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Thread: platform migration plans, a 'heads-up' for everyone
22/01/2021 10:56:03


Thread: Plastic Degradition - UV? - Aging?
22/01/2021 08:47:00

I have many Futaba servos of that age and older that that are still in service and have been for all that time, also have some 80's Fleet servos still doing their job.

If you ask me many of the lower price servos available today are not as good.

 Jupiter in pic above has Futaba 3001's and 148's in it and all are original.  RC changed to 2.4 some years ago.

Edited By J D 8 on 22/01/2021 08:50:20

Thread: Futaba uk
20/01/2021 14:10:43

I get the feeling that Rich is just wanting the most basic TX. Perhaps a bit more detail about what type of aircraft you fly, how many you are likely to have and what future aims you have with aircraft may help us help you. Cheers

Thread: The pure joy of model flying
20/01/2021 14:01:41

I remember that feeling Bruce, When I first got into RC I was well pleased to land in the same feel I took off from. smiley John.

Thread: Laser Engines development.
19/01/2021 15:43:23

It's what many car makers do all the time when a new model is released, the big difference is the car byers do not know they are in the extended development of that vehicle until it throws a wobbler at them. Never take the clever advertising bait and purchase a new model car. Your Idea of getting some enthusiast help in development is sound to me, Cheers, John.

Thread: The pure joy of model flying
19/01/2021 15:24:38

The first successful flight with a model I built myself [I am not counting flights with sling shot launched types you bought ready to go ] was with a KK cadet glider, my first build was a KK Hurricane and was soon wreaked.

I had no one to help with a tow launch so off the hill it went flying away in a woodpigeon type [ swooping flight ] to land three fields away laugh Delighted I was.

As a school prize I chose from a selection of books " Your book of Aeromodelling by Robert R Rodwell which in part covered the building/flying of the Cadet putting me on the path to some 55 years of modelling.  That and a copy of Aeromodeller  left behind by an older cousin who had visited that summer.

Edited By J D 8 on 19/01/2021 15:30:59

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
19/01/2021 14:32:25
Posted by Stuphedd on 19/01/2021 11:22:09:

arriving at the local scrap yard in the early70s i asked what the scrap man did with all the cars he was crushing.

I send them to Japan, they have no iron/steel resources they have to import it all, then he added where do you think the name DATSUN comes from ??

DaimlerAustinTriumphSunbeamU--------I did not hear the rest through laughing

In the 1980's those little Japanese 4x4 vans were making inroads into the traditional 4x4 makers market, they were low cost and reliable. However it was said that on a quiet day you could hear them rusting.

Now I know why.wink

Thread: Cartoon Cutlass
19/01/2021 12:35:32

Them's the ones Alan, thanks for the info.thumbs up John.

19/01/2021 12:11:18

Just been reading Eric Brown's Wings of the navy. His view of the Cutlass was rather poor it being underpowered, and had control and stability problems at both normal speeds along with being critical with regards speed control for a deck landing. His conclusion was the Cutlass was not a pleasant aircraft to fly and in his book it looked ugly, flew badly, and was a menace any where near a carrier deck.

Still as a cartoon model it will be fine, after all it does not need to land on a carrier deck.laugh

There was at one time [70's 80's ] a large model [ for the time ] of the Cutlass available, displayed in the add by a scantily clad lady as was the way at the time. I never saw one fly, anyone remember it ?

Thread: Plastic Degradition - UV? - Aging?
18/01/2021 15:49:37

I have a twenty year old ARC Jupiter, Probably my most flown aircraft . IARC Jupiter I recon it has only lasted this long because when new I gave it a coat of paint and the hollow tail plane is still pliable.

Thread: How complicated?
17/01/2021 15:40:53

That is spot on Peter.laugh

Thread: Seagull Models
17/01/2021 12:14:31

I have watched some of the Seagull factory video's The section showing the lady's and girl's doing the covering of models is interesting, have picked up a hint or two from them when it comes to the job.thumbs up

Thread: My HERMES
16/01/2021 16:25:15

Yes, built at Cammell Lairds, Queen Elisabeth 1 and Prince of Wales are about 100 foot longer. than the Ark's 804 feet.

THE USS Gerald R Ford is presently the largest carrier in service at 1,092 feet.

  I once saw the JOHN F KENNEDY the last US carrier to have a conventional  power system , at 1,050 it to was a monster.

Edited By J D 8 on 16/01/2021 16:32:11

16/01/2021 14:29:09

One of the saddest sights I ever sawsad [ when it comes to non living things ] was on a lovely sunny clear day in 1979 . It was the Ark Royal R09 [ the big one ] being towed up St Georges channel on her way to the scrapper

It took all day to go by and as the evening light faded you could no longer see the towing tugs over the curve of the earth but the great Flattop cold be seen standing the late sunlight.

Who built the Ark ? It wasn't bloomin Noah.

16/01/2021 13:39:30

Hermes are total rubbish here in west Wales and their tracking is nothing but a pack of porky pies, angrywith lines like " delivery attempted on "date" at "time " Yea right, We ordered a soft toy for our 1 year old grand daughter and were told it was damaged in transit.disgust No replacement was available. Several other instances. We no longer order anything where Hermes is the courier.

Post office have been good and so have DPD.

Thread: Can you tell what it is yet?
16/01/2021 12:03:28

I had an advantage too, just been reading Eric Browns "Wings of the Luftwaffe " and his experiences flying the Salamander.

Thread: NEW POLL - has the covid pandemic deterred you from attending shows and events in 2021?
16/01/2021 11:58:31

I would say that the return to normal will not happen this year if ever.

A new normal with some limits still in place is still some way off, at least until about 75% of the population have had their vaccination. And that supposes that another variant nasty does not show its ugly head.

Thread: It is flying related Flight
15/01/2021 15:23:18

It's that old question Robin. Why does a Buccaneer retract its wheels ? So it can fly lower ! yes

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
14/01/2021 17:20:19

Once as a Welshman lost in London only two people stopped/spoke to help me.

One was an equally lost Scotsman and we agreed to cooperate with direction finding as Jock and Taff and a very helpful, polite Japanese Gent.

Thread: Can you tell what it is yet?
14/01/2021 11:42:48

Could it be a Heinkel 162 ?

Alan beat me to it.smiley

Edited By J D 8 on 14/01/2021 11:43:59

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