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Thread: Beginning to fly rc sim
17/01/2016 16:58:41

When using ailerons to turn it is normal to use a little up elevator at the same time to maintain height and pull through the turn, hence the expression "bank and yank". It is also quite normal to use the rudder at the same time but whether you need to and how much is needed depends on the model.

As you get used to controlling the model you tend to stop thinking which controls to use, how much and when and just do it, much like driving a car. Which model are you practicing on in Phoenix ?

Thread: What certification do you intend to try and obtain in the next 12 months?
07/01/2016 18:31:17
Posted by Mike Etheridge 1 on 07/01/2016 17:30:38:

II have concentrated in the past on 3 channel planes which now don't seem to qualify for the A-certificate?

Is that really the case and, if so, why ?

Thread: Newbie advice
21/12/2015 22:42:29

That makes it sound OK to drop an article (or animal !) as long as it does not endanger persons or property.

Thread: Workshop space
18/12/2015 19:47:58
Posted by Simon B on 18/12/2015 13:22:35:

I've long wanted access to stuff like CNC milling and laser cutting facilities, so imagine my delight when I discovered a volunteer run organisation called Makespace in Cambridge. It's housed in some university buildings and contains two laser cutters, vac formers, CNC machines, lathes, pillar drills and more and all for £40 a week. I had a brief tour last night and it looks BRILLIANT...I'm joining at the first oppportunity...

That sounds expensive but is actually £40 per month.

Thread: Fastest Depreciating Cars Of 2015
16/12/2015 12:20:53
Posted by Bucksboy on 16/12/2015 11:01:53:My second VW letter arrived this morning, it will take a 30 minute visit to the dealer in the New Year to sort it.

What do they do when the "sort it" ? Do they just update the software to report the real emission figures or make some change that lowers the actual emissions ?

Thread: XT60 connectors...
30/10/2015 07:58:23

Bakers Soldering Fluid is very effective but it is also corrosive. Do you wash the solder joints after you make them and before covering them with heatshrink ?

Thread: Transmitter cases (which one?)
29/10/2015 11:46:56
Posted by TheFlyingCrust on 29/10/2015 00:34:40:

I use one of these but Maplin do heavier duty ones but may be too bulky. I don't know if the one I have will stand up to the treatment you're experiencing but they do have them in store. They maybe worth a visit.


I realise that they are only there as an example but the contents of the heavy duty case, namely an SLR camera, clamp ammeter, sound meter and mains voltage detector make for an interesting combination of items !

Thread: Folding prop question.
28/10/2015 08:39:41

Is braking enabled in the ESC ?

Thread: NiMh battery security
15/10/2015 10:55:41

Self adhesive hook/loop to fix the Lipo in position fore and aft and a hook/loop strap with a proper buckle to hold it in down for me on my multirotors. The buckle is the important bit. The hook/loop straps with just a slot in the end are a waste of time as you cannot cinch them up tight like you can with a buckle.

Thread: New gadget
06/10/2015 14:11:46

"another step away from learning a skill properly."

I am old enough to remember people saying that proportional control was taking the skill out of flying.

Thread: scale rc weightshift microlight
05/10/2015 10:27:32

There was a period many years ago now when I flew a full sized hang glider and RC slope soarers from the same slopes often on the same day. Thankfully there was never any confusion as it seemed natural to push to increase the angle of attack when actually in the hang glider. Thinking about it (always dangerous) the controls to bank are reversed too as in a hang glider you push the A frame to the right to turn left and vv.

I remember thinking that the rudder controls were reversed when I had a full size glider experience flight, but I don't know why. If I remember correctly you push with the right foot to turn right and vv. Do I remember correctly ?

04/10/2015 19:44:24

As a matter of interest which way have you arranged the pitch control on the transmitter?

In a hang glider or microlight you push the bar away from you to increase the angle of attack and climb whereas in a normal aircraft you pull the sick towards you to do the same thing. So, in your setup do you push or pull to pitch up ?

Thread: DIY servo leads
27/09/2015 08:53:50

I thought that one reason for using crimped connections was to specifically avoid the use of solder which is more prone to failure due to vibration.

Thread: 360 dgrs cocpit view
21/09/2015 12:06:42

How dumb is it that clicking a link takes you away from this site instead of opening it in a new window ? It is all too easy to click a link, watch a video then stay on YouTube and forget about this site. Personally I right-click links and open links in a new tab thus leaving this site open on its original tab so that I don't forget about it.

Thread: Bambino free plan (Oct 2015 RCM&E)
17/09/2015 08:57:58

I don't have my copy of RCME handy at the moment but I seem to recall that the price quoted in th Bambino article for the Additional Woodpack was considerably less than that on the My Hobby Store website (£11.99). That and the problem with the plan has put me off building one.

I hope that the CNC Woodpack has everything the right size !

Thread: FPV Quad racing action from the UK BMFA Nationals
02/09/2015 15:54:40

Thanks for the feedback

02/09/2015 10:57:56

Does anyone know what sort of technology, if any, was used to do the timing for this event ? There appears to be some kind of detection of the quads passing through the finish gate even if it was just a spotter pressing a button, or was it more involved than that ?

Thread: WOT 4 CG and adding nose weight
23/07/2015 16:20:54

I have just had the first flights with the CG at 80mm from the leading edge and it is certainly safe with it there. Once I am more familiar with the handling I may sneak it back a bit to liven up the handling. As it is I am quite pleased with it and as I haven't flown a model like this for years I was happy to pootle about, add a bit of trim and execute couple of far from perfect but non damaging landings.

22/07/2015 12:43:22

Ripmax Customer Services don't answer the 'phone and no reply to email yet, but reading the review in RCMW I see that the mistake has been acknowledged on the WOT4 Mk2+ page on the Ripmax site, which says

"Notice: The manual states the 'Center of Gravity' should be 70mm, it should say 80mm back from the leading edge. A standard Wot4 Foam-E Mk2+ should balance with no extra weight." so it looks like I am good to go.

21/07/2015 14:07:20

Thanks for that. I will read the review next time I am in the library (aka W.H. Smiths)

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