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Thread: Flair Fokker DVII
20/07/2015 20:49:14

Here is the rear fuselage from above with 3mm x 6mm stringers added. Outer ones are flush with fuselage top and will give 1/32 ply rear decking a base to key on to.


20/07/2015 12:48:29

Great photo!

20/07/2015 09:48:05

Hi Jon,

Many thanks for the info. Never too late! As lots of people have built using '70' size engines, I am going to wait until as late as possible when I can assess its weight almost complete to see how it compares - especially as I intend adding a few scale details. But with an OS 52 sat begging to be used, I am sorely tempted.

19/07/2015 23:35:16

I don't want to 'over-engineer' the skid in order to minimise the additional weight. I guess it may need an extra couple of coats of fuel proofer at the front end to counterbalance ------ ever the eternal optimist!

19/07/2015 23:32:15

And I think I have a solution to the sprung tail skid. Just have to fettle the joint at the tail post. The springs chosen are almost scale size, appear to give the rigidity required and looks like mimicking the full size with springs set at a toe out angle will add to the self centring of the skid if there is any sideways load on landing..... I can't ever imagine such an inaccurate landing myself (wink), but you have to cater for all eventualities!! angel 2

19/07/2015 23:25:21

I think I may add 6mm x 6mm stringers to align with the edge in order to give the ply edge something to glue against, just as in the non-scale version the ply would be glued against the longerons. Will cut ply first and see how structurally firm it is without the edge stringers.

19/07/2015 23:12:45

Re-worked the rear turtle deck to reflect the scale outline of the real aircraft rather than the compound curve of the kit issue parts. Cardboard template of scale profile made before cutting the thin ply (expensive stuff if I make a mistake!).

Will cut the ply tomorrow!img_2925.jpg


10/07/2015 22:57:31

Thanks Stevo. Gives me a baseline against which to check my model weight. Lots of bits planned to work on for the weekend. Tail skid and cockpit frame tubing to start with!

08/07/2015 00:59:58

Like yours, I think the detailing may add a fair amount of extra weight.... Which will need some additional power! Maybe I should wait till its nearer completion and see its approx weight first for comparison with yours?

08/07/2015 00:57:28

I had to re-make the rear fuselage, if only to stop me catching you up Bob with my build! As if that was ever going to happen!smiley

08/07/2015 00:05:00

General question if I may for anybody still browsing my extremely slow build........Has anyone who has built this model already used a '52' 4 stroke in their Fokker? I know several have used '70's. The 52 would fit so much more neatly under the cowl and the box does state 48 - 70FS. I have a brand new OS 52 gathering dust on the shelf! Any thoughts/advice??

07/07/2015 23:59:21

Three steps forward and two steps back. Whilst examining the rear fuselage to design the tail skid I realised that the fuselage was very slightly crooked. Whilst it was very minor and would probably invisible once covered.....I would always know it wasn't quite straight. So I now have a spare rear fuselage, having built a second (infinitely straighter) version!!!!!

Oh well. I can hack about at the original now to perfect the tail skid support structure before applying to the proper model!!!frown

25/06/2015 21:21:17

Now just need to fashion the skid from beech (or possibly birch ply) and work on simple mechanism to make it work. Key area will be vertical tail post to take vertical loading and attachment 'hooks' for the extension springs, reinforced accordingly. Will experiment at the weekend.

25/06/2015 21:12:16

You can see where I've 'superimposed' the scale picture of the real ac.img_2877.jpg

25/06/2015 21:02:58

I have also scaled down a side view, kindly provided by 'stevo', of the real ac to examine the assembly and fitting of a scale hardwood tail skid. Interestingly, although the formers are at different spacing on the real ac (and yes I know they are tubular metal), the incidence of the tailplane and the shape of the fuselage side is very accurate!! Photo extract to follow.

25/06/2015 20:52:16

Just built the undercarriage wing. All parts perfect fit ...... but should have checked that the 10 SWG axle was able to fit smoothly into the remaining space through each rib behind the lower spar. I didn't...... and it doesn't quite! will need to put sharp edge on rim of a same diameter brass tube to 'ream' the very slight additional width needed through each rib. Would have been so much easier to have stacked the ribs, clamped them together and used ordinary drill..... but hey ho! All part of the fun.


23/06/2015 21:01:49

Thanks Bob. Looking at possible engines this evening!

22/06/2015 23:38:58

I may be getting ahead of myself but have been looking at the construction and mounting of the undercarriage and its integral 'wing'. For those of you who have completed DVIIs already, a couple of questions please........

1. At what incidence is the undercarriage wing mounted and how is it held at that incidence with its only pivot point being the axle?

2. Is it locked in place simply by the grub screws in the brass axle collets? Although close to the ac centre of pressure, I assume it will provide some pitching moment (up or down) depending on how its rigged.

Many thanks in anticipation.

17/06/2015 23:38:40

Just found an addendum in the bottom of the box which states 'now that we provide a rectangular section fuel tank please use this template to cut out former........ Aargh! Its fun this hobby. I hadn't taken much notice of the supplied fuel tank which was neatly wrapped away. Hmmm. time to employ the Dremel style device methinks.

thats a job for tomorrow!

17/06/2015 21:52:39

Just laid the ribs on the lower wing plan......They are 5mm longer than the plan view. Guess in the reprinting process the plan (this sheet at least) has been shrunk very slightly. Means the trailing edge sheeting will just need to be placed 5mm further aft to accommodate (and snug fit into fuselage recess). Glad I didn't simply build the wing over the plan without checking.... although the 'over length' ribs would have raised alarm bells. Not sure if mine is a 'one off' error or if an entire batch of plans are in error.

Heads up for those who might be about to build...COMPARE THE LOWER WING CHORD AND RIB LENGTH ON THE PLAN TO THE ACTUAL RIBS SUPPLIED. MINE ARE 5MM LONGER THAN THE PLAN. Upper wing ribs are also fraction longer than shown on plan.

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