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Thread: Scam or what ?
20/03/2018 18:43:23
Posted by Percy Verance on 20/03/2018 15:21:03:

I know these callers cannot be UK based, as I'm registered with the TPS. This prevents UK based companies from cold calling you.

Edited By Percy Verance on 20/03/2018 15:25:28

Being registered with the TPS, which I am, does not prevent calls from UK based companies. Over the years I have had several sales/marketing calls and when questioned the caller says that they are working from a list of non TPS registered numbers that they have bought, so cannot be held responsible if it is wrong. Usually the number is withheld of is faked which makes reporting them to the TPS difficult..

Thread: Legislation Proposal at last
29/11/2017 10:27:20
Posted by Brian Cooper on 29/11/2017 07:53:08:

Personally, I would like to see multi-rotor "drones" regarded in the same way as firearms, ie, you need to have a licence (which has to be produced and checked at the point of sale) BEFORE you can buy one. The licence should not be easy to get and it should be expensive.

After that, each and every drone, by law, should be fitted with a recordable GPS transponder so their flights can be traced, tracked and recalled.

To drag out an old cliché, those who have nothing to hide will have nothing to worry about.


Edited By Brian Cooper on 29/11/2017 07:54:21

Personally I would like to see all bigots banned from flying UAVs of any kind

Thread: All very nice, but who cares?
28/11/2017 08:38:52
Posted by ChrisB on 27/11/2017 19:03:52:

Its all very nice that Harry is getting married but do we really have to have chapter and verse about how they met, what they eat and which way they brush their hair!

Two people getting married and that's that.

Months more of this carp to come I fear!

I doubt that the subject would have been raised here had you not done it

Hoist with your own petard methinks

Thread: Legislation Proposal at last
26/11/2017 10:55:41

"'A device capable of performing functions in a fully autonomous and independent manner after being programmed with instructions by an operator' "

So, I could build and fly a multirotor that had no such functionality and it would not fall under the "drone" regulations ? I can't see that happening.

In order to make things simple I suspect that there will be a simple rule based on weight. This will seem to be simple to enforce but will not work in practice. As for registration, naturally anyone who intends to use their drone for illegal purposes will register it and make sure that it can be identified from a distance.

26/11/2017 07:45:25

I await with interest to see what the definition of a drone turns out to be.

Thread: Aldi scroll saw
22/11/2017 20:15:06

"The big failing in the Aldi's pin-less blade adaptor is its size. A pinned blade will pass through a 3/16in hole if you want to cut out the centre of a bulkhead. The pin-less adaptor will need a hole about an inch square to achieve that"

Sorry, but I don't get that. I have a generic scroll saw with similar looking pinless blade holders. The pinless blades that I use will go through a 1mm hole. To use them all I do is to undo one of the bolts on the top blade holder, which has an Allen head on it, pass the blade through the material from the bottom and put the adapter back on. Naturally the blade tension has to be slackened off whilst this is done.

The bottom adapter does not come off the lower holder if you pull the blade upwards whilst doing this. It is not difficult to do. Over the past 2 years I have used the saw to cut out over 250 "Fairy" doors as one of my other hobbies is making craft items.

Thread: Sandbox
11/09/2017 14:30:12

Well, that didn't work !

Edited By Bob Burton on 11/09/2017 14:32:05

Thread: BMFA Nationals 2017
17/08/2017 17:17:48

There seems to be very little detail on the BMFA website or the Nats website. I was looking for a site plan and maybe a timetable earlier and could not find them.

Thread: Construction & repair tools
06/08/2017 17:31:02

LEDs are the least of our worries. See **LINK**

Thread: Proposed new drone legislation/registration
22/07/2017 10:50:39
Posted by Brian Cooper on 22/07/2017 10:07:31:

Anyone caught flying one without a licence should face a minimum of 10 years in jail.


Should your rules be adopted then I assume that they will apply to the pilot of *any* unmanned aerial vehicle ...

Thread: Checklists
28/06/2017 18:24:36

"I tend to keep dual rates off"

Seeing that worries me because you cannot "turn off" dual rates. You can change to different rates, higher or lower, if you have set them up

Thread: Wings and Wheels North Weald 2017
26/06/2017 11:15:36

I went yesterday and was frankly disappointed. As has been the case for some time the models being displayed are getting further and further from my reach financially and whilst the jets in particular are very impressive, once you have seen one display you have basically seen all of them. Fast passes left and right, a slow roll or two, some loops and a bit of knife edge and that's it. Oh, and some smoke.

The Reds duo, which is one thing that I was looking forward to, were landing as I arrived in the morning and did not fly again, apparently due to some technical difficulties which also seemed to afflict some other display models. The commentator mentioned that they had been "let down by some potential pilots" but that the problem had been "solved for next year" but the solution was not revealed.

The takeoffs and landings by the Gnats inevitably interrupted the model flying but added little or nothing to the show. I doubt that I will be attending again. I am looking forward to the Nats which has the advantage of being able to see disciplines that I would not normally see as well as having a display flightline for the big/expensive stuff.

Personally I would have liked to see an area set aside for multirotor flying and possibly racing as at the Nats. Perhaps the organisers could consider including this growing are of interest in future shows.

Thread: SBach umx RX re-progammed Itself ???
29/05/2017 10:42:34

"There must be a method of programming the RX somehow ??"

I believe what you need is an SPMA3060 USB interface device from HH. I used it when I moved the electronics from a UMX Sbach into an own design airframe and needed to change the aileron directions.

I had one but lent it to someone on here and haven't had it back yet. Let me know if you think that it will do what you want.

Thread: What difference does the c rating make on a Lipo battery?
22/04/2017 07:24:27

Quote 1 : "The C rate has no effect on flight times"

Quote 2 : " in most situations the 20C battery would have less duration because it will have a higher internal resistance than the 60C battery."

So, does C rating have an effect on flight times or not ?

Thread: Irresponsible ' drone' retailers
17/04/2017 12:20:04
Posted by Andrew Ray on 17/04/2017 10:08:16:
Posted by ChrisB on 17/04/2017 09:33:32:

Haven't we been here, done this and worn out several t-shirts in the process...

Yup, and I am even more of the opinion that we as model flyers need to distance ourselves from drones.

Any RC model aircraft is a "drone" in some sense

Thread: Arduino Software Help Using an EDF
29/03/2017 08:02:03

"For some reason, Bob has written the values 30 and 90 in the start-up loop."

What I actually did was to use the arming values as they were in the original code but they are, of course, easy to change if required.

Thread: lipos in parallel
23/03/2017 08:50:56

Yes, as long as their voltages are reasonably well matched.

Thread: Arduino Software Help Using an EDF
15/03/2017 17:16:18

Tom. Feel free to ask if you need any help.

15/03/2017 16:21:43

That sounds like good news. ESCs have all sorts of capabilities and requirements that servos don't.

As to the second ESC, I would add a second Servo object attached to a second pin and control it separately. Connecting 2 ESCs to the same pin might work, by why take the chance ?

15/03/2017 14:14:13

The delay in response when the button is pressed is almost certainly due to the crude debouncing using delay(100); in the code. Change this to delay(10); and see if it helps.

It sounds like reducing the output to zero causes the ESC to get into a state whereby it needs to be rearmed. You can check this by calling the arm() function after the line that prints "ON" but that will delay the restart whilst the ESC arms again.

As an alternative try values higher than 0 when turning the ESC off.

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