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Thread: Synthetic instead of caster oil?
16/01/2020 10:18:48

Only place I use castor is in my old DC, Mills, Frog diesel engines.

OH and last year I put some in my old lawnmower. Lovely smell that reminded me of my Grasstrack racing day'slaugh

Thread: Do you love some of your engines so much you don't fly them?
15/01/2020 14:54:06

I have noticed that a good solid wood or glass fibre cowl [ not abs ] will often give the engine some protection in a whoopsy limiting the damage.

Thread: What size model?
15/01/2020 10:56:27

Michael has to walk/carry his models to the flying site so 40 to 50 inch is probably practical the limit as that sort of size can be carried in one piece.

Older modelers will remember the ingenious way's of transporting models by bus, pushbike, motorbike ect.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
14/01/2020 09:11:36

And all engines were still running when he landed, mind you with that may would you even notice if one or two dropped out ?

Just an amazing model.yes

Thread: Seagull Challenger ARTF Fault
12/01/2020 10:54:14

That's not right, had the same problem with a foam lazy bee model once and I did not notice until it was time to join the two fuselage halves together.angry

Thread: Dog harassment while flying!
10/01/2020 22:04:40

Perhaps you should ask " Why are dog walkers walking their dogs where a 60cc model is being flown? "

10/01/2020 18:21:26

Well done for keeping concentration on the aircraft, not easy. I was once attacked by an Alsatian while riding my motor bike. It launched itself at me from the side, a size 8 kept it at bay and it then went for the rear tyre biting it as I accelerated away

I like dogs but so many owners just can not control them.

Thread: Another plant that needs identifying.
06/01/2020 16:21:13

Pant's, I thought you had been up to no good Erfolg.wink

Thread: Frustrated by the weather then try this....
06/01/2020 13:41:23

Only thing I have flying of late.sam_0818.jpg

06/01/2020 13:37:56

Could be a Spad ?wink

Thread: Bob Wright's HM 18 Flying Flea as modified by Abbott Baynes. 53.5" wingspan.
03/01/2020 16:02:05

I have never heard or seen square leading edge's only trailing edge's being left square, something to do with better precision with aerobatic types.

Thread: Epoxy
01/01/2020 12:53:04

Another fan of Bob Smith products, good stuff and less smell than other epoxy's

Thread: Canards
31/12/2019 16:52:11

In the early 80's I flew a type of microlight called an "eagle" Lateral/yaw control was by tip dragger rudders and pitch control was a combination of weight shift and canard with elevator.

It was not possible stall it in the conventional way, the canard would stall if you went slow enough but the wing itself would remain flying resulting in just a nodding flight path.

Another feature was the up elevator movement [ down pitch remember ] was linked to the control with a section of bungee cord so as you dived increased air speed would lower the elevator and along with the greater incidence of the canard increase its lift and you had an automatic dive recovery.

In the early days of microlights there were many odd control systems tried that very much mirrored the early days of aviation.

Thread: CAA announce New drone trials !
26/12/2019 11:17:26

Been a con all along, and I am a poet and I did know it. The feature is on the front page of the Times.

Edited By J D 8 on 26/12/2019 11:21:24

Thread: What make is this
21/12/2019 14:31:49

Toilet flush units are pretty much standard no matter what make. The two basic types are handle flush and push button flush. If it gives further trouble just change the whole unit, they are not expensive.

Thread: Frog Minx
13/12/2019 23:27:42

The lifting tail [ or foreplane ] was a common feature of early aeroplanes at a time when there was much experimentation with airframe layouts and sections. As PatMc notes it allowed for a more reward c of g and spread the load between wing and tail helping low powered aircraft into the air

I fly a large Bleriot XI that has a lifting tail that has more engine power for the size of airframe than any full size Bleriot ever did. I have to be careful not to give it to much throttle in level flight or it starts to miss behave the nose going down even with up elevator being applied.9.jpg

13/12/2019 18:49:34

All the aircraft you name were designed for free flight and tend to be one flying speed machines with lifting tails and rearward c of g. With radio control it is easy to put the aircraft outside of its happy fight envelope.

Like your Tomboy I also found I had to alter the Veron Cardinal I built last winter for wider RC use with smaller horizontal tail, less incidence, less dihederal and more forward c of g.

As standard I recon most of these vintage types should be regarded as "radio assist " to be just steered gently around the sky.

Cheers John.Cardinal

Thread: First full size electric aircraft flies.
12/12/2019 09:42:56

We have no coal days but that is because much of our industry has been exported to China where massive new coal burning stations are coming on line every year.

Thread: Torque rods vs wing servos
04/12/2019 17:03:34

One small benefit of two central servos is keeping the mass in the middle of the aircraft but doubt it makes much difference. Have a couple of models with this system an they have worked well for years.

Thread: 140% servo travel
27/11/2019 21:50:22

Would think that as long as the servo is quiet, no hum or sound it is under strain then it is ok.

Problem with rotary servos is that at these extreme movements you do not get as much extra movement as the percentage figure suggests.

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