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Thread: DB 60" Sopwith Pup
22/10/2019 21:17:59

Mick Reeves stitching tape or try the Richard Crapp tape tutorial.    John.

Edited By J D 8 on 22/10/2019 21:18:36

Thread: Boddo's Biggles Biplane
22/10/2019 09:06:33

That's the pic I remember. smiley But can see from other photo's I was wrong about ailerons on the top wing.

The Tiger over the channel inverted was done on the fifty year anniversary of Bleriot's crossing.

Thread: Latest CAA Update
22/10/2019 08:58:32

Agree, the document has more holes than a Swiss cheese.

Thread: Boddo's Biggles Biplane
21/10/2019 13:53:59

Hi Peter, I was beginning to think the " Super Moth " was just a story but you have actually seen one.

There was a good feature about the restoration to flight of the Queen bee in Aeroplane monthly a couple of years ago.

It is thought the word " DRONE" in reference to a remote piloted aircraft comes from the time of Queen bee as a target for anti aircraft guns. The word "drone" is a reference to the male bee who makes one flight in search of the queen bee and then subsequently dies.

Cheers John.

21/10/2019 09:31:05

The Biggles film made some 30 years ago was a load of tosh with Biggles time traveling. Pretty sure they had him flying a Bell Jet ranger at one point.

Have only " had a go " at flying a Tiger Moth and a Cessna 150. Both were easy enough to steer around the sky but that's as far as my experience of both aircraft go's.

Saw something once about some uprated Tiger's made in the 50's [ May have been in Aeroplane Monthly ] They had more power, fuel tank moved to front cockpit so single seat, and I think ailerons on both upper and lower wings.

Story was by a fellow performing an aerobatic displayat a local fete in one and doing a boo boo resulting in a vertical plunge into the ground. Someone had taken a cracking photo of the Tiger with the nose a foot off the ground just before impact.

Pilot ended up in the ruptured fuel tank soaked in petrol but there was no fire. He was rescued by US AIR FORCE crash tender team who were also at the fete with just minor injuries. Lucky or what.

Have thought a model of the " Super Tiger Moth " would be good fun but have been unable to track down any further info about them.

Thread: DB Major Mannock
20/10/2019 21:03:53

Going to be a bit of a beast.

Thread: How far do you travel to fly at your club?
20/10/2019 14:51:35

40 to 50 mins 35 miles. When I fly at the club site I try and get there early and make a day of it.

Also fly hand launch stuff at home and a friends nearby.

Thread: What are your three favourite war movies?
20/10/2019 09:17:35

Worst ever ? Flyboys.

19/10/2019 21:56:34

The Dam busters

Tora Tora Tora


Thread: Jet Packs
18/10/2019 08:58:11

It takes a special sort of nut to fly a peroxide rocket pack in shorts !

Thread: Latest CAA Update
17/10/2019 17:12:07

So Alan, Will I have to pay to use my own airspace ? Is it mine ? The highest point on my land is 700ft and I fly from a spot at 300ft.

I recon anything in 12 gauge range is mine anyway.devil

Thread: Veron Avro 504N
14/10/2019 19:39:14

It is the one still flying [ now and then ] with the Shuttleworth trust at Biggleswade. One of the most produced aircraft ever, over 10,000 were made.

Thread: Ammo Box for Lipos ??
14/10/2019 13:25:50

For most of my Coastguard service years we stored signal and parachute illumination flares in 50 cal ammo box's with larger mortar box's for the spare's on station. A new purpose made box was introduced and frankly we thought it was a joke.

The new box's are thin steel with more holes than metal and a carboard liner ! A demo with bunch of flares inside and then ignited showed us sceptics how effective it was at containing and dissipating the pressure and tremendous heat produced by such flares.

Thread: Closed loop.
13/10/2019 12:06:49

The arms should face forward so the connection points line up with the hinge line of the rudder. I try and get the width of connection points for horn and servo arm the same.

Not much advantage for an average model but handy where little room for two push rods or if weight at the rear is critical.

A well set up closed loop will be as slop free as having servo at the tail with short pushrod. For some models like WW1 aircraft an external closed loop will be scaleMajor Mannock

Thread: Essential RC's videos
11/10/2019 10:17:36

Just amazing, full scale prop, all the spit flaps, twist turn retracts and then when he lands the wings fold !!! yes

Thread: Ailerons extending to wingtip
04/10/2019 18:49:08

sam_0810.jpgThe Polikarpov I16 has long narrow ailerons that extend almost to the tip, a feature I recon did not help with the touchy lateral handling of the model I had. In the end I extended the tips some keeping them solid.  Red bit of aileron is fixed.

Edited By J D 8 on 04/10/2019 18:50:55

Edited By J D 8 on 04/10/2019 18:52:42

Thread: Guess the fault
04/10/2019 11:35:41

Hi C8, As noted in earlier post I have my only strip indicator in an old Katana and it has been like that for years so not sure it tells me anything.

I test my rx batts with an SM SERVICES 4/5 cell battery checker before each session. [ Don't think they are available now ] It is the type that you push a button for 30 secs and put a load on the batt. A good batt will only drop point one or two of a volt

Thread: Found in a field!
03/10/2019 21:26:46

Some years ago came across a Westland Gazelle that looked rather tat having flown into some powerlines, crew were ok.

Thread: Guess the fault
03/10/2019 18:22:56

Duff indicator? got one in an old Katana and switched on with nothing moving will be first green. Move the sticks and it goes down to red and everything in between, sticks centred back to green.

Thread: B -17 crashes
02/10/2019 19:02:32


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