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Thread: Lest We Forget
06/07/2018 01:25:52

It is a wonderful thing that there are many alive with stories of untold gallantry, heroism and bravery and everybody with these stories should make sure they are recorded somewhere, either here, in print, in diaries or told to younger relatives for safe keeping.

My family was in a reserved occupation in both wars so I have no personal connection other than a step uncle who fought at El Alamein but I still find the stories of untold bravery and sacrifice in both wars very compelling, emotional and memorable.

Record what you can, where you can and when you can for those who are to follow....

Lest we forget....

Thread: Discoloured canopy
02/07/2018 13:07:33

Whenever I have needed a release agent either when using silicone or plaster moulds I have used either neat washing up liquid brushed on thinly and allowed to dry or a mix of 50/50 PVA glue and water again brushed on thinly and allowed to dry. In each case a soak in warm water will yield a release and you just need to wash the moulded item to get rid of the release agent and allow to dry.

Proprietary release agents are available here **LINK**

...but I have found mine to work just as good.

Thread: RAF 100 Flypast
27/06/2018 15:11:03

NOTAMS are showing an area over the Lowestoft - Ipswich corridor which will be used for the RAF Flypast 100 rehearsals between 03 Jul 2018 10:50 GMT (11:50 BST) TO: 06 Jul 2018 12:05 GMT (13:05 BST)

Edited By Robert Cracknell on 27/06/2018 15:13:25

Thread: Hook & Loop backing pad
26/06/2018 17:42:43


Thanks - I have found these, look good



26/06/2018 16:06:23


If I can draw on the vast experience of forum members then I hope I can find the answer I need...

Many years ago I purchased a DeWalt DW100 table top bandsaw with a built in 125mm disc sander. It probably my most sensible investment, not only for modelling but for many other jobs.

The problem I have is that the adhesive on the hook & loop backing plate is not what it was and when I pull off the sanding discs themselves it starts to part company with the metal disc on the saw.

Does anyone know where I might find a new loop disc to stick on the bandsaw? I have asked all my usual suppliers of sanding discs but no luck.

I have found Hook & Loop up to 180mm wide but this is a fabric based material and may not have the strength needed. The disc on the saw appears to be bonded to a heavy card with a self adhesive back.

I have tried removing the backing pad from a power drill based backing pad but it is difficult without damaging it and keeping the power of the adhesive intact.

Any and all help appreciated.......

Edited By Robert Cracknell on 26/06/2018 16:09:34

Thread: Electric Cars.
18/06/2018 10:58:14

Over 6.5 million tons of Tobacco is grown, transported around the globe in container ships (at 50,000 tons/ship that equates to 130 container ship movements), processed and shipped by road to millions of shops before being burnt and is a toxic and carcinogenic mixture of more than 5,000 chemicals.

Despite the obvious in that some of the growing areas are in parts of the world with food shortages the pollution created in shipping this product by sea and road must be significant.

Strange that none of this ever gets mentioned when discussing pollution and I think that wood burning stoves are probably way down the list compared to tobacco...!!

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
15/06/2018 11:54:04


I take your point and having read the forum extensively I do have to agree with you. The sad thing seems that right from the word go drones and models were going to be inexorably joined in legislation being formulated by people who are ill informed.

We, the willing, led by the unknowing.....etc.,

Taking my road example it is like trying to use the same regulation on HGV's as well as mopeds.

15/06/2018 11:10:44

Maybe I have missed the boat, the point or both but why do drones have to be included in all the other categories of small scale aviation..?

As an example we all use the road under a basic set of rules in order to give a level of safety but within the categories of vehicle using the road there are major differences and specific regulations to control each category. For example HGV's have weight, size and differing speed limits as well as restriction on the roads as to where they can go. Cars and motorcycles have differing rules and additional rules when they are towing.

Why can we not define drones as

'..aerial vehicles over 250g all up weight and having 3 or more lifting devices or rotors'

and write legislation around that definition. In this way we should be able to leave alone the (successful) regulations covering the existing range of models that we fly and let the authorities safely control the drones. Considering that probably over 90% of drone fliers are in no way modellers it seems sensible to prevent potential draconian regulation on us aimed at a group of users that do not connect to our hobby.

