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Thread: Martin Baker MB5
10/07/2020 22:38:01

Thanks for the info Timo on the XF84-H, interesting stuff. I must have read the Aeroplane Monthly feature in 77 mentioned in the text.

Thread: Cleaning out a fuel soaked engine bay?
09/07/2020 18:12:45

Some solvent [ acetone ] painted on to soften the old oil before putting on the powder should help. Left for a few days it will "suck " out a lot of crud. Plaster of paris [ put on as a powder ] is another option.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
09/07/2020 08:19:39

Made mesmiley

Thread: Flair Fledgling
08/07/2020 17:46:56

Agree with the above. I also built one a long time ago, I had one of those COX power pods that fitted under the wing bands for flat work. Ended its days when it met a large boulder on the slope.

Thread: Martin Baker MB5
08/07/2020 16:03:22

Did the Americans not have a turboprop development of the F84 Thunderstreak that was supersonic or was it just the prop that went supersonic?

08/07/2020 15:40:54

Many interesting/promising airframe and engine projects came to an early end due to the arrival of the jet engine.

The Rolls Royce Crecy was a 26ltr V12 supercharged two stroke, sleeve valve, petrol fuel injected engine and fully developed would have produced many thousands of HP. Very Complex when compared to the jet turbine.

08/07/2020 13:03:01

Another of those " looks like a Mustang " prototypes was the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-15 built towards war's end in Australia , also Griffon powered. Not seen it modelled but someone in Aus may have done so.

Thread: Another thread about the DB Auster
08/07/2020 11:19:41

Most Auster's look to have a space/slot between the lower rear of the cowling and the fuselage, this would allow plenty of cooling exit.

An old Auster was the first aircraft I flew in. As we lined up for take off I noticed the tyre on my side was down to the canvas! Still it flew ok but what a racket [ had no headphones or radio, It was mostly used as a glider towing hack. ]

Thread: Martin Baker MB5
07/07/2020 07:56:48

John Marlin an aircraft enthusiast in the US has built a full size replica and it has a contra prop.

Thread: Diesel anybody?
06/07/2020 09:25:30

I also do some diesel flying now and then. An original Mills P75 [ probably older than me ] in the Cardinal.Cardinal

Thread: How Many Wing Ribs
04/07/2020 17:15:35

How many may depend some on what covering or partial covering you use. EG, all film , all sheet, or perhaps sheeted leading edge.

Measuring on mine shows 40mm on a little Veron Cardinal to 80mm on DB Major Mannock.

Thread: Dihedral
03/07/2020 22:43:05

I still want to know if a hang glider pilot act's as a pendulum, after all he/she is swinging around like one.dont know

Thread: Pre Season Flight checks
03/07/2020 22:31:43

In the 1970's I was learning to fly at the local gliding club when one day a chap came along with an adapted hang glider much like the model above except the prop was in a shroud. He wanted some help to get it in the air as there was to much weight for one person while starting the on foot take off run.

Being a young strong farm lad I volunteered to help. However despite both of us running like go dam bar stewards with the engine howling like a banshee it never even got a few inches off the ground.

Still there was much mirth and entertainment for fellow flyers.

Not long after someone in south Wales I believe came up with the idea of a simple trike beneath the wing and microlights were off.

Thread: Flying during pandemic.
03/07/2020 13:43:30

Problem now is the weather. Half a gale and driving rain here on the west Wales coast, and moe to come.sad

Thread: Dihedral
03/07/2020 09:00:03

I did and see where you are coming from Jason, recon my idea of pendulum effect came from old Aeromodeler features of long ago when most flying models were free flight.

So would I be correct that only hang gliders and balloons/airships benefit from pendulum stability ?

Thread: Durafly Fiesler Fi156 Storch
02/07/2020 21:23:18

A few video's on you tube show these flying quite nicely, may be worth a look.

Thread: Dihedral
02/07/2020 21:11:11

With parasol type aircraft dihedral is not so important because you get pendulum stability effect from the weight of the fuselage being well below the wing. Do build in some washout though.

Thread: OS 91 surpass disassembly
01/07/2020 11:41:38

I did much the same ED using a standard Rawl bolt [ the type used to hold things in concrete ] to remove a small bearing in a gearbox, just had to cut the bolt down so it did not bottom out in the casing . They do come in some quite small sizes [ M4 ] but maybe not small enough for model engine cam bearings.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
01/07/2020 09:41:43

Seen a some on Bargain Hunt as well.

Thread: Flair Puppeteer
30/06/2020 13:20:24

Hi John, rubber O rings are available in a wide variety of sizes and cross sections. They are widely used in industry. Simply bearings are just one source.

Cheers, john.

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