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Thread: WOT 4 CG and adding nose weight
21/07/2015 12:23:09

I have just "built" a WOT 4 foam-e 2+, if you can call adding stickers, screwing on the U/C and slotting in the tail and fin building. The recommended CG is 70mm back from the leading edge at the root but as built it is 80mm back.

So it looks like I will need to add weight to the nose to put it right, but what is the best way to do it ? The 2200 mAh 3S Lipo is as far forward as it can be and there is no room to move the receiver or ESC further forward. From experimenting with weights it looks like I am going to need to add about 3oz of weight up front but what is the best way to do it ?

I had high hopes of stick on weights but those available from the local car tyre fitters are steel not lead and are puny. Has anyone got any experience of the WOT 4 foam-e ? Will it be OK with the CG at 80mm and/or what is the best way to add nose weight ?

Thread: Equilibrium 3.5 charger
17/06/2015 12:24:31

I am not familiar with the charger but it looks like a generic "4 button" charger.

We are going to need more details in order to help. What settings are you using, how is the Lipo connected to the charger, what is powering the charger and where are you seeing the 55% ?

Thread: Templates on Taranis - why dont I see them?
28/04/2015 15:46:00

The ! means NOT. So NOT DOWN means CENTRE and UP.

Thread: Flashing Firmware to a Fr Sky X6R receiver
28/04/2015 12:26:29

Do you actually need to expand it ?

I am as sure as I can be that when I reflashed my D4RII receivers with the latest firmware the .frk file was used "as is"

Thread: Templates on Taranis - why dont I see them?
28/04/2015 11:58:41

I have not tried it myself but this may help

Thread: LED flashing beacon light on a foam glider?
18/02/2015 16:47:53

Simon - I am sorry, but if you really do "have concerns about occasional close encounters with light aircraft and helicopters" then I think that you should not be flying there when there is any chance of it happening, whether or not you have permission.

Thread: LiPo voltage sensor - "low" & "critical" voltage thresholds
10/02/2015 18:11:04

Thanks for the links.

10/02/2015 13:45:47

That makes sense but I don't recall seeing mention of such a connection in this thread. Can you provide a link to the sensor ?

10/02/2015 08:47:31

I would be interested to know how the setup is done to display individual cell voltages, particularly if nothing is connected to each individual cell in the Lipo....

Thread: mode 1 -2 buddy box
24/12/2014 10:08:04
Posted by Phil Claridge on 24/12/2014 09:29:17:

play nicely, boys and girls each to their own wink this debate will run forever untill we start controlling models with brain power not our thumbs or fingerscheeky


Left or right brain though ?

Thread: RCM&E November 2014
22/10/2014 22:42:49

I can't help feeling that the "Top" letter in AllWrite got it wrong with the conclusion "Don't Rely On Navigation Equipment". From the description given it appears to me that the navigation equipment behaved impeccably. The pilot on the other hand seems to have behaved in an unreliable manner.

Thread: Repairing loose terminals
21/10/2014 18:59:18

By all means rescue the connectors with a view to reusing them but you will be be hard pressed to get the blue EC3 connectors apart. Solder and shrink wrapping the wires is acceptable but adds another point to failure.

Thread: inrunner or outrunner ? i have no idea
21/10/2014 18:36:00
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 17/10/2014 00:56:45:

Quite a few out runners have the wires coming out of the back!

All of my outrunners have wires coming out of the back. Installing them in multi-rotors would be interesting if that were not the case. In fact, how would it work as the whole of the outer part of an outrunner rotates by definition.

Thread: Repairing loose terminals
21/10/2014 18:22:44

As I said earlier in the thread - OUCH !

Mr. bin, meet Mr. ESC

Don't forget to cut off the leads before you throw it away. They and their connectors could come in handy in the future.

19/10/2014 16:21:06
Posted by Shaunie on 19/10/2014 15:48:34:

Remember that the ESC is probably made with lead free solder, you cannot successfully mix lead-free and leaded solder


Is this really so ? I regularly remove existing solder when repairing things because I hate lead free, but by no means all of it, and then use real solder to make the new joint. As far as I can tell this works OK. Is your experience different ?

18/10/2014 16:51:09


That certainly needs fixing properly. You are going to have to bite the bullet and take it apart to get to the terminal to ascertain the real level of damage, such as whether the PCB track has lifted or broken, then tidy up and solder it back in place.

If that involves destroying the plastic case of the ESC then so be it. Heatshrink tubing can be used to replace the case when the repair is finished. Personally I would not fly with a motor connection held in place with sticky tape. Trust me, it will come apart in the air at some time.

18/10/2014 16:09:26

It is not clear what you are describing but it sounds like you need to make a permanent repair or get a new ESC. It may just be a case of unsoldering the wires, tidying things up and soldering them back in place. I certainly do not like the idea of the solder "power joints" being broken and taped up.

A picture would certainly help to give better advice.

Thread: Lipo fire
23/01/2014 14:47:48

Pete - that manual is much more explicit than mine. Out of interest I have emailed the manufacturer of my charger with sparse information previously quoted (Overlander) asking for clarification.

I have long suspected that the firmware used in most '4 button' chargers is the same apart from the message shown on startup which would be easy to change. If this is not the case then several manufacturers have decided to use exactly the same menu structure and keypresses to access functions which seems unlikely in the extreme.

The only exception seems to be some chargers which are able to provide details of internal resistance of the Lipo. These must have different firmware and/or hardware in order to provide the functionality.

23/01/2014 11:55:43

" !2.505 volts"

You need even more cocoa mate !

23/01/2014 07:28:59

I find it disappointing that more information is not available about what my chargers actually do in each mode. A quote from the manual for one of them

Charge – a basic charge process without balancing.
Balance – a much better process involving both the charging of the pack and the active
balancing of the individual cells.
Fast – a process designed to allow charge rates at above 1C with the current reducing towards
the end of the charge. This process reduces the charging time but also slightly reduces the
final capacity of the pack. It may also reduce the cyclic life of the pack.

That is the sum total of the information given. This is a '4 button' charger with what appears to be the generic firmware included in many/all of them.

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