traffic is nearing normal levels apart from School runs and workers rush hours. Non stop as I type.

2nd or 3rd waves ? Not anything I know about myself, the final wave concerns me more, that's the one where millions of livelyhoods get binned, will the new norm help these people manage ?

Gone back to work myself, and am doing more via a company from the Wirral, so much for retiring, IDS must be well pleased.

Flying ? I would love to go, and to see people again. I'm ready, won't be policing any time slots nor distancing procedures though.

Thread: Can you tell what it is yet ??
28/04/2020 14:47:36

Where's the reg lettering ?

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
28/04/2020 14:21:40

Beautiful Andy. **LINK**

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