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Thread: Flair Fokker DVII
29/12/2014 10:28:57


Just emailed Jaime regarding lozenge tex. Hope he can ship to UK!

29/12/2014 10:11:37

Just got late Xmas pressie.....Annual subscription to RCM&E. Yippee. Always meant to do it myself and yet never got round to it..... instead spend idle moments in local newsagent flicking through the pages to see whether to buy that month!!

29/12/2014 09:44:27


Brilliant. Thanks for the info. Looks like I need to call Arizona Models! Opens up a whole new world of options for a vibrant colour scheme....Now to pick one that hasn't been done before!!!

Yours will look superb with the black/white fuselage contrasting against the lozenge wings. I may need to practise my covering technique with plain colour before I commit wife's iron to the lozenge material. Wouldn't want to spoil any!!!!!

Off to do more mundane room painting this morning this morning..... with snow outside!

28/12/2014 22:20:47


Coincidence! Ive just been looking at the lozenge tex availability on the internet. Looks like Arizona Models or Balsa USA are favourites (hmmm always in the US market!). Stevo (on this site) painted his own. I may try pre-printed first.... although they are expensive!!! I would be interested to know what amount you needed to buy to do the wings.smiley

28/12/2014 20:55:20

Hi Bob,

I notice that Arizona Models do some VERY VERY nice details for WW1 aircraft including some great detailing kits, including engines!!! That said, I guess we would be only using the upper quarter (cylinder heads and rocker box covers) so a lot of money for just the tops. The instrument panels look good too! wink

28/12/2014 20:00:34

Not decided how best to paint yet. Probably start with silver enamel as base coat then matt back acrylic which I can rub back to highlight edges.

And a second to build thereafter!

28/12/2014 19:58:08


28/12/2014 19:57:02


28/12/2014 19:43:56


28/12/2014 19:43:19

Well, its a year to the day since I decided to start a blog of the build of another Flair Fokker DVII. Not exactly rapid progress. New job last January forced me to put model building on hold but New Year's resolution is to pick up where I left off.

Some start with tail feathers and some with the fuselage. Limited space and time over Christmas led me to start with something smaller, but no less of a challenge..... the spandau machine guns!! photos to follow..

Thread: Who's still got a Mick Reeves Focke-Wulf 190D-9?
04/09/2014 23:15:48

Wow. Thought I was the only one who still had a D9. I built it in 1985, my first year on a Sqn in Germany. Bought from model shop in Shrewsbury as I recall. Finished it but never had the continuity to fly it and could not get the mechanical retracts to function properly. So retired it unflown to parents attic.... where I found it only a few months ago. Neatly packed in a transit hardboard and plywood box. Perhaps now is the time to fire it up for first time. It has (again brand new at the time) a Suoer Tigre glow engine to mount up front. A little adjustment or perhaps new installation of retracts and it would be ready to go. But then theres the other slow build models too I have promised myself i'll finish too. Hmmm! Priorities??

Thread: Learning to fly in Cornwall, please help!
03/09/2014 00:30:44


As someone who also started building and flying R/C models many years ago now (outside of a club), I sympathise with your wish to go it alone. I did exactly the same as a teenager and spent more time returning my projects to RTF format where RTF means ready to fix rather than ready to fly. It wasn't expensive... but time consuming and I am sure that as entry to the hobby has become easier with foam models available from most 'toy' shops these days, the biggest shame of going it alone for some will be that they never continue after the first unintended contact with terra firma.

Some 30 years later I am still as avid about the hobby as ever but think there is some really good advice here about learning from others in a club. Above all you need to retain your sense of humour when arrivals are not as you might wish. Watch others flying their models too. You will gain an awful lot of valuable experience learning from others skill and/or mistakes.

Thread: Flair Fokker DVII
12/08/2014 19:56:38

Its the lozenge scheme which looks daunting at the moment although your photos Steve make it look simpler than I was expecting. Guess I should stop worrying about 'finishing' it and get on with STARTING it! But I did receive another beautiful reference book, full of scale drawings, photos of full size under restoration etc. So I have no excuse not to make it as scale as the outline allows!

09/08/2014 21:50:49


Sorry for very tardy response. Pressure of job delayed my starting the kit and Summer is for flying! will be starting mine very shortly as nights draw in. Itching to get cracking.

18/01/2014 12:45:52

Viff Viff,

Glad the guns arrived! Like the Mustang. It looks like an antique and perhaps you should consider hanging on to it rather than building. Finish the Fokker first!!!! cheeky

05/01/2014 11:33:09

Thanks Steve and Jeff. Like the idea of downward facing exhaust to allow for scale exhaust manifold.

04/01/2014 23:27:49


What size engine did you opt for? (Laser?). Seems to be a large range of sizes particularly for 4 strokes.

04/01/2014 23:23:33

Thanks Steve,

Ordered the Williams Spandau x 2 last week from Omnimodels in USA. $28 including post and packing! thats about half UK price.

Your engine looks great. Found some great pictures on the Wingnut Wings site. The downloadable PDF instructions have lots of archive photos and diagrams (Mercedes and BMW variants).

Picked up a set of FLAIR palmer cord wheels too. Never detailed an open cockpit before. Should be fun with styrene tube etc. Again some great diagrams (albeit of 1/32 scale plastic model) on Wingnut site. I have a box full of small compression springs which could probably be put to use at top of dummy rocker arms too.

Pull/pull for rudder and elevator?

All this talk of detailing and i have yet to clear the building board to make a start on the airframe. Start new job on Mon so this will be the evening project once settled in.

04/01/2014 18:49:50

I have been examining the plans and am trying to decide in what ways this is 'only' stand off scale. I know that the real aircraft has cambered undersurface to the wings. Other than that the outline appears fairly close, although I haven't been able to cross check the dimensions of the tailplane against scale outline.

Any hints welcome. I would like to build as near to scale as possible and intend detailing accordingly.

Thanks for any input.

30/12/2013 19:47:19

Hmmm! Seems slightly odd to build the front fuselage and rear framework as separate elements and the joint them in the middle. Have always in the past build the whole side, then joined and pulled together at the back. Any gotchas to watch out for in doing it this way??

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