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Thread: Ragley Hall Model Air Show CANCELLED????
22/05/2018 11:08:17

This looks definite to me.....

Thread: Reading the wrong frequency...??
16/05/2018 10:43:21


Good idea - gave it a try just now.....

The Rx with the paired crystal in is the one that responds i.e. 78/78. The others do not move so I have no reason to suspect anything other than a scanner quirk.

15/05/2018 17:31:58


The settings on the 125XLT are...







Setting it on'Auto'it detects the Tx as being AM

15/05/2018 17:26:34


The Tx is PCM....

15/05/2018 17:24:19


Did as you suggested and put about 30 yds between scanner and Tx - same result.

Not a glider guider - just happen to have a few crystals....

15/05/2018 15:03:26

A puzzler for the forum techies amongst you.....

I am an aero modeller (still on 35meg) and an aviation enthusiast generally. I have just purchased a Uniden Bearcat UBC125XLT scanner and out of curiosity more than anything else I programmed one of the scanner banks with the full range of 35 meg frequencies just to see if there was any action in my vicinity. Nothing going on.....

I then put a crystal (in this case a 78) into one of my Tx's and switched it on - lo and behold the scanner burst into life but showing channel 79. Puzzling..?? I then tried the crystal in another Tx and the same, 78 reads as 79. To cut a long story short I then tried 10 different crystals in the 2 Tx's and in every case the display showed the next channel up - 71 reads as 72, 80 reads as 81, etc.

I thinks using multiple crystals in different Tx's can rule out faulty R/C gear but can anyone explain why the scanner reads this way....??

Edited By Robert Cracknell on 15/05/2018 15:07:13

Thread: tolerence
03/05/2018 14:26:31

Anyone who has read 'Vulcan 607' by Roland White, the story of the Falklands Black Buck raid (highly recommended by the way!) will realise that the tolerance factor does not only apply to models. In the book the story is told that some time was taken to select the actual aircraft to participate in the raid. Each aircraft had its own idiosyncrasies in handling and performance which impacted on its suitability.

So, rest assured that these things affect full size aircraft manufactured from precision jigs and not just us modellers..!!

Thread: 12v charger adaptor supply
26/04/2018 17:33:45

See EBay item number 321943081214...

Thread: Telco CO2 motors
25/04/2018 12:12:05

EBay item number 142769963796 might be of use......

...or search "Telco Co2 Motor"

Edited By Robert Cracknell on 25/04/2018 12:22:09

Edited By Robert Cracknell on 25/04/2018 12:23:33

Thread: Electric Cars.
18/04/2018 12:39:42

This push for electric cars is all very laudable but there are some logistics that still have to be addressed. For example how do you charge your car if you live in an eighth floor flat with communal parking or in one of the many terraced streets with on street parking? In both cases you are never sure of the same parking space and would the local hooligans treat a cable trailing over the pavement with respect - I doubt not!

Thread: Moles!
07/04/2018 01:21:40

Might be old wives tales but I've heard many anecdotes about milk bottles buried near the runs about 2/3 in so that the wind passing over the open bottle top causes the whistling effect. Apparently they do not like this as one of their more acute senses is hearing. On a similar vein I have also head that the childrens windmills on a stick as sold at the seaside are also effective - again producing vibration/noise.

Also, if any of the members have golfing friends get them to ask the green keepers how they cope with the problem.

Failing that, dig up a run and put is a sign advertising moleskin trousers for sale - that will frighten the little b*****s..!!

Thread: Plugs n' Batteries
16/03/2018 17:36:23


Did you ever find a source of supplies for Fleet gear - if you still need some I can guide you...

Thread: End for Maplins?
02/03/2018 12:49:04

If any of you have a particular Maplin product you covet you may still have time to get it....


"Chief executive Graham Harris said in a statement on the day of the announcement "I can confirm this morning that it has not been possible to secure a solvent sale of the business and as a result we now have no alternative but to enter into an administration process.

