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Thread: Flair Fokker DVII
03/12/2019 19:56:36

Drooling at some of the scale accessories like ammo boxes etc on the Arizona site.... nahhh! I can scratch build them.... is litho plate the very thin aluminium stuff that can be used??


Edited By Harrier Mate on 03/12/2019 19:57:49

03/12/2019 19:48:34

First job is to finish the serrated wing leading edge sheeting... just top of too wing to do.... must remember to glue in the strut attachments first!.... then back to finesse the dummy sprung tail skid assembly. It’s not going to be steerable but don’t think that will matter for amount of ground roll with skid on the ground.

03/12/2019 19:37:04

Spent this eve scratching my head.... first looking for small assemblies I know I had already completed and trying to remember solutions to little problems I had devised but now forgotten... and not written down anywhere.... and where did I put that aliphatic resin glue.....🤣

02/12/2019 20:30:49

Ive emailed 'Todd" at Arizona this afternoon.... to find out how much it will cost and will then place order... using the excuse that its an early Christmas pressie for me! Ha Ha.

02/12/2019 13:04:01

Tom Tom,

if the Arizona Models route doesn’t work, I’d really appreciate the pattern stencil to copy.

02/12/2019 13:02:31

Hi guys,

David thanks for the link.... I was waiting for Arizona models to get back to me... but you’ve already answered the question 😎

02/12/2019 09:13:01

Hi Bob,

just researching the lozenge pattern covering at moment... seems that Arizona Models May be the only source!

01/12/2019 23:46:13

Hi guys,

been a long time sat waiting for a home and somewhere to build... but finally I’m ready to continue with my Flair Fokker.... if anyone is still out there that’s interested!

07/02/2016 22:07:24

Jeff.... Disregard!!! Just my ham fisted clicking. Found them all now.

07/02/2016 22:06:13

Jeff...... Or I would be looking at your albums if I knew how to find them in search!!frown

07/02/2016 22:02:04

Thanks Jeff.

Looking at your albums now.

07/02/2016 15:29:28

Wow. Ok. That sets the target! Thanks Ernie.

07/02/2016 13:46:42

Thanks Ernie for the response about Arizona web site.... Great detail on the machine guns as you say. Helped me sort a couple of questions regarding construction of the Williams Bros plastic ones. Built one. One to do. Very fiddly but looks good when finished. Will attempt to paint and weather mine in the way in which others have achieved on the various Fokker blogs... Not sure I can achieve their standard but will practise first.

07/02/2016 13:40:00


Looking at your aileron leading edge photo again.... did you only cap the upper side??? It looks from the photo as though you have angled the aileron leading edge strip as if it were going to be a top surface hinged piece.

07/02/2016 13:20:57

Managed to get some 0.8mm (1/32) ply sheet from local model shop. Hadn't realised just how expensive the thin stuff is!!! Best I don't make a hash of doing the upper decking on the forward fuselage!!! I managed to build an entire new rear fuselage for the price of the 0.8 ply!! Still its very clever that modern technology can produce ply down to 1/64" thickness. Will allow me to attach the mainplane trailing edge/aileron leading edge this evening.

Note to self: Must stop visiting model shops because I always want to leave with more than I went in for!!! Very tempted to build a scale vintage glider as next project..... only because Gliders Distribution have 1/4 scale Bergfalke in store. 3.5m wingspan. All ply and balsa construction. Self centring jig construction...... Stop it. You have a Fokker to finish...and fly!!! Aaaargh. It was gorgeous though.

Thread: Air Day from 1971 - RAF Chivenor North Devon UK
07/02/2016 11:18:09

Oops..I need to read posts more carefully or not attempt to cook breakfast whilst browsing the site! laugh

Thread: Flair Fokker DVII
07/02/2016 11:15:28

Thanks guys. I did look ages ago at Arizona Models and agree that it is very expensive. I also understand the someone from another thread was not impressed with the standard of printing. Possibly a 'one off ' problem which I'm sure they sorted out but I would prefer not to have the hassle. If there's no UK distributor of the stuff, I guess its the old fashioned painting way.... which others have made such a great job of.

Thread: Air Day from 1971 - RAF Chivenor North Devon UK
07/02/2016 10:41:57


As others have said, the zig zag pattern on the canopy is an explosive cord. It is fired to destroy the canopy in a predetermined fracture pattern. It also runs round the rim of the canopy too. The Tornado and several other aircraft rely on the canopy being jettisoned completely prior to the ejection seat firing (as in the ejection sequence in movie Top Gun), whilst in others the entire cockpit area with canopy intact ejects (F111 as an example). They tend to have very thick plexiglass structures which couldn't be guaranteed to explode in the pattern required... especially when the cord is so close to the aircrew's face.. therefore limited power. In the Hawk (and Harrier) the Miniature Detonation Cord (MDC) is fired by an explosive cartridge, either as the ejection seat handle is pulled or by a manual handle on the right hand side of the canopy frame. The latter is used for example after a forced landing if the canopy were to be distorted rather than risking an ejection. On some seats, there are strengthened 'hard points' to ensure that even if the MDC fails, the seat can smash the canopy itself. Early seats (e.g. Jet Provost and F4 Phantom) had 2 handles. A seat pan handle as in modern seats and a handle above the pilots head (with protective face blind). The upper handle was system was replaced by seat handle only for several reasons, the effectiveness of MDC, the difficulty reaching the top handle if ejection was initiated under high g and posture/protection of arms during high speed ejection.

Employing the MDC system, means that the the seat can begin its travel 0.5secs after pulling the seat pan handle. Pilot can be on a fully deployed chute 1.9 secs after initiation. Long answer to short question!!!!wink

06/02/2016 14:05:24


I agree with you that the hunter is a most beautiful design and especially the sound of its blue note in a high speed pass. And the Hawk is considerably more fuel efficient than its predecessor (we can actually get 4 miles per gallon at 35000ft!!!). However, it not quite as fuel efficient as you might think. We regularly used to stage (and still do occasionally) through Nice on route to overseas destinations (usually AWTI Decimomannu when it was open and I did Solenzara in Corsica a few months ago via Orange 30mins nw of Nice). On a full tank of fuel we could make Nice. Unfortunately, we would never be able to make it as a diversion at the end of a sortie. There are many times I wish we could!!! We, however, are also restricted to diversions as far a field as Cardiff and Brizenorton (350kg from Valley, 250kg from Brawdy) or when the weather is really bad, Lossiemouth is achievable but at the expense of our sortie duration.

05/02/2016 22:14:18

Great vid. Since invention of Go Pro cameras, its amazing what gets on the net!!!!wink

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