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Thread: Have to say 'goodbye'
26/08/2015 18:30:53

Yes I will be back, this has been a return after flying Vic Smeed designed free flights and a 2ch Futaba pilon jobby around 1969 to 75. As I am doing a Sinatra style come back to music I will surely return AGAIN to modelling. I have thoroughly enjoyed putting my two penneth into the forum now and again. I find all your comments a little moving, honestly! As we old fart musicians say "keep on keeping on, truck on" I will keep in touch.

Oh and by the way Mr. John Stones 1, I though about using Canned Heat track, 'On the road again' as a background to my first goodbye post, cheers mate!

26/08/2015 18:25:09

Listen to the old John Miles song 'Music' it pretty much sums it all up.


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Edited By Steve T on 26/08/2015 18:36:49

26/08/2015 14:03:40

I didn't see this coming but my previous career as a musician has been rejuvenated! I thought I had retired but over the last year I have become more and more involved with local and young musicians, to the extent that I am going 'back on the road' gigging and touring. I cannot possibly combine my commitment to music with aero modelling, I have tried and it is a non starter. So sadly I say goodbye to all aeronauts, or should that be aero nuts? I spent far more money than was respectable but this does mean that I have loads of gear to sell on to those left shooting the breezes. Watch the classified on here and possibly EBay, (just hope I do not turn up on the 'EBay sellers' thread). Loads of good gear, make the most of the silly prices, I would like all my stuff to go to real flayers. It was not an easy decision to sell up, but I will be touring Europe and Asia again for the next few years! I will keep in touch with the forum whilst I can. I wish you all blue skies and summer evenings.

Thread: Personal cloud storage
19/08/2015 13:27:01

I have 'cloud' account and acces but still back up everything to an external HD, as a musician with literally hundreds of songs transcribed, recorded or just original version I cannot afford to lose material, some of which goes back to 1972! Back up to an external HD, I got 500gb for £25 !

Thread: Wing bands
19/08/2015 13:21:27

Or try sticking the wing on with 'No More Nails'........then wondering why the wing fell off two days later!

Thread: First build guidance
19/08/2015 13:18:27

Sorry forgot, buy an industrial size pack of sticky plasters, or a Butchers chain mail glove.

19/08/2015 13:15:50

Agree with the comment from IanN, I sit looking at a plan for hours, sometimes over a couple of days, building it in my head, it is very relaxing and really helps once you start butchering the balsa. Then again I was an Engineer and loved pouring over blueprints. It's by far the best way to find the little awkward bit before it suddenly bites you!

Thread: Ipad help.
09/08/2015 13:22:15

I've been adding photos from my IPad 4 and I'm afraid there is no easy way. All photos will be 'image jpg' which makes them an absolute pain to identify. You may also need to edit for size if the photo was taken using your Ipad as they are too big for the forum! It's an IPad issue 'cos it's an absolute doddle from my laptop or pc. Been a year now and there is no solution other than taking forever !

Thread: Caption this!
06/08/2015 13:11:10

By the way Mr. Houghton, if you must quote from classic children's TV....try the correct version, "Hugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew etc...." so there !

Thread: What's flying over your house
29/07/2015 17:42:06

Grey clouds and rain flying over my house.....sigh!

Thread: A Cautionary Tale About PC Scammers
23/07/2015 17:41:50

Got a call today from 'an Asian' we have seen problems with your pc and access to windows, I did say 'yes you probably would, I'm using an Apple Mac .......again the phone went instantly quiet, ....hmmm,!

Thread: What's flying over your house
25/06/2015 18:14:39

Strange that no one else has posted for a bit, sodding huge hornet in one of this stables, not a problem, they are beautiful, leave them alone and they are awesome to watch, sounds like a light aircraft. Wonderful.

Thread: this hobby needs more young blood
25/06/2015 18:06:02

I stand corrected, thank you Morgan for restoring a little faith at least.

23/06/2015 13:14:34

I agree totally with BEB, you are barking up a dead tree trying to get our youth away from TV, online computer gaming and bending their necks down to stare at the mobile phone. Their interest level in flying is zero, and it is on a minus level when it comes to building. This hobby has seen its heyday come and now it's gone. Most of us grew up with very limited watchable TV, films were a trip to a cinema, winter nights were dismal and even summer nights could be boring with nothing to do. Building a hopefully flyable model was perfect for a winter evening. Flying on summer evenings. That world no longer exists and a few on this forum need to get a little reality and accept the fact. Remember for 99.9999% of today's youth if the thrill is not instant then it is seriously pants and wasting their time, they have far more important things to do than learn how to control a model in flight. And they are not allowed to actually shoot other models down so it is too wimpy to be of interest. I know from experience with a class of 20, potential flyers, zero and I tried everything at my disposal. Let's just enjoy what we have for as long as it lasts, after all nothing is ever 'for ever'.

Thread: What's flying over your house
21/06/2015 15:34:27

Really big Bumble Bee, awesome. Nothing much else.

Thread: What's going off!
21/06/2015 14:10:23

I have a digital subscription as well as hard copy, as I'm sure most of us have. My IPad did an update to RCM&E app a few days ago. Then I find my library is empty. I have to log into pocket mags to restore all purchases. Done sort of, but not all the magazines are there. Only back to Dec 2013, wrong! I have the mags just back to January 2013, so where are they. I hate computer and tablet updates!

21/06/2015 13:24:44

Each to their own, my brother and I played football on the beach with Eusabio in 1969, he very little English but was a total gem, buying drinks and hot dogs for us as we didn't speak any Portugese. Later in the 80's I played in a charity match with Rodney Marsh, great day, especially in the bar afterwards, top man. Great link to.the Vintage site, I didn't know about it and it could cost me dearly, so many I remember and instantly went into 'want one' mode!

Thread: A Four Year Old Takes Her First Aerobatic Ride
21/06/2015 13:05:37

I agree with little Lea totally, ENCORE! That was wonderful, I have 10 grand children, nothing is better that that innocent laughter. Best thing posted on here this year, and probably last year as well. Definitely brought huge tears to my eyes, not ashamed at all ENCORE!

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
18/06/2015 17:31:17

I have had another pretty hectic last 6 days so have just read through all that I have (not) missed on this posting. I still have a very good vinyl collection, and this post is just a stuck record endless repeating the same chapter and verse. Please stop this! Can you all not see the complete nonsense that this has become. One post stated that he had lost all faith in the BMFA voting system, this was supposed to be about a NFC, now it is just a stabbing session at the BMFA, irrelevant. I am so pleased that I am not a member of any club if this is how petty most of you are. Say something constructive or please don't say anything at all. This is just a waste of time when I could be reading something on my Kindle. This posting now is purely about BMFA organisation and which section of the handbook we should be reading.....oh dear.

Thread: What's flying over your house
12/06/2015 18:08:13

Bit behind but, Country Boy, I used to live in Sleaford and really did get sick of seeing the Red Arrows practicing overhead. The Last of the Phantoms at Coningsby were always cool though. And there used to be loads of Provosts from both Cranwell and Barkston. For aviation it was awesome.

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