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Thread: Flap / down elevator mix
02/04/2020 16:04:39

The Seafire had multi position flaps, unlike the earlier versions of Spitfire on which only up or full down.

When taking off a carrier a Seafire pilot could select some 15 degrees flap.

When launching Spitfires from a carrier as in the resupply of Malta Spitfire pilots would select down flap and then deck crew would hold in position wooden wedges [ fingers ] and signal the pilot to select up flap. The flaps would then be held in take off position. Once up a safe altitude the flaps were cycled for the wedges to fall away.

Thread: Paw 35
31/03/2020 19:34:20

I have an Irvine 40 diesel with twin needle carb, setting up is much the same as glow.

I have two PAW's and both are air bleed carbs, the setting of these is different only in the direction you turn the screw.

Thread: Motor query
25/03/2020 11:40:15

Good advice above but be aware that some will push you toward a set that does a lot more than you need and therefore more complicated to set up [ seen it happen many times ] and then the new or returning modeler has to get someone else to do the set up.

If your long time ago was before computer radios you may wish to remain with the more basic radio.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
24/03/2020 17:09:24

New life down on the farm, one hour old.sam_1750.jpg

Thread: Covid 19
24/03/2020 09:29:33

China planning to lift the lock down on Wuhan city on 8 April.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the virus rate.

23/03/2020 21:25:23

Fifty years ago had the virus started then in Wuhan I doubt it would have spread very far The China of that time would probably have not even reported it to the West.

The cost of low cost air transport may prove to be more than ever predicted.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
23/03/2020 21:08:36

It is blood, toil, tears and sweat time for many but for most it is just stay home.

I am glad we have Boris and not Trump.

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
22/03/2020 12:16:00

Used to have a dour Scottish vet come to the farm, he would say

Horses, dangerous both ends and unsafe in the middle.yes

Thread: Covid 19
22/03/2020 11:39:30

Here on the Welsh coast I live right under the main air corridor to the Americas. Clear blue sky's and few aircraft to be seen. No contrails blotting out the sun.smiley

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
22/03/2020 08:58:57

Ten years ago I caught the swine flu which turned to pneumonia. I was in hospital for ten days mostly in the intensive care unit [ went in just before Christmas and when I came to it was new year ] They had me out earlier than they liked as bed's were needed for others. It was a skin of the teeth job, had I been a smoker or asmatic the Doc said I would have been a goner.

Local hospital has just 8 ICU beds as standard [ now up to 28 ] but we are now finding many people from away coming to holiday houses and caravans. Cant blame them I suppose but the local services will not cope if the virus takes hold here.

Thread: IC Engine Bearings...
21/03/2020 14:09:47

I wonder how that chap knew when to put the catch rope on the puller jack of the ship prop ?

20/03/2020 12:42:28

If you want to feel how powerful Gyroscopic precession is take an angle grinder and hold it firmly in front of you and start it. Then turn your whole body quickly through 90 degrees. You will feel the grinder want to twist in your hand.

Do this with a 9 inch grinder and heavy disc be very careful as the effect is very powerful.

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 20/03/2020 19:47:38

Thread: Engine Failures
19/03/2020 09:31:00

Have had two crank pin fails. DC Sabre in motor glider that I learned to fly RC with, had a lot of use.

OS max15 let go in a full power dive, it was underproped. Abuse I recon [ know better now ] A problem for model and full size engines of all types.

I have a mate who does a lot of work on Ford TDci engines [ Transit vans ] Any particular problems with these engines I asked ?

Yes he said, the ------- just don't service them.

18/03/2020 18:26:52

Two years ago at the start of the flying season I was running up the Enya 90 in my Major Mannock in the back yard. Started with ease and ran well but after a couple of minuets I saw the prop start to wobble. Went to shut it down but as I did so the thing stopped with a bang. The prop flew off and shattered on the concreate. Bit's flew all over and I was lucky not to be hit.

Examination showed front bearing had gone to bit's. Engine has been pulling the Mannock around for twenty years, no castor and stored over winter in the dry with ATF fluid injected. There was no corrosion to be seen on the bearing bits or shaft. I think it just wore out. [ as other bearings do on my farm machines ]

Easy fix on the Enya with removable front housing. Been going fine since. Cheers John.Major Mannock

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
18/03/2020 14:08:58
Posted by Robin Colbourne on 18/03/2020 12:58:09:
Posted by SR 71 on 18/03/2020 12:07:36:

They'll be making them with bomb doors soon! :-D

During the siege of Malta in 1942 that is just what was done. No wood to spare for coffins all being used for cooking fuel.

16/03/2020 10:30:26

What was that item on the news every day last year ? Started with a B I think.wink

Thread: Hangar 9 Valiant 10cc
15/03/2020 10:03:08

Looking good, nice tidy installation.smiley

Thread: Ballance on an electric BOOMERANG 40 question
15/03/2020 09:57:27

Yes, balance with battery fitted and if space allows move batt fore and aft to find the right spot. If you find you still need more weight to get balance correct then do so. [ unlikely with a boomerang I would think ]

Thread: How to Make Wheels, Mannock Build Part 14
14/03/2020 13:13:40

Hi Cliff, If you have trouble keeping your glued tires together large rubber O rings are available. Their normal use is mounting exhausts on large vans and trucks. Can be had in many sizes and thickness.

Cheers, John.

Thread: Motor stutters near full throttle
13/03/2020 17:28:14

My T8j has a servo monitor, if by that Denis means the servo test screen in the power down mode.


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