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Thread: A question of physics.....
14/10/2016 10:42:55
Posted by Harry Twist on 14/10/2016 10:04:31:

The runway is moving along underneath us at the same rate that our wheels are turning - all the thrust is doing is making the wheels turn faster - which makes the belt turn faster with it! So no amount of thrust will move us forwards - and we will not move any where.

So no we cant take off!

Agreed wholeheartedly

14/10/2016 08:50:00
Posted by The Wright Stuff on 14/10/2016 08:40:55:

Provided the wheels and tyres could withstand travelling at twice the take off speed, the 747 COULD take off.

But as the plane will never move forward on the conveyor belt due to it matching the speed of the wheels how could it ?

13/10/2016 21:02:05

Why so much discussion ?

The conveyor matches the speed of the wheels moving in the opposite direction therefore the plane will never move forward so will never take off from the conveyor belt.

Thread: Essential RC's videos
03/10/2016 10:44:51
Posted by Dom (Essential RC) on 20/09/2016 10:57:49:

At 1.3m wingspan the Avios Zazzy from HobbyKing is a decent size but the innovative servo connection system for the wings means breaking it down for transport (and assembly at the field) is very quick and easy with no servo lead connections. Precision flight and aerobatic characteristics are superb due to the quality digital metal gear servos and the thick wing section makes for stable flight at high and low speed. This is a perfect second model for the RC pilot who wants there next challenge after they have learnt basic flight with an RC Trainer like the HobbyKing Tuff Trainer 2.

Disappointing to see the BMFA recommendations on safety disregarded when connecting the battery.

"(b) Since plugging in the flight battery is nearly always a two-handed job you must give serious thought to how your model will be restrained BEFORE it does something you don’t expect.

(c) When plugging in the flight battery, positive restraint, either by a helper holding the model or by some other method, and staying completely clear of the propeller must always be part of your regular routine. "

One false move or fault and the motor would have started when the Lipo was connected. Considering where the prop was at the time and that there was no model restraint if the motor had started it would have been "interesting"

To my mind the procedure used would warrant a failure if the pilot was undertaking even the A certificate test.

Thread: Where are we with 3D printers now?
12/09/2016 12:45:19
Posted by Ian Jones on 12/09/2016 11:37:37:
Posted by Allan Bowker on 12/09/2016 10:48:56:

Ian, when printing with ABS, try some of this on your bed, works well for me.


Thanks Allan, that looks like just the answer I was looking for, ordered some.thumbs up

Think I'll try another question... one of the head cooling fans has shed a blade, I expect the rest will follow, anyone know where I can get another one?.......... Allan?

Another fan ?

The obvious answer surely, is to print one

Thread: UMX AS3X issue
09/09/2016 18:58:06

Glad it made it OK.

I cannot remember a thing about how to use it apart from plugging it in, downloading and installing some software and running it.

Good luck !

Thread: Internet Provider support scam
08/09/2016 08:40:52

Thanks for the explanation but it sounds like a mixed blessing.

"Microsoft Support" call and withhold their number. They are asked to announce who they are, which they do, and the 'phone rings and you answer it. You hear what they have announced and decide to continue or not.

It seems to me that you might just as well have answered the call in the first place. If you decide not to proceed then you have the satisfaction of being very rude to them or leading them up the garden path as several us have done when we have the time.

07/09/2016 08:10:55

How well does the Call Guardian deal with calls from hospitals and GP surgeries which withhold their number ?

Thread: ammo box
06/09/2016 21:38:56

I have never been clear how LiPos in an ammo box are charged safely. Obviously the charging leads must get to the LiPos but doesn't that reduce the usefulness of the ammo box by needing to have a hole in it ?

Thread: Internet Provider support scam
06/09/2016 17:57:59

I usually get those sorts of call from "Microsoft Support"

I have 2 techniques for dealing with them depending on how buy I am at the time of the call.

If I am busy I just tell them that it is a scam and put the phone down.

If I have time I keep them talking. It is surprising how long my PC can take to boot up when they ask me to start it, even though in practice it is already running. I am happy to look at the Event Viewer when asked and express concern at what I see even though everything is normal. It usually takes several attempts for me to get to the EV as I am, of course, old and doddery and "don't know much about computers"

Trying to get me to connect to a Web site is very difficult for them as I persist in typing exactly what they tell me, or at least I pretend to. Entering a Web address of UUUUUUdotsomethingdotcom never seems to work for some reason. I am often passed on to a Supervisor and we then sometimes start all over again. It is not helped by my need to go to the toilet during the call. In practice I am making a coffee.

My record so far is to keep this going for 45 minutes until I got bored and told them that I knew it was a scam. To say that they were not pleased would be an understatement.

Thread: UMX AS3X issue
06/09/2016 12:09:46


Keep an eye on this thread and you will know when/if it becomes available. If Andy decides not to make me an offer for it then it makes sense for him to send it to you directly to you.

Perhaps I should ask for photographs of it in unusual places like some gnomes !

06/09/2016 07:16:46


When Andy has finished with it I am quite happy for him to pass it on to you to try/use/buy as appropriate. Just let me know where it is.


05/09/2016 15:32:01

I would not have bought the lead had I not seen it lurking in the display cabinet of the LMS. Was/is it worthwhile ? Well, it did the job that I wanted, but unless you have a large fleet of AS3X models it is of limited use.

I used it, experimented with it a bit, set the model the way I wanted then put it in the drawer where it has languished for a couple (or more) years. I only remembered that I had it when the query arose which is why I am happy to loan it out or pass it on to anyone who needs it.

05/09/2016 12:04:35

It's in the post. Keep it as long as you need before returning it (return address on the envelope) or make me an offer.


04/09/2016 22:09:48

Andy - PM me your address and I will pop it in the post


04/09/2016 19:40:12

Andy - I have a Spektrum AS3X programmer (SPMA3060) which may be able to reverse the aileron stabilisation on your B17.

It is a few years old and I originally bought it to program an AS3X Sbach as I wanted to be able to turn the AS3X on and off, which I did. Subsequently I used it to change the stabilisation on a foamie into which the Sbach electrics had been transplanted.

I have no idea whether it is compatible with your model or can do what you want, but if you do some research online and would like to give it a try then let me know and I will pop it in the post so that you can give it a go.


Thread: LIPO charging bags - are they any use ?
18/08/2016 07:24:30

Do you charge the Lipos in the ammo box and, if so, how do you get the charging leads to them ?

17/08/2016 22:28:01

Does anyone have any personal experience of a LIPO catching fire whilst in a charging bag ? Was the fire any/or smoke contained and how hot did the outside of the bag get ?

Thread: Returning after so many years
03/07/2016 17:18:35
Posted by Liam Ryan on 03/07/2016 13:59:34:

By the way when I used to collect RCME back in the day there were amazing full-size plans every month that you could pull out of the magazine, is this still the case or has everything gone digital these days?

The plans are still there. Have a look next time you are in WH Smith's

Thread: Members Status
03/07/2016 13:07:34

How about the status under your name top/right of the screen ?

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