"During this process Maplin will continue to trade and remains open for business."

Thread: Help wanted in locating a forum member
02/03/2018 12:22:41


Contact made and business done - thank you very much.

02/03/2018 01:02:30

Can anyone out there help....??

I received a pm from a new member called Cliff Newton 1 asking for copies of Fleet instructions.

I have pm'd back asking for an email address to send them to but my pm's have gone unread for nearly 2 weeks.

If anyone knows this member could they ask him to make contact again please.

Thread: SLEC
28/02/2018 00:44:25

Why complain...? This is normal service from decent, established, well organised, well stocked UK manufacturer/suppliers. Support them and they will continue to give this level of service and customer satisfaction. You don't get this from the far east....

Thread: Liquid Flux
27/02/2018 15:10:15

Probably completely wrong but I use a small amount of Bakers Fluid on a paintbrush when I do repairs on PCB's. I find it far more effective for making joints on slightly corroded or tarnished PCB's which would be damaged by mechanical cleaning. I always wash it off with some detergent and water followed by a rinse of de-min water and a thorough dry. A coat of lacquer then completes the job. Been doing this on various circuits for 25 years with no bad experiences.....

Thread: What Happens Next
02/02/2018 10:46:58

I remember a few years back I was on a back road to nowhere and came across a fire. Dialled 999 on my mobile and was about to try to explain my location when the operator said she had my location courtesy of the mobile signal. Sure enough the fire brigade arrived about 10 minutes later.

Also if anyone can remember the football match fixing scandal some years back the court was told exactly which parking bay one of the accused was sitting in at Stansted services when he made an alleged call on his mobile.

Also in the recent case of the disappearance of airman Corrie Mcgeague the police traced his last movements from his mobile signal.

The technology is clearly there, it just needs someone to get their backside into gear to make it more widely usable.

Thread: Digifleet custom 3 pro 7
10/01/2018 01:08:45


I have compiled a data sheet showing where you can get plugs, sockets, pins, tools and cable to make up all your own leads.

I now remove any batteries in my Tx's and crimp a Futaba socket on the end of the cable. This way I can store trannies minus batteries and install them before use. The Component shop 2600mAh 4.8v square pack fitted with Futaba connectors is ideal for this job.

If I'm not too late I can send the data sheet....

Thread: Vintage Digifleet.
04/01/2018 01:46:41


Sorry to be late for the party......

All this talk of Fleet gear is refreshing. I started flying with it in the mid 70's and always had the greatest respect for it. I always reckoned it looked and felt more classy than the 'Ghetto Blaster' look of the far eastern sets. I always found the brushed ally on the Fleet was easier to keep clean. I was lucky to work for a company then that used 5" x 4" vinyl Union Jack decals with MADE IN ENGLAND on them for their equipment. Needless to say these found their way onto my Tx back panels and were in full view as often as possible..!

I have, with help from members of this forum, ebay and the BMFA classifieds amassed a small collection of Fleet gear. Included are the following Tx's...

Classic 5, XP/FM, PCM 7, PCM HF7, PCM MX7 and OMEGA 7 Pro

I have instructions for them all and would be willing to copy/scan any that are needed.

I have also put a datasheet together on where the tools, plugs, sockets and pins can be purchased if you want to make up your own extension leads, servo leads etc - again copies available if needed.

With a collection like the above batteries were a problem. Some Tx's arrived in VGC, others C**P!! Corroded cells and wiring were removed and the wiring replaced. I replaced the internal battery termination with a Futaba socket and ordered Component Shop 2600MAh Ni-Mh square battery packs fitted with a Futaba plug. Now my Tx's reside with no batteries until needed.

The UK is the home of radio, it was invented here and it was a sad day when the R/C scene was hijacked by the far eastern manufacturers. By the way what have the Japanese/Chinese actually invented? Answers on a small postcard please.

I shall keep flying Fleet as long as I can.....

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