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Thread: Electric Cars.
14/08/2019 19:27:56

The elephant in the room is population growth, a problem so large that no one wants to talk about or has any idea what to do about .

Whatever energy savings or savings of other resources can be achieved the continued exponential growth of human population can only result in disaster for millions.

Edited By J D 8 on 14/08/2019 19:28:25

Thread: 4 stroking a Merco...
14/08/2019 08:36:51

Yes an early nylon body Irvine carb. They can go tight on the barrel over time but a light sanding in the body will sort it.

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
12/08/2019 23:52:57

I certainly do not think so, fight it all the way and in the end if enough do not co-operate the Dot will have to think again.

Thread: ASP prop driver stuck!
11/08/2019 23:39:35

With items like this where pressure comes from the split cone as the propnut is tightened, a split can start inside the driver and not be visible on the outside.

Thread: The Aerodynamics of the Spitfire
11/08/2019 09:15:41

+ 1 on the above.

It is also much the same story with computer development and the ideas of Alan Turing for which he is rightly recognised.

However it was Tommy Flowers and other former GPO team members who built the electronic Colossus and made it work. I think there is a street/road named after him somewhere.

09/08/2019 10:47:48

Hi Dougie, Have seen some video in you tube of DH60's with folding wings. May be useful. John.

Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
08/08/2019 00:16:41

Just put together a Parkzone F4F Wildcat with similar rotund body and will be taking extra care after your experience Col.

Those grip points on the Buffalo may not be such a good idea. The Wildcat has none so you have to hold it behind the wing where the fuselage is narrower and your hand can fit around.

All the best with your recovery. John.

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
07/08/2019 16:34:36

Just had one flying over my farm, felt like getting the 12 gauge out.

06/08/2019 18:47:01

Some farmers around here have some very high wind turbines on their land, so is everything below that private airspace?

Thread: Bleriot XI
06/08/2019 10:29:37

View of engine set up in mine, Webra 61 with a modern carb and homemade exhaust to fit in the cowl. Cheers,sam_0996.jpg John.

06/08/2019 09:28:42

HI David, Sorry to see your Bleriot in such a state. Not sure I can advise on an IC set up for your model. My Bleriot is somewhat larger with a span of about eighty inches and has ample power from a 1970's Webra 61.

One thing to note with the Bleriot is it is a light and draggy airframe and looses speed very quickly when power is reduce. Mine becomes more of a parachute than an aeroplane if you chop the power and the nose needs to be pushed down promptly. I therefor fly the aircraft with some power on all the way to the ground.

The early basic design of the Bleriot results in a somewhat one speed machine, more power it climbs, middle for level cruse, low power and it descends I tend to fly mine mostly using throttle and rudder with only minor elevator input.9.jpg

Thread: Silicon fuel tube rotting?
04/08/2019 13:18:04

There is silicon tubing and there is silicon tubing.

As with Don's mine has been in the fuel can on the flight box for many years and is fine.

Thread: Hi from Penderyn, South Wales
01/08/2019 08:48:38

Hello from West Wales, I like Penderyn, the whisky is rather good.

Thread: Essential RC's videos
01/08/2019 08:43:21

Had it been full size all on board would have gone through their wicker seats with that landing of the HP42

Thread: Electric Cars.
29/07/2019 18:50:58

Poo, somehow work became home,embarrassed I was tired after a tedious car journey. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

29/07/2019 17:50:26

A hundred and seventy years ago most folk lived within walking or riding distance of home. Then the train companies realised there was more money to be made moving people around than just goods. Suburbs were built and the rot started.

Thread: Keil Kraft Ladybird
27/07/2019 15:42:47

I grew up on a dairy farm so when I asked my parents for a milk bottle there were none to be had. Did not think to ask for another type that would do.blush

27/07/2019 09:05:39

You are right about the cowl Tom, mine ended up more hexagonal than round. Flew on DC .75 merlin.


Thread: Do you have one this big!
26/07/2019 21:55:40

The last time I came across something like that it was in a spent Rapier missile [ practice type] we Coastguards picked up on a beach.

Thread: James May's program tonight
25/07/2019 08:24:20

Saw it first time around and enjoyed it.

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