As an additional thought, when the sky is full of drones being operated by non modelling organisations i.e. Amazon, DHL, surveying companies etc., and one of them goes rogue and crashes into a bus for example we may find ourselves being grounded en masse because of an issue in no way connected to modelling...!

Edited By Robert Cracknell on 15/06/2018 11:19:26

Thread: computer problems
12/06/2018 15:20:24


If you Google that error you may find an explanation and a solution . I have done it a few times for other errors and had some success.

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
11/06/2018 14:38:18

I suppose I am opening yet another can of worms but do these regs apply to model rocketry...?

Some of the rockets with B & C sized motors typically work in the 750 - 1000 ft range.

30/05/2018 14:15:20


Yes, it can be done but how will evidence be recorded, how will calibration be verified and how many officers will be issued with them and trained to use them? Add all of this into a laser speed gun for road use and the costs becomes a matter of thousands not hundreds of pounds.

It is still going to be impossible for the police to enforce this law with all their other responsibilities.

30/05/2018 12:35:34

It's one thing to draft and introduce legislation but enforcement however is another thing. We currently do not have enough officers on the beat to deal with everyday petty crime and vandalism which goes on locally let alone on remote sites on hillsides and in the country.

Are we to see 'Drone Police' sitting in unmarked cars near all our flying fields or will the village bobby be tasked with cycling up to sites to check up on us. How will he be able to determine 400 feet altitude we ask?

Maybe we will see the formation of a specialist police unit alongside those that deal with anti terrorism, paedophiles and internet crime. If they are wanting to monitor every flying site in the UK then it will be a big, and very expensive, force indeed.

Or is it the case, like much of the existing legislation, we will be expected to comply like sheep. The people most likely to transgress will not be those that are responsible members of clubs anyway.

30/05/2018 11:38:59

Why does it cost $1500 (dollars) to inspect a wind turbine? Do we do this exclusively in USA territories or is this just our good old UK government plagiarising someone else's documents?

Thread: Windows 10 personal preferences
29/05/2018 12:29:10

Mcrosoft, without....

  • any regard for the users of their systems
  • any form of contact
  • any responsibility for their mistakes
  • any realisation that their users live in the real world
  • any support for their products

They should rename their company 'The Cuckoo Software Monopoly' because they show the same level of care for their offspring.

I have finally got Windows 8.1 stable since installing it so now I suppose Microsoft will withdraw support for it..!!

Thread: Text Problems
24/05/2018 16:42:51


Thanks for the update - been puzzling me for some time but no more..!!


24/05/2018 14:17:20

Problem sorted - I think....

I was running Adblocker which removed the site sponsors logo. This allowed some of the text to take the place of the ad and subsequently created the text overlap. I have disabled Adblocker for all pages on this site and the problem has gone away it seems.....

24/05/2018 11:42:04

Browser = Chrome

Snapshot was taken with magnification at 100%. Increasing/decreasing does not change overlap.

Tried IE instead of Chrome - No problem...!!  (thanks Martyn)

Thanks guys

Edited By Robert Cracknell on 24/05/2018 11:43:29

24/05/2018 11:20:24


Why does the text overlap when viewing the forum - see below...? Is it my laptop display settings or something else..?

rcme capture.jpg

Thread: Suppliers of 35 mHz crystals
24/05/2018 10:51:18


The comment was a generalisation from past experience. What I am looking for is a potential supply for my pending retirement.

I do not have the money to invest in 2.4 and have a few well cared for and serviced 35 sets which I would like to use until obsolescence or the good Lord says otherwise.

Thank you all for the comments above which I shall be exploring.....

23/05/2018 17:51:26

Does anyone know of a reliable source of 35 Mhz pairs of crystals...?

I can find plenty of retailers with....'Few left in stock' or 'Hurry, limited supplies available' but never the pair that I want.

35 Mhz, as far as I am aware, is still a frequency in use. Or is it being forced into oblivion by the rationing of essential components...?

Any and all suggestions gratefully received....

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